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Forgive me If I've posted this before...(dang memory..LOL)

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when my DD was in 11th grade(2009) due to her having gone thru so much(I won't get into that) I decided, to get her a puppy. Nice little Rescue, as it turned out a Rat Terrier had come in by animal control and given birth about 2 weeks ago.(poor mama was so emaciated, they didn't know she was pregnant)

DD pick her little guy from that litter. We went 3 times a week to visit her guy. I knew when DD went off to college, he was going to be my responsibility.

Fast forward: DD lives @ home, and Fraggles(her dog)s crates is in her room. She has a job, but almost NEVER buys his food.(he has 2 sisters Btw) She has never paid a vet bill, or even offered to work off a vet bill,and when he was 2 months old was injured and lost his front leg, costing almost 300$. DD does not get off her behind to walk her dog potty.(when DH & I do it,we take all 3, IF DD ever does it, and only after I say its UR dog UR turn, she only takes HER dog!

I think Fraggle thinks I am his mom, as I cared for him while he had both his surgeries on his injury,DD was "afraid" she would hurt him(he had to stay in his crate or carry him out side for a little bit, other than that, just get used to being a 3 legged dog(and he is a fast joker let me tell you!)

We have doggie dinner about 5ish, every night, if DD is home, Rarely does she feed.

Her attitude is when she is off of work, she is off of EVERYTHING!

This upsets me as I have taught my kids from day one, the animals ALWAYS come first, they can't go to the fridge and get a drink., or go to the cabinet and get their own food! THEY need US.

Little Fraggle sleeps on the end of my DD's bed usually, but if she isn't going to home I let him sleep in our room with his sisters.

Fraggle has some type of sore or bite on his back ankle, I am going to try a home remedy, if that doesn't work/ look better by tomorrow, I'll have to take him to the vet.

This same DD's car is in pieces under our carport,as Dh tries to find parts. I just don't know what to do with this kid! She says she is moving out this summer..(we'll see) she is getting pissy because the parts are hard to find for her car(again no ones fault) and she's pissed because it's been 3 weeks since she has seen her boyfriend. I said, he should come to see you! She said he doesn't have a car, I was like, well how much does he "love you"??

thanks for letting me vent! (I know I'm in a crappy mood, and I've been trying really hard to not let it get to my family as my health is taking a bad turn and I'm in constant severe pain, I'm on new meds, it will just take a little bit for them to adjust,, so DD is saying I just bitchy, and when will my meds take hold!)

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by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 2:03 PM
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by Bronze Member on Apr. 30, 2012 at 6:58 PM

Quoting BannerElkHogans:

if that was my kid an she acted like urs id put her ass out of my house an tell her if you think you'll get it somewhere better then by all means let me help u pack an give her a bill for all the crap she's made me pay for while she had a job...........the sooner she learns that the better

My DD has finals this week, & as I have told Dh, I don't know where this attitude is coming from b/c #1 she KNOWS better, and I didn't raise her like this. Then for us to be helping her and she start her bull crap, I had had it!(she was texting me.) I told her, DON'T U EVER TALK LIKE THAT TO ME AGAIN. I don't know who u think u are, but I've had enough of your garbage! (she knows I've been feeling really bad, and today is a worse day) I also said, I'm done, don't text me anymore.

she happened to come in from her final last class exactly at supper time, and I looked at her, and said, u know how lucky u are ur not sleeping in your car?. Don't speak to me.

Then she started to ask DH about the parts for her car, and as it turned out he did find them after all, the original place that ordered them got the wrong ones. Does she think I want her car jacked up in my car port taking up all that space! sheesh, and the sad thing, is DH said, after all his work and time, it might not crank over, and she will be left trying to sell a car with a motor that doesn't work! uugghhhh (I know she isn't saving any money in case her car is broken forever, unless "we" buy a junk yard motor, hell she never have us paid back!

It's always something, dang....

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by Bronze Member on Apr. 30, 2012 at 7:01 PM
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Quoting Cher53:

Hope your feeling better when you read this. Damm kid's I swear wait till they have their own mama she will get it all back. Until then don't take care of her dog, she now expects it, if she is going to move out get a date and don't feel bad about this. Your child has caused enough hell and highwater to last you and d/h for awhile. Let her bitch about her car not your problem. Stop attending to her her wants and take care of you...cher

Oh she hasn't realized it yet, but "her" dog isn't going anywhere, he is too used to his "sisters" and she isn't leaving him crated for 10 -12 hrs at a time. I'm not going to let a defensless animal suffer because my dd has her head up her arse!

