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About What's my Motivation?!

Are you an encourager? Do you need encouragement to meet your goals? This group is all about accountability. Whether it's to lose those last 10 pounds or to get the house organized, or to curb that spending, we're here to help. We will try to match each person who needs encouragement with someone who can encourage them and help them along their way. Join us and you WILL have to work. You will be expected to GIVE just as much encouragement as you RECEIVE. This group is about committing to a purpose and seeing it through. If you are looking to gossip, debate, or just lounge around, you probably won't enjoy us. If you want to make friends who have "been there; done that!" come on in and complete your application. It's all about that extra push!

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Group Guidelines/Participation Tips

**There is absolutely no advertising or solicitation of any kind allowed in our group.  You will be warned via a PM.  If you continue to push the button, you will be removed from the group without a second warning.

**If you took the time to apply (and wait for my reply!) then you need to take the time to participate!!  This is not the group for collectors or folks who just want to watch the game.  You will be booted if you aren't participating so make whole commitment!

**Keep it positive!  Yes, we all need a swift kick in the rear sometimes but there's a nice way to do it!

**Be honest!  We're here to encourage each other no matter what.  If you commited to working out and you just sat at the computer chillin' in the Cafe all day, confess!  (Ssomeone else was probably here too!)

**Make it fun!  We have the monthly missions to stretch you out but make sure you keep working on your goals all the time.  This isn't about BBQ-ing the elephant all at once!  Take it one bite at a time!

**Ask for help! If you are struggling you can PM anyone in the group and get some encouragement or ideas.  We may not have the exact solution you need but we will try to rally around you and help you keep going. 

I want this to be a commitment that you can hold to!  The point is to encourage one another to make the changes that will make us feel better about ourselves.  Lift each other up!  Push each other to be better people and as a result better mom's!

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Join the Meeting Place for Moms!
Talk to other moms, share advice, and have fun!

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