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At what age did you stop letting your son(s) see you naked?

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I have a 5-year-old son and he still sees me naked occasionally. Honestly, I don't have a huge problem with it. 

My opinion is that until he is uncomfortable with it, it's not a problem. Not that I walk around naked, but there are occasions in which he sees me naked (like if I'm taking a bath or changing clothes).

He has asked questions about my body, but that too doesn't bother me. He is curious and I answer his questions honestly. For example, he asked me what my nipples were and I told him that he has them too, but for women they can produce milk for babies. 

I will say that he is a boy who seems to love women's bodies in general. He appreciates them and likes to see "attractive" women - especially when they are in bikinis.

I also think that's okay. It's not sexual for him. He just thinks they are nice looking. 

My sister and mother feel that he is too into women's bodies and that the level to which he likes them is extreme. They think it is verging on inappropriate for him to see me naked and that I need to put a stop to it. 

I'm wanting to get other women's opinions.

Please don't be mean though and call me or my son a pervert. 

Thanks in advance for your comments and advice!
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by on Aug. 4, 2012 at 10:31 AM
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by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 8:37 AM
By the time they were 3 they didn't, unless by accident. Tariq used to be terrified of haircuts so I sat him in my lap and hugged him while his father cut it, then we were both covered in hair so I showered with him. When he was almost 3 I saw him staring and decided it would be our last shared shower. I took him and his twin sister in the shower together until they were 4 so he knows they're different. I see no need to purposely show him a mature body. Your openness could get him in trouble if he doesn't understand about privacy: others might not be so accommodating. When they see me changing they turn quick and go back downstairs. The 9 yr old says 'oh, sorry'. The 6 yr old goes down giggling quietly and whispers to his brother, who yells at him, lol. On one hand it's a good thing to not be ashamed of your body, but it comes down to respect. You want him to respect you as his mother, to respect women in general. You should also be respectful of him. Peace.
by Member on Aug. 5, 2012 at 8:47 AM
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Whatever you are comfortable with! My family were nudists when I was growing up and my mother still walks around naked and regularly goes to nudist retreats. We stopped going as a family to nudist retreats when my brother was 5 and I was 15. It was never inappropriate and I grew up very comfortable with my body. Funny though, I always dressed very conservatively. I don't have a son (yet!) but my daughter sees us naked everyday. Every family has different views on nudity so it just come down to whatever works for you. Personally I don't see a problem with a 5 year old's curriosity. So long as he knows how to act/talk appropriatly about them.
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by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 8:52 AM

I am just like you-when they are uncomfortable with it.

We don't make a big deal out of nudity in our home, but respect each others' rights to privacy.

I think your son is just asking practical questions about your body at his age.

If you are okay with it, then don't discuss it with your mom & sis. They won't know if you won't tell them, and then they won't have any opinions to offer.

by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 8:54 AM


Quoting Susan0202:

At five, your son is just seeing  and understanding the physical  difference between female and male bodies.IF he's smart and curious- it sounds like he is both to me- then he's naturally curious about what those differences are and why.I think pretty soon I'd start to show more discretion on your part by undressing in front of him if only to show him that all bodies are private and not everyone has the same openness about the matter that you do. I agree, he;s not showing early signs of 'perversion' by being curious.

Also, for his own safety against sexual predators he should know that his body is private.

by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 8:58 AM
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Quoting melner18:

Thanks ladies. I appreciate your responses. It makes me feel better knowing it's not necessarily inappropriate (which is how I feel - that it's okay until my son is uncomfortable with it).

You will know when he's done with it because one day he will walk into your bathroom unexpectedly, see you naked, and say "EEEEWWWWWWWWW, MOM!   Nobody wants to look at old lady butt!"

(True story. LOL!)

by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 9:47 AM
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How did you manage THAT?  I would kill for 2 mins of privacy, lol! 

Quoting offrdngal:

 My son has never seen me naked.  I never took baths or showers with him.  I never change clothes with him in the room. 

by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 9:49 AM

About 3 years old.  I even started to seriously distract him at that age when i had to take him into the bathroom with me in stores.

by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 9:52 AM

My sons are 5 and 2 and follow me no matter where I go!  It would be nice to go to the bathroom alone!  (I kid, sometimes I get to go bymyself like a big girl!) I change in front of them and so does dh.  It's not a big deal.  I figure when HE starts getting modest about his own body is when we'll make more of an effort to get dressed alone. He's never really asked me about my body other than why I don't have a penis and how does the pee come out then?  That was his main concern!  The 2 yr old is still an infant- this stuff doesn't even register with that age group. 

Then again, my dh is European and their attitude about being nude is WAY different than ours! 

by Gold Member on Aug. 5, 2012 at 9:54 AM

 I would put him in his playpen, if I needed to leave the room.  When he got a little bigger I used a baby gate.  I found that this taught him to be "independent" and he wasn't so needy.  He learned that it was okay to be alone for a couple of minutes, without mom in his sight.

I also worked 3 nights a week, since he was 3 months he was used to mom not always being in the house.

Quoting maidjillian:

How did you manage THAT?  I would kill for 2 mins of privacy, lol! 

Quoting offrdngal:

 My son has never seen me naked.  I never took baths or showers with him.  I never change clothes with him in the room. 


by on Aug. 5, 2012 at 11:08 AM

 It seems to me that you are doing just the right thing! All kids have questions about what is under the other sex's clothes, and your son has the answer without feeling embarrassed or there being anything sexual about it at all. I'm all for teaching modesty, but to me, it's more important to teach that he can be comfortable talking to mom about anything at all!

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