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Episode 10

Posted by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 8:53 AM
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Christa, finally somebody is realizing that Jay has been captain along, but he is not wearing the hat.

Christa said she is going to do everything and blame Jay for it.
Because they are exact opposite's. Honey I hate to tell you, your are not that much different , you are female and he is male. Your doing the same thing he is doing only, he is more vocal about it. Your playing everybody. And your letting everyone else do your bidding.  So what makes you different. And then you let Nessa think she is part of the final 4. You are not better then Jay. You couldn't even look at Nessa at the Pirate Cancel. You can tell alot about a person by watching their eyes. Yours sure changed the minute you put that coat on. What is with that Blue coat?

The one thing I wish Nessa would have added to her speech was what about Jay's strength? Or Ben's? Why do you want to go up against them in the end?
they are stronger then a woman.

No offense Kendra, But In Nessa's speech, at the end, when she said I would rather run against the strongest then the weakest. ( or what ever the exact words were) I am sure someone will correct me.  It is like football, no one wants to watch a game that the points are so spread apart that it is boring.  In Pirate Master if the teams are so far apart and the 1 team is so ahead of the other, it is no fun to watch. We know who is going to win. And here we go again. Same team winning again. Just like Azymuth.

And another thing, when the teams are not equal , I think the captain should be made to set out. How fair is it that the captain's team has extra help. All though it didn't help them to much in the beginning. But they still won. But the rowing part it helped. The captain should set out. Or if they have to go, they shouldn't help, They should be the over see'er of the hunt.

Jay really is the one that need's to be set adrift. Next Episode, I think Christa, get's wind of Jay's BS. maybe he will be gone. HSe already knows that he has been the one running things, Now she hears about it. Wake up crew!  LMAO!

When CBS updates their site with Episode 10 I will update the group with their info.

by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 8:53 AM
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