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Introduction of 40ish and beyond admin team

Posted by on Jul. 16, 2013 at 7:32 AM
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 I get many PM from sisters asking who the admin team is (how they can be a part of the team) and what they do outside of CM.. I have gotten a few that loves the replies they receive and ask if the admin team has to have any type of skills, or education to be a part of the team..

I want to say that an admin for 40ish does not have to have skills, education or for that matter be 40ish.... WE have a team that is made up of different woman who have different opinions about life and although we agree to disagree we love the group and the sisters and that is what makes the admin team for 40ish...

I will start...

I am Dana (most call me Momma) and I am 50 year old mom of 5 and grandma to 9 with another on the way. I have a daughter who has ADHD/ODD/ Bi Polar and she does NOT take medications and when she is off her therapy (she uses a therapy animal) and her diet she will have a manic moment but hasn't had a bad one in several years now. I am adopting my older granddaughter (so I am a grandma raising a grandchild). I have Fibromyalgia/RA and I also take no medications as I am not a big believer in medications. My thinking has always been if I stump my toe and I take a pain pill it will affect my entire body and not just my toe.. Hence the degree in Natural Health and the study of Alternative medicines all my life. I also have a degree in Child Care Development and Special Education and worked in group homes and children for more than 20 years. I am currently working on my PhD in Psychology and will be taking my test at the end of the year for my license. I love to cook and have been all my life and don't mind cleaning and some days I am not sure how to slow down... I am an open mind person and never see color of the person skin as I do see their heart.. My children/grandchildren are bi racial and taught to love everyone.. I am the mom of identical twins and the grandma of fraternal twins (one of my twins had twins).

I am the creator of 40ish and beyond and open it for the members to enjoy as their group, you as the sisters of 40ish own the group and we have a open door policy that if you have any suggestion we would like to hear it.

This is me in a nut shell.. The admin team will also say something about themselves and if you have a question for any of us we will answer it.. If you have a private message please feel free to PM us.. Also don't be afraid to send a friend invite and let us know you are a sister in 40ish.. Hugs~

cafe.gif (14184 bytes)Join us for coffee~~

by on Jul. 16, 2013 at 7:32 AM
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by on Jul. 16, 2013 at 7:56 AM
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 good morning to all!! im suzi from brooklyn new york. im a mom of 2 sons who are 13 and 8. i was married to their dad for i5 years and currently getting divorced. I am a registered dental hygienest  for the past 18 years. before that i was a hairdresser..  got to look good from the neck luv my job..i am a head admin here and been on this team for the past 4 years.. took time off when my marriage fell apart but getting my groove back on love to cook as well as our momma here  and i love to laugh and have a good time...

im pretty boring compared to our momma huh?? lol   

anyway thats really it i think... one thing i will say is that i love this group and missed it when i was away from it..blowing kissesand thank you dana for starting such a wonderful you much!!!!! 

by Maria - Midwest Lady on Jul. 16, 2013 at 9:14 AM
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 Good morning! I am Maria, I have been on CM since 2008.I'm from IL, I live in AR, and will be moving back to IL in a year or two. I have 3 adult kids. My son, Kevin just got married, we just had to say goodbye to our 14 y.o. cocker spaniel, Rusty. I am a Medical assistant, looking hard for work. We have a german shephed named Rambo, I am married to Ray. Anything else, please ask.

by Red Room Rebel on Jul. 16, 2013 at 9:24 AM
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Hello all... I'm Angela... I live in Alabama with my wonderful hubby Daniel. We have two grown children... Our Kevin also just go married. We absolutely adore our DIL. Our DD will hopefully be planning a wedding soon... She has a wonderful boyfriend who is "waiting for the right time" to pop the question.

Hubby  and I own a radio control hobby shop and a goat farm. We, along with our son, are volunteers with our local fire department. DS and I are Advanced EMTs. I am the EMS Captain at the fire department.

