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Passions -- Wednesday, June 13, 2007 -- WITH PICTURES

Posted by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 4:16 PM
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007 I Told Him Not To Chad’s explanations are futile, Ivy catches Julian out, Spike returns when Jessica gets optimistic, Fancy is attacked. At the Blue Note, Julian and Ivy drink champagne and get giggly while they remember the old times, good and bad (all the affairs, the sex, and the numerous times they tried to kill each other).  This time they might have a chance at happiness though.  ‘Let’s start over . . . . away from Harmony,’ she suggests.  He nods his head, although he’s thinking about Theresa’s promise to give him the company back.  Ivy thinks that they’re free to do whatever they want now that he’s out of Crane; they should go to France, she suggests.

Elsewhere in the club, Chad dances with a woman he just picked up and smiles goofily.  Ethan watches on, wondering whether his friend is trying harder to prove that he’s straight to him or to himself.  Whitney and Theresa walk in and spot Chad with the woman.  This baffles them but Whitney isn’t going anywhere despite her friend’s entreaties.  Ethan joins the two women as they stare.  Whitney isn’t buying this straight routine, even though Chad’s already got a second woman on his arm.  ‘I told him not to do anything stupid but he uh . . . .’ Ethan says, trying to explain. 

Whitney stomps over and tells the women to get away from her husband and then slaps him across the face.  He knows that this looks bad but . . . . Whitney doesn’t want his excuses:  He’s sick and she doesn’t want anything to do with him.  She storms away and Ethan reminds Theresa that secrets are a terrible thing that destroy relationships.


He then notices his mother dancing with Julian and cuts in.  Ethan sits his mother down and asks her what she’s doing?  She tells him that she and Julian are ‘reconnecting.’  Sam and Eve have made it clear that they are finished with them so . . . . But she and Julian hate each other, Ethan reminds her.  That was just the situation, Ivy explains.  He doesn’t want to see her get involved with a man who ruined her life for twenty years.  She points out that Theresa’s done even worse to him in half that time.  As she tells him her plans to go away to Paris, Ethan points out that Julian won’t be going anywhere now that he has power at Crane again.  ‘That’s not possible,’ Ivy says, but he insists that Julian won’t be going anywhere.


Julian wanders over to Theresa who tells him to get the ‘vampire’ Ivy home before the sun comes up.  He wonders aloud where her devoted husband is while she’s here with Ethan.  She wishes him good luck with Ivy anyway and admits that, some day, she’ll have to tell Ethan the truth.  Julian worries that Ivy wants to take him away just as he’s about to get Crane back.  Theresa tells him that he better tell her the truth if he’s serious about her.  He wants both her and the company.  She thinks that if he chases after power and won’t tell the truth, he’ll end up alone.  ‘Right back at you sweet cakes,’ he smirks.  ‘If you and Ivy want to reconnect, you should sell Crane Industries,’ she suggests.  He could get billions and give it to charity.  That disgusts him; his ancestors would rise from their graves.  Ivy walks over, overhearing this and slapping him.  Ethan rejoins Theresa.  ‘Secrets always come out,’ he says.  She’s horrified.
 Chad chases Whitney outside and promises to do whatever it takes to get her back:  they made vows ‘for better or worse.’  She argues that he married her under false pretenses; she didn’t marry a man who wanted to be with another man.  He asks her if she thinks that he’s not a ‘real man,’ if she thinks that he was faking all of those times they made love?  She doesn’t know; she was a virgin before she was with him so she doesn’t know what it means to be with a man when he is really showing love.  This hurts his feelings, but he still wants to make things up to her.  When he tries to take her arm, she rips it away and walks off. At police headquarters, Paloma gets off the phone from the lab and is ready to rush down and find the results.  Noah stops her before she can go and reminds her that the future of Jessica hangs in the balance.  After she rushes off, he is left staring at the ring and wondering what her answer to his proposal could be.  Paloma returns and tells him that the finger prints aren’t Jessica’s, they’re Spike’s.  While that wouldn’t be enough to convict him, at least they now have proof that she didn’t act alone.  Noah’s excited to go and rub this in Spike’s face.


At the Bennett residence, Jessica remembers when one of the dead johns landed on her and Spike after a tidal wave brought it back to shore.  A knock on the door brings her out of her memories.  It’s Simone.  Jessica breaks the news that the johns have all been found and they are in deep trouble.  Now her father is searching for a serial killer and it could be her.  Simone tells her that she can’t go on the run, that would look bad.  She points out that finding all of the johns buried in one place proves that someone else must be involved.  Simone makes her some tea and asks her if Spike could have been behind all of this?  Jessica says that may be, but Simone seems far more certain and there may be more than Spike involved.  Those bodies being found could be a good thing; if this is all Spike, then she may be able to finally get away from him now!  Simone leaves to get them some food and Jessica hopes that things will work out.  Spike arrives and she tells him that she is going to tell her father that she thinks he’s behind all of the murders.  He grabs her and knocks her out.


At the hospital, Fancy waits for the computer to reveal the blackmailer’s identity, they creep up on her, ready to strangle her with a cord.  ‘Looking for me?  Why settle for a picture when you can have the real thing?’ the blackmailer says as they start to choke her.  As they wrestle around the room, the blackmailer says that ‘I think your sister Pretty would be happy to know that you died a slow and painful death.’ 

Elsewhere, Sheridan pours some coffee and repeats to herself that Luis will be hers again.  Sam rushes over to her as he searches for Fancy.  He tells her that Luis is worried about Fancy and they need to find her to make sure that she is alright.  Sheridan claims that she has no idea where  her niece is. 

He searches around and decides to page her.  They go into Eve’s office and find Fancy dead.  Sheridan shrugs and happily offers to call the morgue.  But this is just her imagination.  Sam is still searching around and calls some police back-up to the hospital in case the blackmailer really is there.  He decides that he and Sheridan should split up and search.  She walks towards Eve’s office and can hear a struggle behind the door.  Sam rushes by and asks her if she’s found anything.  She says no and then shrugs.  ‘You’re time is up,’ she says smugly.  Then Fancy crawls out of the doorway while the blackmailer still tries to choke her.  She watches for a second and then shouts for Sam before hitting the blackmailer with her purse until they drop Fancy and run.  Sam returns, puts out an APB and calls for a doctor.  Fancy soon regains consciousness as the blackmailer runs through the corridors.


On the Next Passions:
 Fancy can’t believe that Sheridan would let her die so she could have Luis. Ivy wants to know Theresa’s secret. Some bizarre creates make their way into Tabitha’s kitchen.
by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 4:16 PM
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