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What are you doing today....Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

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come tell us....

by on Feb. 1, 2018 at 9:12 PM
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by Group Admin on Feb. 5, 2018 at 6:05 PM

Yeah, you just deal with it and try to limit those things that can aggravate it.

Quoting Cindy18: My daughter has been to every doctor imaginable. We finally circled back to the beginning with rheumtology. They ruled out a laundry list of things but never officially diagnosed her. We have researched it a lot and found there is really no magic cure so she bares with it and tries to keep her hand and feet warm.
Quoting LEK19:

I was offically diagnosed with Raynaud's in my thirties when I had the insurance to cover all the tests to eliminate any other causes of my symptoms. They said I probably had it since about the age of 18 maybe earlier. I can see how it could be tough to get it diagnosed. When I was younger doctors would tell me that it was because women have poorer circulation than men and not to worry about it. That was about all I was told for a long time.

I roomed with a nursing student for a few months in college when I was 18 and she freaked out when she saw my hands being purple/blue. She said dying people look like that. Later when I was working with a pre-school program, the health coordinator witnessed my symptoms and said I should get it checked out because she thought it could be my heart. That's when I went through all the tests.

Quoting Cindy18: I didn't know you had Renaud's. We think my daughter has that but no doctor will officially say it.
Quoting LEK19:

Good Morning!

Looks like a chilly day with winds about 12-15 mph. I won't be going to the dog sled races. Don will take Anna for as long as she will last. I could go but I have a feeling I would end up sitting in a bar drinking coffee to stay warm. That small town's local coffee shop closed. this Renaud's is really getting to be a drag. This time of year I stress about finances and stress can make it worse. I used to spend way more time enjoying the outdoors in all sorts of weather. Not so much anymore. Oh, well, it is what it is.

Not sure if anything else is going on today depending on how long Don and Anna are gone. Don will be gaming later, Anna will probably chat and play games with friends on-line, and I will probably watch a movie or two, do some reading. Just the usual Saturday night.

Maybe I will do some basement walking. I do that sometimes now since my treadmill broke. I play some tunes and walk back and forth across the basement with a few curves thrown in there. I walked two miles the other day. I will run up and down the stairs at least once during each song. Weird thing about the phone app, it read that I had only gone up one flight of stairs when I did that. I thought it would keep better track of that. I wonder how much these apps can vary.

Well, off to get another cup of coffee and check out the news.

Enjoy your Saturday!

by Marian on Feb. 8, 2018 at 11:04 AM
You’re right. LOL. I didn’t get anything done. But the pico was great

Quoting louannwilkins:

Good morning....You're very hard on yourself.  Maybe you can get to the reading later on.  I hope it's a good day for you!  Baked nacho's...that sounds good!  :)

Quoting Goobergal: Did some reading yesterday from my study guide but not today. Disappointed. I meant to and got bogged down doing groceries and the gym. I didn’t get up at six like i should have. Grrrr

Running in the morning and then i really have to get into that book. My ss is coming in tonight. Goob is going to the bus station to do pick up.

Sunday is more of the same. Super bowl. DD is making oven baked chicken nuggets. I’m making baked nachos.


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