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Homeschool ???

Posted by on Nov. 20, 2012 at 1:40 PM
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Hello! My name is Jeanne and I am really wanting to remove my child out of the public school system and begin home-school next year. Will be 7th grade. If anyone has any information on the best least expensive home-school programs, laws and what I need to do to start getting prepared, I would so appreciate it. I have been searching the Internet and, of course, there are so many web pages with dos and don'ts, use this program but not this one, and so on. I want a good academically, christian based program that I won't have to take large loans out for. Any information would be most appreciated. Thank you 

by on Nov. 20, 2012 at 1:40 PM
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by Helping Hands on Nov. 20, 2012 at 1:51 PM

Curriculum wise I can't help but, you can find your state laws on your state's education website or at 

by Helping Hands on Nov. 20, 2012 at 1:51 PM

Laws vary by state. To find a general summary of your state's specific laws check out

Other than that, I'm not sure about free or low cost Christian programs; there are many moms here that do though, so I'm sure they will be of more help in that arena. If you are wanting a full, boxed curricula, Christian Light is one of the more affordable options. I enjoyed their math, but everything else they carry was too dry and too protestant for my taste. Just google "CLE homeschool curriculum". Rod and Staff is another affordable full curriculum - protestant and traditional textbook based. Many people prefer CLE because it is worktexts (textbooks that you can write in) -vs- Rod and Staff's textbooks that require the child to copy on separate paper.

I am a Home Schooling, Vaccinating, Non spanking, Nightmare Cuddling, Dessert Giving, Bedtime Kissing, Book Reading, Academic pushing Mom. I believe in the benefit of organized after school activities and nosey, involved parents. I believe in spoiling my children. I believe that I have seen the village and I do not want it raising my child. I believe that my "place" is in the home caring for my husband and children. My husband is head of our home and I *love* my life! (just getting the controversial stuff out of the way!)             Aimee

by on Nov. 20, 2012 at 1:58 PM

I'm unschooling my daughter and it's legal in every state. My daughter is 14. Info on unschooling. (She can help with anything homeschool or unschool) She also has videos on youtube.

by Testing the waters on Nov. 20, 2012 at 2:00 PM
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Thank you very much. I will definately check it out.

by Testing the waters on Nov. 20, 2012 at 2:01 PM
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Thank you. I have already looked at a few different programs online. I don't think I have run across those so I will check them out as well. Thank you so much for your suggestions..

by on Nov. 20, 2012 at 2:06 PM

In search type in Unschool and you'll find more info that way. Amazon has books on it to.

by Helping Hands on Nov. 20, 2012 at 2:11 PM

homeschooling can be as cheap as you want it :) Library and the internet are great resources.  There are also so many different methods, like unschooling (as what was mentioned) and charlotte Mason etc.  You can try a methods and see how that works.  Also, we are apart of a public charter school where we homeschool. I get to choose thge curriculum, be the teacher and the charter school pays for it (they have certain vendors to choose from). 

by on Nov. 21, 2012 at 1:57 PM

As far as for state laws and legal requirements I would totally join HSLDA and someone else has mentioned that as well.  For two reasons, simplicity sake and even if your state is homeschool friendly I would still want my but covered.  

As far as curriculum.  First, I would figure out what your style is.  Since your daughter is older you can also get her opinion on this as well as what her interests are in curriculum.  Getting her input will help her be interested in the work ahead and potentially be more motivated to do it.  

Last year I was a first time homeschooler and I know amongst my concerns were keeping up with ps and  making sure she got more from homeschool and that she would pass or excell on tests as well as ensuring my dd was happy / adjusted, etc.  

Math ($150)

Not sure what your budget is but in 7th grade I would recommend the Teaching Textbooks for Math.  Take their placement tests on their website to figure out where she would fall to start with and then progress from there.  Right now we use a spendy curriculum that goes through 8th grade so I will not recommend that.  But we plan on using Teaching Textbooks for high school.  People rave about them.  I have seen them in our used curriculum store and they look wonderful too. 

History ($20)

Then I would look at what classes she is taking now for History and Science.  Typically, in a public school for the middle grades you would study American History, World History and Geography/Civics.  You can tackle this two ways.  One, see which one she is doing this year ask which one she would be most interested in covering next year and go from there for 7th & 8th.  Or what my suggestion is since you have time and are working on a budget is to get and an Encyclopedia such as this that is age appropriate (the one I linked is middle school appropriate.  (This suggestion is how The Well Trained Mind suggests to teach a middle school aged student.) And do this: 

1-Read a Section of the main spine (The Encyclopedia)

2-Mark dates on a timeline (you can make one or buy one)

3-Find Locations on a globe, wall map and/or in an atlas (I suggest purchasing all of these items or using the National Geographic Interactive World Map online -its free)

4-Go to the local library and have her conduct research on this area.  (Picking a non-Fiction, Fiction, or Biography for each study)  Or doing internet research in between library trips.  

5- Prepare summaries of one or more topics per week/ book reports, etc. and keep in a binder as a record of work.  (You could also have her create projects like pyramids, etc if she is artsy)

6-Practice Outlining (by outling 1-4 pages of text 1x per week.  