That's a little about me. Any questions, just ask.... I'm pretty much an open book.... Hugz!

by New sister on Jul. 16, 2013 at 10:10 AM
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Good morning, I am Shaunda a mother of three daughters ages 19,17&9. I am going through a separation. I am trying to get back on my feet. I like to read and hang out with my family. If you like to know more just ask. Looking forward to meeting some new friends. Enjoy the rest of your day
by Maria - Midwest Lady on Jul. 16, 2013 at 10:39 AM
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Quoting Mzgemini:

Good morning, I am Shaunda a mother of three daughters ages 19,17&9. I am going through a separation. I am trying to get back on my feet. I like to read and hang out with my family. If you like to know more just ask. Looking forward to meeting some new friends. Enjoy the rest of your day

 Hi Shaunda! This thread is to introduce the Admin team only! Enjoy your day with us! :)

by Sue on Jul. 16, 2013 at 10:57 AM
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Hi, I am Sue and I live in WA state. I am a divorced mom of 2 adult children and an almost-10 year old daughter of whom I have primary custody. I have a SO, but we live 300 miles apart. I am a certified teacher, but I work from home evaluating the English speaking ability of global workers. I was recently part of a massive restructuring (aka layoff) of an online university. I am also the "crazy dog lady;" I have a Boston terrier, a mutt, and a granddog (my only grandchild lol). If you want to know more, ask away. I look forward to getting to know our members better!!

by Wanda - Indian Girl on Jul. 16, 2013 at 2:07 PM
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Hi Sissys!

My name is Wanda and I am the mother of 8 adult children and 15 grands so far...My childrens ages are from 40 - 21 and I have 4 boys and 4 girls...

40ish is my home and I spend many hours here online and I also provide the 24/7 Freeman Support Hotline to help those who need to hear a voice and respond with support/advice/ or just a shoulder to lean on..

I  live in Los Angeles, Ca. and live a semi traditional Native American lifestyle in our 3 home compound lol The property has been in the family since 1949 and there are many grandchildren and great grand children already enjoying it...I like to think lol we are well grounded and true to our ways so if I sound like an old wise woman its because I am lmao...

I am also a digital artist and siggy designer and enjoy playing hard on the boards with my other sisters....Being part of this Sisterhood have given me what I've always wanted to do....Help others as Others who have helped me...So this is my dedication and you can feel free to message me at anytime...much love!!!

by on Jul. 16, 2013 at 2:24 PM
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 I guess it's my turn! I'm Vickey and live in VT with my DH, Dennis. Together we have a total of 8 children. He has 1 adopted son from a previous marriage (Mike) who was an adult when I met him. I have 3 bio-sons from a previous marriage (Jonathan, Dustin and Keegan.) They are all grown and moved on. My son Dustin is currently staying with me (he came up from PA) to try to find work up here and move back to the area. My dh and I have adopted 4 children, 3 of whom have developmental and physical challenges. They are 17, 16, 15 and soon to be 8. My 3 older children were old adoptions and the only infant adoption was my youngest son. My oldest dd has PDD-NOS, ED, OD, PTSD, ADHD, RAD and processing issues. My next oldest dd has a chromosomal duplication causing severe mental retardation. My youngest dd is dually impaired (hearing and vision) and has CP. My youngest son was pre-natally diagnosed with Dandy-Walker Syndrome but to our great blessing is completely healthy.

I will be 50 years old this October and feel blessed by good health. I do not take medication for anything and on the whole I feel pretty good most days! I have the normal aging stuff (need glasses now and have arthritis in my hands, neck and back) but nothing that slows me down too much. I enjoy being active!

I'm a Shared Home Provider for a gentleman with multiple disabilities. He's lived in my home now for almsot 3 years and we are looking to take in another. I've worked with the mentally disabled since I was 18 and GREATLY enjoy this line of work. I also take in additional people throughout the year on weekends and for weeks at a time to provide respite for other individuals with clients.

I don't have many hobbies as most of my time is spent in caring for my children and others but when I can get a break I enjoy reading, time on the computer and photography. I'm a compulsive cleaner and my house is kind of run like a military ship. Things happen at a certain time each day but we DO have lots of fun too. We enjoy family time and vacations. We go to FL each spring and Maine each summer! One day we will be taking a whole school summer to travel out west!  


by Sweet Mary <3 on Jul. 16, 2013 at 9:17 PM
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Hiya ladies! I'm Mary, living in Maine with my DH of 12 years. We have 2 teenage girls and my last baby my pooch Sami. I've been blessed!
I grew up Navy. Moving every 2 years. When I graduated HS, 25yrs ago I joined the navy... Stationed in San Diego... After my 4yrs I returned home.
I had a business but due to family illnesses I had to close the doors. God, family then work, is what I've been taught.
I truly love this group and the ladies that are here!
Thank you momma for this group
by on Jul. 17, 2013 at 1:12 PM
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 Hi  everyone. I'm   one  of  the  newest administraors here. But i am not new to CM. Been  here  since June of 08. I own 5 Groups. And admins in 5. I am also on Facebook. I live in a mobil home in ILL. I am retired/disabled. I am 65 years old. I have 2 cats. Anything else please ask. 

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