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by Lisa on Apr. 30, 2012 at 7:42 PM
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I'd say the dog is yours not provide the funding and care for him.

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by on May. 1, 2012 at 12:04 AM

Hugs to you,
I hope dd learns to take better care of her (your) furkid ;)

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by on May. 1, 2012 at 9:41 AM
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Hey.....if you can't vent here...where? LOLfeel better

by on May. 1, 2012 at 10:40 AM

 Just admit it. Its YOUR dog and let her know it. I don't know, I guess I'd be having a heart to heart with her instead of just making random comments.

by Bronze Member on May. 2, 2012 at 10:33 AM

Quoting mamamiajk:

Hey.....if you can't vent here...where? LOLfeel better

Thanks so much!, I know part of my issue is my frustration with my illness, and being stuck at the house. I can walk around outside some, but (it's our yard, that gets boring quick! LOL) I also hope and pray my DD's car gets fixed soon, and works!  I know she is frustrated about that.

As for the dog, yes, he is mine. (she thinks he's hers but when he got hurt at 2 months old(no ones fault it was an accident) and I took over his care,we bonded, & now I am home all day doing doggy day care with all 3 of them. My DD may move out, but that little guy will stay here. I will get in her face if I have to! LOL

On another note, yesterday, to my mistake, she got all pissy because the place that ordered the parts to her car, didn't order the right ones, I asked her why her BF(yes my mistake) didn't try to come here, after all it's been 3 weeks) JEEZE u would have thought I brought the wrath of HELL down, she started sending me nasty text, telling me I didn't know his situation and yadda yadda, well I overlooked all that until, she started dropping F bombs at me.

With that(this was Monday) I started a new text(apparently she was on break @ work) and in caps, I basically told her she better not ever talk to me like that again, EVER, I don't know who she thinks she is, or who she thinks she is talking to, but I will not put up with that! I wasn't texting her nor talking to her anymore!

I know she was upset about her car, what neither of us knew, was my DH was out at 2 different car dealerships, and one other place finding the right parts for her car! when she left work she had a final exam, when she came home, I looked @ her and said, u know how lucky u are your NOT sleeping in that car of yours out there under the carport? that was all that was said.

I told my DH that little dog was leaving this house over my dead body! My mom & odd are arguing(they used to live together) and no matter how many times I keep saying I don't want to be put in this, I wasn't there, I don't know any thing about this, they keep calling complaining about each other.... Oh jeeZZEEE.. SO DH has a week of school and he is done, I figure we can at least go over night somewhere... Little dog(fraggle) has a "wound" on his back right ankle, nothing I was doing was making it better, as a matter of fact it was growing, off to the vet yesterday,, he needs surgery... time away?? what time away??? It keeps on coming....

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by on May. 12, 2012 at 4:18 PM

Good for you stick to your gun's I wish you the best of luck and hope the dog is OK.... Happy Mother's day to you have a awesome one! Thought this was a nice touch..Cherpuppy

by on May. 12, 2012 at 6:49 PM

I agree it would be kind of cruel to seperate the dogs now that they've all bonded.  When I first called about mine all I really wanted was one but she came with a "friend" and they had bonded while in the care of their previous owner who passed.  I couldn't be bring myself to take one without the other, They had a couple of months here with my daughter's dog as well but when she left her dog went with her and my two were cool with that, they still remember Sadie though.  

by Bronze Member on May. 13, 2012 at 1:28 PM

Quoting Cher53:

Good for you stick to your gun's I wish you the best of luck and hope the dog is OK.... Happy Mother's day to you have a awesome one! Thought this was a nice touch..Cherpuppy

AWWEE, thanks! He is so far recovering nicely, pathology report will be at least a week from the surgery! Ugg,,.. He loves the spoiling, tho my Dane is very jealous! LOL (she forgets she was sick just 2 weeks ago and got the same spoiling! LOL)

Happy Mom's day to you as well!

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