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Let ds's gf stay with us (She's an ex now) Need advice

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Ds started dating this girl in Jan. He had known her for several years, they were friends in hs.

She said her mom kicked her out and she had no where to go. It was like she just moved in, we were never asked. But I felt sorry for her and let her stay. She had never had a bf before, only dated chicks.

When she moved in, neither she nor my ds had a job. He lucked up and found one and she just recently got a job. She was here for several months, living for free. I told them they had to pay 50$ a week and help with groceries. Ds gave me a total of 150$, which I gave back to him, they were saving for a car.

I told them they needed to help around the house, all I asked them to do was the dishes and take out the trash. Which she did in the beginning, as ds was working.

When she got a job, she decided she didn't have time to do these things. Instead of being greatful we gave her a place to stay.

She decided she was being treated as a slave and left. Broke up with ds. That's not the problem.

The problem is her dog is here, she won't come get it, even though I told her to. She went behind my back and told my dh all kinds of lies about ds, which he believed because ds has had problems before, but he has changed 100%. He is working every day, even walking 45 mins to his job for weeks because he didn't have a ride.

She told dh and every body else ds used her to buy the car. That she paid most of the money, which I know is not true, because she is a waitress and she told me almsot daily how much she made, so it's not possible in the time she has been working for her to have done this.

She is posting on fb all of these lies about ds, going around telling everyone he is a drus addict and has all kinds of problems. Everyone is replying to her, you go girl, don't be a door mat, etc. These things are just not true. I want so bad to reply to her on fb, to say that she is a drams queen who used my ds for a place to stay until she found  the next victim, a chick, btw, to move onto, this is what I and everyone else that knows her thinks she has done. My dd has known her for a long time and says this is what she does. Makes drama and causes problems, playing the victim the whole time.

My dd and I do not reply to her fb because she and her family like to press charges on people, so we just watch what she posts about ds and say nothing.

How can I make her come get her things and her dog? And get out of our lives without all the drama?

I thought I was helping her, only to be stabbed in the back. I told her yesterday that all of the things she says about ds, she said about her mom and her ex. Makes you not want to help people.

by on May. 6, 2012 at 10:06 AM
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by on May. 7, 2012 at 2:09 PM

On a court show the other day this woman didn't take her cat and she wanted it back from the old roommates and they said 'it ran away' and the judge said 'well then, there is nothing i can do about it. you didn't take it with you and it ran away so they can't be held responsible for that.'

LOL...not saying you let her dog run away, but if it's between a kill shelter and that well....

by on May. 7, 2012 at 5:09 PM

Quoting Delilah713:

We had rental property for years, and there are a lot of BAD tenants out there.  Look on line at the tenant/landlord hand book for the rules and regulations in your state, as they differ from state to state.  If there was no lease signed then usually they call it an oral agreement and a month to month lease.  There are rules for oral leases.  Also document everything/conversations ect... with date, time what was said and who else was there, and so on.  You can even record phone conversations too.  But I know in Ky you have to send them a registered letter (she has to sign for) giving her 30 days to remove her stuff then after that you go to court and get a forcible detainer from the judge which gives her up to 2 weeks to take her stuff, after that you call sheriff's dept and they come to your house and watch you set all her stuff out on the curb and she can pick it all up there or leave it for garbage day.  The dog (in Ky) can be sent to the shelter now but you have to call animal control to pick it up because it was abandoned there.  You can't take it yourself, and make sure its all documented.  The facebook thing, personally i would ignore it, unless it causes trouble like with getting a job, getting fired from job or something like that.  And I KNOW what it is like to try to help some people and they take advantage of it.  Just try not to let it get to you to the point you never want to help anyone else again, because there are people out there that need and appreciate help.  You are a good person for trying to help her  good luck!

Ths girl was not a "tenant" landlord tenants laws do not apply.  They allowed this girl to come in and walk all over them because they felt "sorry" for her.  They need to chalk this expierence up to a lesson leanred and not to do it again.  

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