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SAY IT ISENT SO...........crying

Email John Travolta seems to have masseurs coming out of the woodwork accusing him of the unwanted sexual advance of grabbing their penis. Travolta's camp denies these accusations as they surfaced one at a time in the last week. If John Travolta was really looking for sex with a man, why wouldn't he have just hired a male prostitute for this purpose?

Approaching a masseur for sexual favors seems awfully risky for a man with Travolta's high profile. There are certainly enough agencies that cater to what the masseurs are claiming Travolta wanted from them. It would make more sense for a man as famous as Travolta to be more discrete and make sure the other person is willing to provide the service he's accused of wanting.

Both men in this case are remaining anonymous in the court documents. The documents give very graphic details of Travolta's alleged behaviors after the men got picked up by the movie star and brought to a hotel for their services. The men are masseur's and the service they offer is deep tissue massage, but both claim Travolta was looking for much more during their encounters.


The first lawsuit filed last week claimed that Travolta picked this man up and brought him to a Beverly Hills Hotel room where the man expected to give Travolta a massage. Travolta stripped down completely and groped this man's penis, according to WMBF News. After the advance got declined, Travolta apologized but went on to offer up a three some.

The second lawsuit offered up more graphic detail of Travolta's assets, like penis length and even the texture of his pubic hair, according to Radaronline. The story was similar to the first plaintiff where this masseur was summoned to give Travolta a massage when he was staying in a resort in Atlanta.

The second masseur claims Travolta stripped down then masturbated as the man give him a deep tissue massage. Travolta is described as sweating and really getting into the self-pleasuring action when he made an unwanted advance to the guy giving the massage. Travolta allegedly once again reached out for his penis. If this man is an unwilling partcipant, why did he let it go as far as he details in the court documents?

Travolta's camp denies that either one of these incidents took place. In Travolta's defense, if he wanted sex with a man, wouldn't he have just hired a male prostitute instead of leaving himself wide open for lawsuits? The first plaintiff alleges that when the incident was over with, Travolta drove him back to the place he picked him up and paid him double his regular fee. The man said Travolta paid him $800.

This would suggest his regular fee is $400, which is one expensive massage. This brings up questions of what this man's services included? If this was Travolta's first time in the news with claims of seeking out gay sex, it would be easier for his fans to consider the theory that these masseur's were trying to get their 15 minutes of fame, as Travolta's camp is claiming.

Travolta was the object of another sex scandal while his wife Kelly was pregnant with their third child. He's accused of frequenting gay bath houses, which is part of the gay subculture. Once again in this case he's accused of seeking out gay sex .

This incident was just a few years back and still fresh in many's memories. Now that these allegations have come up, it's hard to know what to believe about the Saturday Night star.

Reference: WMBF News, Radaronline

John Travolta has his hands full with dual sexual lawsuits.
John Travolta has his hands full with dual sexual lawsuits.
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by on May. 10, 2012 at 6:55 PM
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by Bronze sister on May. 10, 2012 at 11:39 PM
Unfortunate, but there is probably some truth to it. I have questions about a few others too.
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by Bronze sister on May. 11, 2012 at 9:43 AM

Wow!  You know though, I know a massage therapist who advertised in the Yellow Pages. His business was called "massage by the minute", and his ad noted that he would come to your home or hotel room if needed.  He received several calls from potential clients who thought he was an escort service.  If John was interested in having sexual encounters with men, this would actually be a very discreet way to do it.   It is entirely possible that there are two male therapists out there who were advanced upon.  However, if they said "no", and John stopped advancing, if he actually did advance at all, then they shouldn't have brought a case against John.  The fact is that they put themselves at risk for such encounters no matter where they are working. 

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