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does anyone?

Posted by on Jul. 14, 2007 at 2:29 PM
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Okay so I packed all my books but my fav cook book and a few nutritional reference ones that i have to work out of. all my religious and spiritual ones are packed. One of my fav authors is Denise Lynn, I love her dream work books. Does anyone have her Power of Dreams book? If so or if you have a background understanding of dreams in a spiritual sense (hate the scientific way) I had a dream last night that I need some help with.

I was swimming in a large body of water, there were five or six hump back whales swimming with me, I could see the beach not far from me and felt like I needed to get to it. Yet I was at so much peace swimming. My foot was touching as if almost stuck to the back of one whale. Then I saw a blue light below the water, it was a female whale, not a hump back though, a killer whale. I felt safe because I new no sharks were there because of this whale. But I longed to touch or explore this shinning light on her head. Never got to, was woken.

Last Sunday I dreamt that I lost a side tooth and then my front tooth fell out. In my dream I knew what it meant and told myself that I needed to wake up, I went to bed in my dream and then woke up still in the dream. When I really did wake up I knew that someone was going to get sick or even pass on or end up in the hospital, (this is the loss of a tooth, dealth with health, not always your own, well not in my case)I dream this occasionally and it means someone dear to me will have a health issue or die. Like my grandma in Germany. well this time it was a near and dear woman who was like a grandma to me, a metaphysical (unity church ) woman, she passed away the next evening. i just wanted to share that with you guys and if anyone has any ideas or that book. Much appreciated. Thanks.

Rene'  S.

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by on Jul. 14, 2007 at 2:29 PM
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