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...and so far we're doing good from what I can tell... this is day 1 - I put her in big girl undies this morning and explained that today she is a big girl and we're going to wear big girl undies, and I wanted her to tell me when she had to go so I could help her get her undies down & on the potty. We had a good week about a month ago, she went at least once every day on the potty but I had her in pull-ups, and she never told me when she had to go... I was just asking her every 15 min or so. After I got her in her undies & t-shirt I just waited for her to start to go in her pants. I was reading right next to her when she kind of squatted a little & had a confused look on her face, and I heard a little tinkle hit the ground. I picked her up & quickly rushed her to the potty, while praising her of course so she wouldn't be scared. She did the rest in the potty, and I made a HUGE deal out of it. She was so happy & wanted to bring her pee pee to the toilet to flush it herself. I let her, then we did the whole washing hands thing, then I gave her a Smartie & a sticker for her chart. She was AMPED UP. :) The next time she had to go she didn't tell me, but she ran over to her potty and sat there... BY HERSELF!! That's how she's been all day, ever since that 2nd time - she runs over there by herself & sits! :) We're 6 for 7 now - only ONE accident (I don't count little trickles on the way to the potty) and that was because we were outside for a second bringing the trash out & her potty wasn't close.

BUT... the problem is, she can't get the hang of pulling her pants down first. I've tried showing her on a few occasions, and she has trouble. She is 29 mo as of the 21st. She doesn't really dress/undress herself other than her shoes/socks. So I ask her to let me know when she "feels the tickle" like she has to go and I will help her pull her pants down, but she forgets... at least she's running over to the potty by herself! 

SO... the question is... am I doing this right so far? How do I get her to learn to pull her pants down first? I don't know if I should count it as a "success" if she sits on the potty with her undies on & pees through them... I do anyway because there's something in the potty but I don't want her to learn that you go with your undies on.

by on Oct. 26, 2010 at 4:41 PM
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by on Nov. 1, 2010 at 11:22 PM

You're right... This week I don't have much going on, it's a great time. Next week I have 2 doc appts and some friends are coming to visit... maybe I'll just change her diaper in the morning and not say anything & just put undies on her & go from there. I have friends who can use the diapers *eventually*...

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No - I didn't take any of this as fussing at me - Thank you!
Yeah I think what i'm gonna do is lay low for a bit and finish the diapers I just bought and then say "that's it" so she physically sees there are no more diapers left. I have a lot of other appointments coming up in the next 2 weeks and I don't want that to mess it up. I'm sure I'll be out of these diapers in 2 weeks though... but then we have Thanksgiving & Christmas coming too.. I don't know if I should wait until after the Holidays, but then little baby in my belly is coming in Feb. so I don't have much choice. :\ I really don't care if I have 2 in diapers, but my girl will be 3 months short of 3 years old when lil' one comes, and I just feel like now is the time. It sucks that it's right around the Holidays when there's a lot of hectic stuff going on.

Why wait until the diapers are gone?  Just go ahead and bite the bullet and do it! :-)

Honestly, there will never be a perfect time to fully devote to potty training but as I said, if you want it to be done pretty quickly, you'll have to just bite the bullet and focus on it.

The longer you wait and the closer it gets to the new baby coming and the greater the chance your older child will totally regress and refuse to use the toilet once the new baby comes.  So, go ahead and make it a top priority now and just get it done so there will be less of a chance of regression when the new baby comes. :-)

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