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planning advice needed....

Posted by on Aug. 25, 2009 at 11:17 AM
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I am taking our will be 4 1/2 year and 9 month old (both boys) to disney this december (5 nights) we are staying at fort wilderness in a cabin and do have the basic dining plan free. My parents will also be camping but will not be going to the parks. So they will be doing some baby sitting for us.

I am in the process of planning our trip. we want to do chef mickey's character breakfast, me and my DH will be going to the dinner and candlelight procession. We also want to not be so stressed with the trip and be able to enjoy our campground (possibly a pool at a different resort as I hear that is possible?)

I saw the height restrictions and noticed that there were a few rides that surprised me that my 4 year old could ride (like the tower of terror) which I don't think we will take him on. anyway, how do you choose what is safe and ok for them to ride? (as far as not scary, not too intense) he has NOT grown up in the roller coaster society... but he isn't easily scared. Ie. I am not really worried about peter pan or snow white. he watches the movies and is not scared. but.... what would you recommend for *not to miss* rides and what rides would you say you shouldn't take a 4 year old on?

also, my 9 month old. what were rides that you would not miss with your 9 month old?

We are going to the christmas party as well... without our 9 month old. (it's too late) and as we are still going to be getting up early we plan on making it to the parks when they open or when they open early.... and then be home by lunch time ish and spent the afternoons doing other things and going back in the evening. we do have park hoppers so we are not limited to one park each day, etc. just whatever whenever....

also as far as food we will have the possibility of cooking and we do have the free dining plan, so I was just going to try to plan around that and cook what we need too.... does anyone know how the places that ship food to resorts works, is it worth it?


by on Aug. 25, 2009 at 11:17 AM
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by Member on Aug. 25, 2009 at 6:52 PM

I bought this book and really liked it.  It has all kinds of pertinent information in it.  For every ride, they have a Preschool Rating. 

For example, Snow White ride in Magic Kingdom is a sit and ride type but it has the witch in it ... a LOT!!  Also, Stitch's great escape is one that people will tell you is a great ride, but it is VERY scary for toddlers/preschoolers because they don't understand that Stitch is supposed to be a good guy.  He gets loose and "jumps" on your seat, etc and your child is strapped in so you can't get out and be comforted. 

Hope that helped!!  =)

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by Member on Aug. 27, 2009 at 12:24 PM

You will LOVE WDW in December!  It's so beautiful!  If you go to each of the countries in Epcot, they'll tell you how they celebrate the holidays in their countries.  Very interesting.

The Candlelight Processional is very nice.  We did it once and I really enjoyed it. 

You can go to other pools but not all.  The Beach Club (which has the best pools) and the AKL do not allow pool hopping.  Sometimes it can be cold in December so keep in mind that you might be able to swim.  The first time we were there in December, it was cold and we froze at the Christmas Party while watching the parade.  When our friends went the December before that, it was 85.  You just never know.

As for rides, I would let your DS watch them and decide what he wants to go on.  My DD is 4 1/2 and tal and fearless.  She's been on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad many, many times.  She's also been on Splash Mountain, Soarin and Test Track many, many times.  If he likes cars, he will like Test Track.  After the ride is an area where they have cars.  My kids like to sit in them and pretend to drive me and DH to school.  We sit in the back and whine about not wanting to go!  A few weeks ago we went to an amusement park near us and DD went on the Salt and Pepper shakers with DS!  Fearless! 

Your little DS can go on a lot of rides.  When my DD was younger, if she was scared, she would just cover her eyes and snuggle with me or DH.  She never refused to go on any rides but many kids do.  You'll have to wait and see.  He might like the Pooh ride but I think one of the worst, most boring rides there.  Snow White might be too intense for him. 

Don't miss Mickey's Philharmagic, Buzz Lightyear Ranger Spin or the Laugh Floor in MK.  We love the Laugh Floor and a few times, they've used our jokes (you text them in while you're waiting in line). Your older one will probably love Toy Story Mania at the Studios but the line for that gets really long and they run out of Fast Passes early in the day so make sure you get there early.  Your 9 month old can go on it too. 

The Nemo exhibit at Epcot is great.  You can spend a lot of time there.  They Crush show is amazing!  We spend a lot of time there.  Mission:  Space might be too much for you older one even though there is a tame version.  It simulates a space shuttle launch.  I think my DS went on it when he was 6.  At the end of the ride is an area when they can play in a small play area and participate in a large interactive video game that the older one might like.

With the dining plan, you get quite a bit of food so you might not need to cook.  I usually send down small boxes of cereal, fruit snacks, peanut butter and cheese crackers and cereal bars in a carton to the resort before we check in and just buy milk there.  Your counter service meal comes with dessert.  We usually save it to munch on later in the day as we're not always hungry after lunch (when we usually have the counter service meal).  You'll have a snack on the plan.

PM me if you need any more information.



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