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What's your car history?

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 Most of us have been driving better than 15 years (based on an average age of 18 to get license and an average age of 35 years for moms in this group).  What's your car history?

I've had a Nissan Sentra, Geo Metro, Nissan Maxima, Ford Taurus, Mazda 626 (for DH), a newer Ford Taurus and now a Ford Focus.  My car history is used and cheap to buy, but not to maintain, except for my current car.  It's got fabulous gas mileage.  The first two cars were given to me by my parents...the rest I bought.

So let's hear it...

by on Jul. 24, 2012 at 9:40 AM
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by on Jul. 25, 2012 at 9:33 PM
1987 Ford Escort
1998 Ford Contour (most unreliable car EVER)
2001 Ford Taurus
2012 Kia Optima

I'm loving my new car :)
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by on Jul. 25, 2012 at 9:40 PM
Quoting Sarah993:

 My first care was a Buick Skyhawk (first car when I was 16) then a Mazda Protege, Pontiac Sunfire, Honda Accord and curretnly have a Mercury Sable.  I've basically driven every car until it died or someone ran into me and totaled it except for the Sunfire which we switched out for a more affordable family friendly car.  

Next summer I will hopefully be getting my first new car, until then I will keep my Sable going. lol

My first car was a Buick sky hawk too! It was a great car until the heat died in it, which doesn't work for nh winters!

I had a 87vw jetta, manufactured for Canada so the speedometer was in kilometers!

A 2001 Honda civic which we just traded in may for a 2012 or 2013 Kia sorrento

DH has had a Lincoln town car when we first started dating, a ford tempo and then a mini cooper that we traded 2 years ago for a Hyundai sonata.
by on Jul. 25, 2012 at 9:44 PM
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1990 Toyota Carolla, 1996 Ford Probe, 1999 Toyota Camry, 2004 Ford Mustang, 2006 Honda Accord, (joint) 2007 GMC Sierra, 2004 Mercedes Benz 260, (joint) 2006 Jeep Wrangler,(joint) 2005 Cheverlet Colorodo (current) 2009 Lexus Is250,
2007 Lexus RX 350 (current). Wow, I've never written down. That's crazy......haha
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by on Jul. 27, 2012 at 11:09 PM

 mercury topaz,2 pontiac grand ams,mercury sable,ford ranger,chevy s-10,jeep cherokee,chevy caprice,chevy cavalier,buick regal,and now a chevy malibu which i love=)

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by on Jul. 27, 2012 at 11:29 PM

The first car I had was a used 1988 Chevy Cavelier. Had a fender bender, but the car was drivable. The engine died 3 monthes later.   My second car was a  1987 Ford Escort Hatchback. I paid $800 for that piece of crap, and it only lasted me 8 months before the head gasket cracked. The cost for the engine work was twice what the car was worth so I sold the car for scrap.  My 3rd car was also a Ford Escort, I believe it was a 1992 or a 1993 Escort wagon.  I paid $1200 for it.  The car had some issues and a lot of miles on it, but it got me to where I needed to go. One night I was driving home from work during a heavy rain storm.  It was on a rural road and something rolled out in front of the car (it turned out to be a trash can), I slowed down, but the road was slick and my car started to skid. Before I had time to react, My car spun out into a ditch.  I ended up getting 40 stiches in my knee. The car was totaled unfortunately.    The last car I bought myself was a 1998 Chevy Cavelier coup.  I miss this car. It was only a year old when I bought it , and only had 8,000 miles on it.  I had it for almost 10years, and then it started to show its age. It would have cost more than the car was worth in repairs to pass the yearly inspection, so dh and I traded it in for money towards our current car a 2008 Chevy Aveo.  It is not a bad car, but I miss my old one.

by on Jul. 28, 2012 at 12:28 AM
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My first car was a '78 VW rabbit.
Next was a Nissan sentra
After that I have only bought VW passats- I was in a pretty bad accident and after all was said and done all four doors opened even though the trunk and hood were accordioned in on my first passat. That sold me.
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