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Hello =)

Posted by on Apr. 25, 2012 at 11:29 PM
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Hi ladies, I am new to the group and new to arthritis. I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) in February.

I decided to opt out of arthritis medication and changed my diet and started taking supplements. I was feeling so good and there was days when I was pain free but since last week I have been experiencing excruciating pain. I feel as if I had been runned over by a truck. Every joint and part of my body aches and the prescribed pain pills are not helping. 

I have been crying for the past week. I am scared and don't know what to expect and fear that I have made a turn for the worst.

I am in my early 30's and the thought of taking meds for the rest of my life scares me. What if I develop side effects from long term use? Will I die when my kids need me the most??? 

I hate to tell people how I am feeling or what I am experiencing so basically I am dealing with this on my own. I feel that I am on a loop hole. I am angered to have PsA and question the disease, Why me??? Why now???

Ladies I need your help and support. Please be my shoulder and please give me tips and pointers on how to feel better.

By the way I couldn't take the pain anymore so I went to see my rheumatologist. She suggested I started taking meds and as scary as it was I agreed to take them. She is going to start me on sulfa if that doesn't work than we are going to try Methotrexate. Now Methotrexate is the one that scares me the most. I know I will take low dosages but it worries me that it's chemo. Have you used those meds? have you experience any side effects.

Thanks for letting me vent

Tons of XoXoXo's


by on Apr. 25, 2012 at 11:29 PM
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by Member on Apr. 26, 2012 at 10:16 PM
Well, first of all, welcome to the "club.". It sucks but eventually you will come to terms with it!.. I was dx with RA in October and cried and cried...really, how could this be? I truly think there is a hormonal link that no doctor has figured out. I started having pain when I started weaning my second child...after many months of dismissing the pain and chalking it up to being a mom, etc. I got tested and was floored. Started on metho and prednisone.m prednisone worked wonders, but the metho did nothing but make me sick and lose hair...not acceptable! Quit the metho, did a few months of acupuncture and got to a better place. Switched to a new rheumatologist and she convinced me to go on Humira. I never wanted to be on a self injectable, but the side effects seemed better than metho. I've done two rounds of the shot and have been pain free up to a couple of days ago...starting to get stiff again. I too am freaked out about the long term side effects, but I wasn't much of a mom when I was in pain, and now I can run, jump bike and skip with my kids again...
This disease, and I hate to refer to it as that, because I still want to be in denial that I have a disease, sucks and is unfair, but at least it can be managed and you can maintain a somewhat "normal" life.
Hang in there!
by Member on Apr. 26, 2012 at 11:00 PM

Thanks for your kind words. They provide reassurance.

I know I need time to learn to cope with this disease. I am just scared of having to deteriorate and scared of not being able to assist my boys when they need me the most. As a matter of fact that's how I have been for the past couple of days. I am literally bed bound and I don't want to be bed bound for the rest of my life. I will start taking the meds in hopes of some sort of relief and to slowly regain the strenght.

Once again Thank You!

by Member on Apr. 29, 2012 at 12:45 PM

I hear you!  I've been diagnosed for 3 yrs now, and am still trying to come to terms.  (RA)  All I can see is my poor grandma, in such pain and crippled.  And now it is ME going to be the same way!  I know that there is so much more they can do these days that was simply not available then.  All she could do was take Motrin for the pain.  I hate having this, and I hate taking the meds.  I hate everything about it.  It seems to run in the family, although it has hit another branch of the family tree a bit harder than the branch I am on.  When I told my family about it, I got 2 distinct responses, either "your life is over, sign up now for disability" and "oh, that sucks, too bad!  BUT they have such wonderful meds now for that, you'll be OK..."   So, I'm basically dealing with this by myself, too.  They don't understand the pain I'm in.  And it has been constant for the last 2 months.  

Don't be scared of the metho.  It worked BEAUTIFULLY for me.  I had no noticeable side effects.  I could feel improvement from week to week.  Then my doc took me off, said my liver enzymes were high.  I was on for about 6 weeks last spring, he took me off in early May last year.  Then he put me on other meds.  He put me back on the metho in Dec.  He kept increasing the dose from month to month, then in March he looked at me and said, Oh, it isn't working, and took me off!!  Changed ALL my meds AGAIN, actually.  So last week when I went back, he asked how I was doing.  He was expecting an "all right, things are better" so he was surprised at my answer.  He seemed shocked that the metho WAS working for me.  And that surprised ME.  Why would he prescribe it if it wouldn't work?  But, he put me back on it, at half the dose I had been on.  I am just hoping it kicks in soon.  Like NOW, lol. 

Anyway, I am now looking for some other kind of therapy, other than taking heavy duty meds for the rest of my life.  They work for a while, then lose some of their effectiveness, for me at any rate.  The meds that I have been on for more than around 4 - 5 months just seem to quit working.  So at this point the  metho is the only one that is still having any sort of effect. 

Good luck, and know that you are not alone on this!  It seems like it sometimes, but you really aren't!

by Member on May. 3, 2012 at 9:51 PM

Thanks you. 

I am on day 3 of the meds and I am starting to feel better. I was in excruciating pain, she also prescribed prednisone for 6 days but it didn't help at all or maybe it's just kicking in now. Although that I am not pain free I am relieved to have the pain lessened. I am starting to accept the fact that I need the pills and trying my best to find the positve side of the meds.

by Group Owner on May. 6, 2012 at 12:27 PM

I'm afraid to take metho too. I was diagnosed 13 years ago and I am doing ok. I could be better. I could also be thinner and richer, too. I had to change doses and drugs all the time at first. It can take a while to find something that works for you, so don't give up. I have been pretty stable on Enbrel for years, but I still get flares. I am able to take Enbrel every other week instead of every week. I personally think that the less drugs you take, the better. My doctors get ticked that I don't take it as prescribed, but it is my choice. I also cut down on red meat and drink more green tea. I try to exercise as much as I can and relax. It helps.

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