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Spoiler Fix!!! You want to know... Here it is... tv show spoilers!

Posted by on Sep. 7, 2009 at 10:15 PM
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I know that I can not be the only one who is wondering what is going to be happening in their favorite shows.  So here is a list of popular shows and their spoilers for the new season!  If your show is not listed here go to and click on the show you are looking for!

Supernatural: Sept 10th-
Picking up where the finale left off, Dean and Sam watch as the Devil (guest star Mark Pellegrino, "Lost") emerges from Hell. The brothers and Bobby deal with the aftermath of Lucifer rising and the stunning news from Chuck the Prophet (guest star Rob Benedict) that Castiel was blown to bits by the archangels.

Gossip Girl: Sept 14th-
As the summer is drawing to a close, Blair and Chuck are madly in love and adjusting to their new "in a relationship" status, breaking all traditional rules of dating as would be expected. Serena returns from her European adventure with many secrets to hide and a complicated relationship with Carter Baizen (guest star Sebastian Stan). Nate returns from his travels with a mysterious brunette, Bree Buckley (guest star JoAnna Garcia) in tow. Rufus, Dan and Jenny spent the summer in the Hamptons, adjusting to the van der Woodsen's glamorous lifestyle surprisingly faster than any of them expected.

How I Met Your Mother: Sept 21st-
the awesomeness of Robin and Barney - wait for it - together in bed. After the two professed their feelings in last spring's finale, season 5 kicks off with the pair trying to figure out their relationship.but more importantly, doing a lot of making out.When the gang finds out that Barney and Robin are hesitant to define their relationship, Lily forces them to confront their biggest fear...becoming boyfriend/girlfriend. Meanwhile, Ted is anxious about teaching his first lecture at Columbia.

Hereos: Sept 21st-
Claire struggles with adjusting to her new life in college when a mysterious death thrusts her into the spotlight once again. Elsewhere, Hiro and Ando continue their noble quest to help people by promoting their abilities. Angela fears Nathan will soon discover his true identity; while Matt is haunted by an unexpected visitor seeking something he has lost. Tracy Strauss and H.R.G. join forces, looking for the key to unlock the motive behind a horrific crime. Meanwhile, Peter uses his abilities for good, but he is soon called upon to aid an old friend. While the heroes adjust to their new surroundings, a mysterious carnival clan, led by ringleader Samuel (Robert Knepper), sets their sights on familiar faces.

Greys Anatomy: Sept 24th-
 In the season premiere, Amy Madigan's shrink advises Owen against making any further sexy time with Cristina until he can get the voices in his head to shut the hell up. Relax, they're not breaking up. Just taking things slooooow.Actor T.R. Knight doesn't return for the Sept. 24 Grey's Anatomy season premiere, but his character, Dr. George O'Malley, will. "Transplant doctors descend on Seattle Grace because it's revealed that George was a registered organ donor," according to a source who was on the Grey's set and spoke to Life & Style. "But his colleagues are still reeling from George's death and are fighting with the transplant doctors to stop them from taking his lungs, liver, corneas and bone marrow. It's only when everyone hears what lives will be saved that George's friends start to get some perspective on his death."

Desperate Housewives: Sept 27th|
Mike Delfino's bride will finally be revealed: Will it be Katherine... or will recent events be enough to bring him and Susan back together? Lynette faces the reality of another pregnancy; Bree struggles to break free from Orson and her inhibitions; Gaby is put to the test by Carlos' teenaged niece, now in their care; and a new family with a dark past moves to Wisteria Lane.  This season's mystery will kick off in the premiere when a pivotal female character gets strangled



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by on Sep. 7, 2009 at 10:15 PM
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