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Posted by on May. 21, 2011 at 12:57 PM
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Squirrel, ever the good boy scout, knows the value of being prepared for the future! Squirrels are members of the rodent family, and there are several different types of Squirrels including the Red, Grey, Flying and Black. Each carries a unique energy vibration yet there are many qualities that all of their kind represent.

Squirrels are by nature very playful, engaging animals. Extremely curious and a bit of a daredevil as well, many times I have observed Squirrels going out of their way to tease dogs and cats as well as birds. Their lightening like reflexes and agility in climbing out of harms way allows them to enter territory that may otherwise be injurious, even fatal for them. This too is an indication that those who carry this medicine may often find that they can enter into areas where others without their ability to run and leap out of the way, may find themselves in some very hot water indeed. In some ways, Squirrel people almost feel compelled to challenge the status quo so to speak, especially if they feel by doing so they may gain something that could be very helpful for them in the future. It is important though that Squirrel people not give in to their impulse to challenge those that are rightfully on their own "turf" just for the fun of it. Otherwise, eventually these folks will find that they have gotten themselves in just a little too deep and may have a difficult time scrambling out again. Squirrels do tend to make close relationships with other creatures that are as intelligent and curious as they are.

Squirrels always seem to have a plan in mind before they embark on anything and do not tend to rush in "willy-nilly". Studying Squirrels for a number of years now, I have noticed that they really appear to scope out a given situation, calculating the risks and potential pay-offs for taking those risks. So too do people who carry this medicine need to calculate carefully the risks involved before embarking on anything, especially major, long term goals. While Squirrel medicine is excellent for preparing and storing resources away for the future, they also have a quick, nervous energy that indicates they are not really suited for very long term projects. Its much better for Squirrel people as a general rule to seek out advantageous situations where they can get in, get what they need and get out again quickly. Because these animals are potential prey for many other animals, or may get hoisted by their own petard by teasing or even provoking other creatures, they need to move cautiously yet quickly. Otherwise they may end up exposing themselves to being preyed upon by others. The way for Squirrel people to get around this is by connecting with those who are more suited to working towards long range goals and as long as the Squirrel person pulls their fair share of the load, all will be well. The Squirrel person is apt to be able to finish smaller tasks more quickly and efficiently than one who is apt to spend too much time making sure all the details are in order. The Squirrel person can quickly scope out a situation, knows what actions need to be taken and simply does them. If the goal needs to be kept under wraps, its important that the Squirrel person heed the need for silence. By nature, Squirrels are very noisy and talkative, and so too very often are those who carry Squirrel medicine.

Because of their need and ability to communicate so well, Squirrel people would do well to take up they study of body language. Squirrels use their bodies, especially their tails to communicate with others of their group. Because of this, Squirrel people may often find that they learn about and from a person by paying attention to the person's body language rather than their words. Too, Squirrel people may also need to develop a "poker face" so that they don't give the show away if something needs to be kept quiet! Squirrel people may also find that they have a tendency to chatter on and on about anything and everything. This can be a huge time and energy drain if the person is simply using this as an outlet rather than getting on with preparing for the future and taking the practical actions that need to be taken. If one finds that many people come to one "just to chat" they may be carrying Squirrel medicine and find they get pulled into conversations for far longer than they had originally intended. It may be very helpful for these folks to allow the answerphone to pick up rather than answering the phone themselves so they can selectively choose when and with whom they wish to chat. An amazing number of Squirrel people I have known have had numerous problems with telemarketers and I have even known a few who WERE telemarketers!

For all their playfullness, Squirrels are also very practical and focused on making sure their storehouse is full for the coming months. So too do Squirrel people or those that have Squirrel appear as a temporary guide need to pay attention to their own storehouse of resources, and not just money. Time and energy are valuable resources as well and if one has been wasting time instead of focusing on projects and goals, then they will find themselves slipping further and further behind as time goes on. Other things may also begin to fall apart and this is a sign that one needs to get one's "house in order". Squirrel can be very helpful to call upon if one is always procrastinating. Its ability to quickly get the job done can be a real asset and the energy that is freed by finishing up the old allows brand new and more positive beginnings to occur. Often times when people feel deeply stuck in a rut, its because they have many unfinished projects, plans and goals that either need to be worked on or released. Its no shame to admit that a goal that was once important no longer is, far better to accept that one has out - grown it and move on! Squirrel knows that only those things that are going to sustain it in the future are important. So focus on those things that are apt to bring you more of what will sustain you and allow the rest to go.

Often Squirrel will begin to make its presence known when one needs to begin preparing for the future in some way. For example, I always know when I need to order extra bottles for Morningstar when Squirrel suddenly appears. For someone else, it may be a need to start saving more money. I have a friend who got the intuitive hit that she needed to begin saving extra money and as it turned out, her car went on the fritz and she needed that extra money to have it repaired. Someone else suddenly began cleaning out his home, jettising things he had long kept in storage. A short while later, he came across a wonderful new home. The whole process of moving was made much easier because he heeded what his intuition was telling him when Squirrel started appearing. He had been searching for a new home for quite some time and I think that Squirrel knew that the things he had stored were holding him back from finding it. Sometimes we all store things thinking we will use them some day, but here again, hanging on to too many things blurs our vision of what is truly important for a happy and fulfilled life.

Some other things to pay attention to when Squirrel appears: Now is the time to clean our inner houses, set some goals and figure out what resources we are going to need to pull them off as time goes on, make a game plan so you are in control of where your life is headed. Put your plans down on paper and go over them daily if you can or least thrice a week. Make them concrete in terms of taking action such as setting aside money, or doing research or what ever else it may take. You don't need to take quantum leaps but even the tiniest baby steps are going to get you further faster than ever before.

In keeping with the above, now is a great time to go through your home and toss out anything you no longer want or need in order to prepare for the new. Give what you can to others, spend time each day blessing everything and everyone in your life. Jot down at least three things each day that you are grateful for. Think of how much you have already been given and do something for those who have not as of yet been able to receive as much as you have and affirm that they too are now opening to their greater good!

Take some time to play, be kind to yourself, give yourself some time this month to reflect on all that happened in your life this past year. Celebrate what was good and bless the not so good as well and lay it to rest as best you can. Finish what needs to be finished so you can move fully into the Light filled year that is soon to come!

Make sure that things in your home are in good working order. Squirrel carries strong earth/material energy and a clean, uncluttered home where things work properly also helps to provide a stable foundation for the present as well as the future.

While Squirrel is not in and of itself an indication of great wealth coming your way, it does support one in laying the foundation for more money energy to begin moving into your life. Paying attention to your intuition, doing the practical things you know within you need to be doing will also help attract other prosperity totems such as Buffalo.

You may find that you need to learn a new skill or two, or you find yourself embarking on a new course of study when Squirrel appears. This too can greatly increase your ability to attract more resources to yourself.


by on May. 21, 2011 at 12:57 PM
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