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Hi all.....

Posted by on Nov. 9, 2007 at 12:57 AM
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I am 57 years old married, to a younger man and between us we have 11 children, all of them adults, married or with a partner. My husband has 6 boys, the oldest two are twins.  I have 3 daughters of my own and then a boy and girl that I raised from the time they were 3 & 5.  My oldest daughter is of the alternative lifestyle, 39 this month, she and her partner have a son, 22 months old.  My next daughter is 38 married with an almost 15 year old daughter.  My son is 36 married and expecting in February.    We don't know what it will be. He has a  almost 13 year old son from a previous relationship. I had another "step" daughter who was 33 married with two children boy 10 and a girl 8.  She passed away in March.  The next daughter is mine, 32 married to a career military and 2 girls ages 8 & 3.  My youngest is 30, married with 2 boys ages 11 & 8.  His boys are, the twins 27, one has been married but is now divorced.  The next one is married, 26 and has a son 17 months old...they live next door to us so you know that baby is rotten! :)  The next one is 25 living with a lovely girl.  The next son is 24, married and expecting also in February, another boy!!  The youngest one lives with us.  I can relate to all of you in one way or another.  Just when you think they are "grown" and taking care of themselves you find that they aren't so "grown" after all.  We have 10 grandchildren and that makes a whole nother chapter in the book.  I would love to hear my any or all of you.  Who knows, I think we have been thru it all.  It seems my youngest daughter never has enough money to get thru the month...not every month but often enough and what can you do?  My next to the youngest is pretty independent. She was even in the army for 4 years, but this is her husband's 2nd tour in Iraq and she is tired of being so far away from home so she is trying to get a job here.  We are hoping it will be soon as she is a vet so maybe.....she only lives two hours from me right now but considering it all I guess its too far.  So that means most likely she and the girls will be moving in with us for a while.  :)  I remember at one time we had one kid moving out as one was moving in.  We have been married for 11 years and have only lived alone for maybe 6 months and that was not all that long ago.  Well I guess I have gone on long enough.  Looking forward to hearing from you.
by on Nov. 9, 2007 at 12:57 AM
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by on Nov. 9, 2007 at 10:27 AM


by on Nov. 10, 2007 at 12:39 AM
WelcomeGlad to have ya here!
by on Nov. 10, 2007 at 12:47 PM
Welcome to Cafemom!

I am tired just reading about all your kids...LOL
Well my life seems calm and sane compared to yours.  I have 2 adult children from previous marriage.  I am 49 years old. My husband of almost 9 years and I don't have children (he has no children either).  I have a son who is 23 years old and moving out this weekend, for the 3rd time......and last time, I hope.  He is a good boy, but is having alot of  trouble getting a good job (he has a job now) because he quit school early.  I hope he finally gets his GED someday soon.
We also have 4 dogs: 3 chihuahuas and a white shepherd.
My daughter is 19 yrs. old, single, living at home, going to community college, working and pregnant.  Baby due in January.  Her boyfriend basically is living with us too.  He is 17 and still in high school.  My husband, the step-dad, has his own issues with my children.  Probably some of the worst fights we've had has to do with my children.  I spoiled them (which I probably did) and I let them get by with too much.  He's never had children....HELLO!  anyway.  I'm going to be a grandma in January.  Probably still have daughter living at home, even though she is trying to get her own place, but as her mom, I would just as soon her stay here til after baby comes. 
Well anyway, I'm just going on and on.  Welcome and maybe you will have good advice for alot of us mom.
by on Nov. 10, 2007 at 2:31 PM
Thanks for the welcome.  I will have to say been there done that...when my husband and I moved in together, about a year or so before we married, his son wanted to come live with us...then my youngest daughter shows up on my doorstep.  Two weeks later she tells me she is pregnant and the father said he would marry her...then said he wouldn't.  So here is my baby girl at home, pregnant and alone.  So my next to the youngest daughter is at home on leave from the army and she is yelling at me telling me I need to make my youngest daughter have an abortion!!  Yikes!  I don't need this.  I called my  soon to be hubby and told him what was going on ....I mean she came in my room at 630 in the morning after he had gone to work.  So he comes home.  He tells her under no circumstance is she to talk to me that way.  She is to leave her sister alone, that what was going on was between me, him and my youngest.  So she pouts around for a couple of days and won't speak to any of us.  So my  S/O tells her we don't need that and maybe she should find someplace else to stay until she goes back to Germany.  Needless to say she came around.  My youngest stayed with us until her boy was 3.  I never regretted a minute of it.  She is now married to a young man and they have a boy and he has adopted her oldest.  So it all turned out well.  Most likely yours will too.  Don't know if this makes you feel better but I know it helps sometimes to know you aren't alone.  As for the careful...grandbabies are addictive.  Hugs, June
by on Nov. 10, 2007 at 2:34 PM
Thanks!  Glad to be here! 
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