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Does anyone have an overweaight child?? Need input

Posted by on Jul. 14, 2007 at 12:30 AM
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I applogize for posting a question so soon after I became a member but I thought you fellow moms might be able to help me with this.  My daughter Samantha is about 10-15lbs overweight.  Her ped doesnt think she needs a diet because I do have her eat healthy (well as healthy as I can because she is so picky) like no fried foods, water and milk only.  I watch her portions.  I think the problem is when she goes to her friends houses they give her what she wants.  When she comes home and tells me she had a double cheese burger I nearly flip!  She hasnt even asked me for something like that. 

She is active...swimming at her friends, jumping rope.  She is going to join soccer this fall.

She has just started telling me that some kids tell her she is fat and she asks me if she is and I tell her no but if she would like to loose her belly she can.  and that she needs to hike her shorts/pants up and not have her belly hang over.  I try to make sure I dont talk about dieting. 

I am also very overweight but I dont eat junk around her.  I had a very very hard time when I was a heavy child. My entire family was always taking food out of my hands, making comments even when I was a child and you know when I look at the pictures of myself I dont see a fat person I see a large boned little girl who thinks she is a looser because everyone in her life says she fat and if your fat you wont get anywhere.  I dont EVER want Sammi to think that about herself but I dont know how to help her loose weight without talking about it. 

Sorry so long......this really just came up this evening at the same time I found this group and I had to post about this.  I told her tonight that there is nothing wrong about being heavy that you can still be the best it is just harder to move around when your heavy.  I just didnt know what to say.  I think her friends are talking about it.  They are all smaller than her.

Gosh again sorry so long.  I will stop here......Noreen
by on Jul. 14, 2007 at 12:30 AM
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by Member on Jul. 14, 2007 at 12:51 AM
Hi, there and welcome!! It is fine to post even though you are new, that is what these boards are for!!

I have a daughter who is a little overweight now. She has always been just below normal or height and weight, she was born 6 weeks early, plus she has my short stature.

When she has her growth spurts, she will eat tons of food, more than me and her dad!! For example: for breakfast she could eat 2-3 bowls of cereal, for lunch 2-3 sandwiches, a snack of some kind (about an hour or two after lunch), then depending on what I make for dinner 2 or 3 servings (like spaghetti--2 bowls w/sauce and 1 with just the spaghetti), then a snack an hour or two after she is done with dinner, then wants another, which we won't do. But with the growth spurts, she would get a bit taller. The last time though, she got a belly and hasn't lost it. She is also developing breasts, which my dh thinks is just because she is chubby now. I don't agree.

I have tried to limilt her eating, not a lot of snacks and only 2 servings if she says she is REALLY hungry. She drinks water most of the time (she just likes it) and normally she is active, running doing flips, stretching (she is very limber) and playing on the trampoline. But she still has the belly. Now she is wanting to go on a diet (I am not even sure IF she is overweight by the drs standards) she just has her belly. I told her she is too young to be going on diets, I am waiting until her dr says she needs it. I told her she just needs to be more active (she is being lazy this summer) and to not eat so much.

I don't really have any ideas for you, I guess I am in kinda the same boat as you, I am also overweight and am afraid she will end up like me, but I don't want her to be constantly worried about her body.

So anyone else have any ideas for us?
by Member on Jul. 14, 2007 at 10:52 AM
Thank you so much for sharing.  Its so hard to not to know what to do.  Samantha also has breasts and I do tend to think like your husband that its from Sammi being heavy.  Her peditician said that her weight has to catch up with her height but toid me not to put her on a diet.  I think about just having fruit and popcorn in the house for snacks but then I feel bad.  I do have a container that I put 100 calorie bags in but she always wants like 2 or 3 bags.  Its so hard. 

Is your daughter a picky eater?  Mine wont eat a lof of non carb things. 
by Member on Jul. 14, 2007 at 9:31 PM
Well, she can be a picky eater. I tell a story about her often.

When she was about 1 yr old, she decided she wanted nothing more to do with babyfood. So I tried giving her what my dh and I would eat. She didn't want that either. No baby food and no big girl food!! I kid you not, all she would eat is bologna, cheese and cherrios!! I tried EVERYTING, but she would have NONE of it!! I got scared that she would starve to death. I told the WIC people and her ped. but they assured me that I was doing the right things, by offering the new foods all the time and not pushing her. They also said her body wouldn't let her starve. That what she WAS getting was enough. She would eventually grow out of that stage.

Well, she has in most things. But at first she wouldn't eat ANY MEAT, and no veggies!! Only pasta and cereal, bologna, cheese and things like that.

Finally at around age 6 or 7 she decided she likes pork chops, fried chicked and chicken breasts. she loves steak and seafood, pastas and broccoli, cauliflower, corn on the cob (not off!! that is different!!), and green beans, the others not so much. She would eat plain pasta (butter and salt and pepper) all day every day if I let her!!

With spaghetti, she likes the sauce, but not the hamburger I mix in it!! She finally has gotten to where she will eat A LITTLE of the hamburger. She doesn't like hamburgers (which is good, I guess!) and prefers chicken nuggets/tenders/strips.

As for drinks, when she started pre-k, she started drinking water all the time. Used to be Koolaid, and tea, but it ended up being water only. Then she started asking for tea. SO I let her have ONE cup of tea a day (or if she wants, soda). but that is all, Now she drinks water and either ONE cup of tea OR ONE cup of soda (she doesn't usually want soda) not one cup of soda then a cup of tea, one or the other. She doesn't drink koolaid much anymore and ONCE in a great while she wants juice, never was one for juice, even as a baby.

Sorry so long!!! :)
by Member on Jul. 14, 2007 at 9:53 PM
I don't have much advice but this is something that's been on my mind too.  My daughter has started to get chunky.  A lot of it I think is genetics from her Dad's side.  To make matters worse her younger brother is pretty skinny (got his genes from my side).  But I've noticed that she has begun to make comments about herself.  I try to encourage her to eat less and get more active, and try harder to keep track of her snacking and portions.  She loves to play outside.  So I'm trying to make more of an effort to play outside with them to keep them from just sitting infront of the TV all the time this summer.  She played softball this spring too, the first sport she's been involved in.
I think your right that I "diet" is not the answer.  But setting a good example and having healthy snacks and such available.  I also encourage her in other ways.  She is such a great little helper and is so smart and beautiful.  I would never want her to think she's a loser because she's not the skinniest girl in class.  She is such a blessing to me.

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