Science ($165.40 )

Science can be pricey.  Again I would look at what she is doing in school this year.  Junior High requires one each of Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science.  Right off the top so long as she passes this year you do not have to worry about that one.  Then ask her which one she would like to do next.  Because you need equipment for some curriculum.  You mentioned you are good with Christain based materials.  I HIGHLY suggest Apologia Science Curriculum  if you can afford it. I was taken out of public school in 11th grade and this curriculum made very difficult concepts (like Chemistry) VERY easy to understand.  They did not have the associated DVD's when I used it and their textbooks were black and white.  They have made many advances since then!  Alternate site to purchase at also has kits of material required. (Price is based on Physical Science Text with AK, DVD course videos, and Supply Kit from the Alt Site I listed)

Language Arts gets tricky.  Everyone who homeschools does this differently.  If my dd was coming out of 6th and starting homeschooling at 7th I would use this combination:

Grammar & Writing: Saxon Grammar & Writing 7 ($52.50)

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 7 Book & Answer Key ($13)

Literature: Book List  (Get these books from the Library and have her write about them when she is done.  This can also be aligned partially with her History and Literature so she is not overloaded.)  If you want a paid for Literature course there is one by Memoria Press on the same site that the other language arts stuff is linked to but in my opinion it is over priced for the quantity of material and you could do lit out of the library with no spending at all and it would give your dd choices versus mandating her to read certain ones.   

So your overall price would be $401 plus shipping Based on the prices I listed.  I would shop around.  Typically, Rainbow resources has the best prices.  I think they might even carry all the products I linked there you just have to look.  I usually create shopping carts on Rainbow Resources, Amazon, B&N and see what my cheapest options are including shipping and go from there. 

These are just recommendations for you core subjects.  I would start there for your first year.  After that or half way through you can add in Art (Artistic Pursuits) , Music (I would get lessons because as I say I am musically declined) and gym (I have my dd do swim, dance, rock wall climbing, hiking, bike riding, etc.)

Hope that helps!

by on Nov. 22, 2012 at 12:55 PM - Homeschool Laws - Free Christian Homeschool Curriculum


Other Resources - low cost curriculum - low cost curriculum - worksheets (grades 1 - 12) - free curriculum - free curriculum / free math - free curriculum - Good - free curriculum - free curriculum ( you could use this just for the book suggestions) - forms, printables, resources

Hope that helps a little. :-)

by Welcome Squad on Nov. 24, 2012 at 11:51 AM

Switched on Schoolhouse might be something for you to take a look at.  It's probably about $400.00 for the entire core curriculum which includes bible studies.  People either tend to love it or state that they will never use it again.  It is a computer based program and can be convenient because it maintains records and does all the grading for you.  We have only used their Earth Science and French.  The Earth Science is a little dry but it wasn't horrible.  My daughter learned from it.

If you are looking for something else that  you wouldn't have to pay for at all, you can try the following: has free textbooks in Math and Science.  I have downloaded both books for grades 6 and 7. The Math looks pretty good and if you download it onto your computer, there are links throughout the lessons that will explain how to do some of the lessons.  It looks as if they use links off of Khan's academy.  The other thing about CK12 is that if you request answer keys to their textbooks, they will send them to you via e-mail.  When I requested mine, I received them almost immediately.  You can also print these books  if you prefer but that would probably run into somewhat of an expense.  If you happen to have a kindle, you can also download it for free through Amazon.  Their science for Middle School are Earth Science and Life Science.  They also have Chemistry, Physics and other science texts for high school.  I also downloaded the Earth Science and Life Science books and they both look good and again there are answer keys to these.  American Chemical Society ( ) has lessons for middle school and physical science and chemistry.  In fact they have  downloadable books for both subjects.

For social studies, there is a website called and it is full of lessons in Anicent Studies, World History and American History. 

For Language Arts, there are a couple of websites with free grammar lessons called and  and these can be used for mechanics and grammar. 

For Reading  use your library as a resource and check out some classic books or any other type of books that interest your child.  You can often find  reading guides online (that are downloadable and free) that will go with some of these books which will often include reading comprehension and vocabulary.  Some examples would be James and the Giant Peach, Stargirl, Anne of Green Gables  and Island of the Blue Dolphin.  I was able to find some of these for free on and also on 

For Spelling, use the vocabulary words that your child has learned and test her on those. and are also wonderful resources.  The Christian Home School Hub has downloadable material and for a small membership price ($15.00 for the year) you can download anything from this website.  They are constantly adding new downloads.  In fact the Christian Home School Hub is where I first discovered the physical science and chemistry books for middle school that are actually from  Garden of Praise is a beautiful website with lots of bible school lessons, music and they have art appreciation type of lessons.  I love this website!

For music and music appreciation you can use  This is a great resource that we absolutely have enjoyed and it is free.

Finally, I have used  It is a K-8 curriculum website and membership to use it is $19.99 per month.  I like their language arts and language arts extensions.  You would probably have to supplement with writing and reading.  The website CurrClick that I mentioned earlier is great and you can use this to supplement your lessons or use it to plan your curriculum.  I just recently discovered it and absolutely love the unit studies.  My daughter is doing earth science and she just completed a unit on Earthquakes.  I also wanted her to learn about Tsunami's (there was nothing in the curriculum that we were already using) so I found a unit on Tsunami's here and right now, this is what she is studying.

Just remember that if you find something in your science or social studies that you do not agree with (such as the theory of evolution) you can always ignore that portion of the curriculum that you decide to use. 

One more thought (sorry I don't mean to drag this on and on), is that Amazon has some great textbooks and workbooks that they sell and some are used but i have had great luck so far and haven't had to pay much.   Good luck!

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