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Posted by on Aug. 25, 2009 at 6:50 PM
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Molly had her annual EI evaluation today and the ST was here early. She was playing with the kids (Molly is 14 months and her big brother Liam is 25 months) and we started talking about Liam's speech and she just outright said she said to ask Steve (the team co-ordinator who was on his way) about getting Liam an intake eval because she thinks he has Apraxia!!!! Everything I see online looks sort bad, to be honest... and I am flipping out. He had over 200 words at 25 months but many of them are not clear, I guess... or just not right. I thought that was normal for his age KWIM? Here are some examples:

airplane = aymane

horse = hippy

moon = noon

Cheese was dough until recently and its finally teeze

Reilly = Lielly

Popsicle = cookickle

Micah is Cah Cah

And so on....

Anyone have any sort of experience with Apraxia? Liam has been 100% healthy and ahead in milestones, other than catching every single bug to come his way. I had IUGR with him as well as Molly, but there have been no complications to date. I have the EI Intake on Thursday and an appointment with his Pedi on Friday as a precaution... and then his EI ST assessment sometime next week... 



by on Aug. 25, 2009 at 6:50 PM
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by Leslie on Aug. 26, 2009 at 12:07 AM

I don't really have any words of advice about apraxia in general..but I just wanted to say..

**BREATHE**  :)

It's gonna be okay.  I think it won't hurt anything to get him evaluated.  If it does turn out that he needs therapy, the sooner he gets started the better it will be for him.


by on Aug. 26, 2009 at 10:58 AM

I think an eval is a good idea, since he had more words and lost them.  Has he had a hearing test???  I would suggest that, because if he's not hearing words properly he is not going to say them properly. 

Imagine going to the store, and not being able to go the same way twice....EVER.  Everytime you go to the store you have to find a new way to go.  That is an easy explanation of apraxia.  Basically, you and I when we learn language, we use what know from the word cat to say bat, hat, fat etc.  A kid with apraxia can't us the "at" road for than one thing, so he has to build a new road for each word, and can't use one's that are already there. 

by on Aug. 27, 2009 at 12:30 PM

My son was just diagonsed with Apraxia and the internet does say alot of bad things about it..but my ST says that Apraxia  is not hopeless...Zach will learn to communicate he will just communicate differently with like sign launguage and electronice devices..and there are different degrees of Apraxia..Zach is moderate to severe. he is 3 and only has like 6 words and thats it..but dont always agree with the internet..I have learned that the internet is famous for worst case sceneario...on Facebook they have a support group for Apraxia and it is headed by a Speech Language Pathologist and they have alot of success stories on it..I would recommend checking it out...and it wont hurt to get the eval and put it this way if it turns out to be nothing then you wont have to worry anymore that is something and if it turns out to be something then he can get help...hope i helped some..

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