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Passions -- Tuesday, June 19, 2007 -- WITH PICTURES!!!

Posted by on Jun. 20, 2007 at 4:04 PM
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007 
This Maniac Is Smart 

Sheridan and Fancy pursue the blackmailer, Spike buries Jessica alive, Kay split Miguel in two, Jared confronts Ethan, Whitney worries about Miles.

Noah, Paloma, and Simone split up to search for Jessica.  They’re sure that Spike has taken her, but where?  Noah’s already lost his mother and he can’t stand the thought of losing someone else.  He’s just lucky that he has Paloma in his life.  They search around and then join up again.  Simone is more worried than ever.

In the attic, Tabitha and Kay laugh while they watch Miguel look for his clothes in the magic mirror.  This wasn’t what Kay intended and Tabitha reminds her that she needs to be properly trained.  Kay just stares at the naked Miguel until Tabitha puts some bottoms on him.  Tabitha has a feeling something spooky is going to go on tonight.  Quickly, Kay has already found another spell to try and starts to cast it.  Looking in the mirror, they see that the bottom half of Miguel’s body has split off from the top and started walking around the room on its own.  ‘It’s gonna be  a helluva long night!’ Tabitha says.  She doesn’t know if she can put Miguel back together again, no matter how much stomping and hair tossing Kay does. 

They watch him try to call his lower half back, but without a head it’s too confused.  After Kay pressures the exhausted Tabitha some more, she tries reversing the spell and Miguel’s bottom is soon re-attached.  She’s happy, now she can have a nap, but Kay isn’t satisfied.  How is she going to explain this?  Tabitha has to freeze him and erase his memory.  After freezing him, they go downstairs and Kay pressures Tabitha to make Fox better because she’s sick of waiting.  Golden dust starts to float around Miguel’s head while his memory is erased.  Tabitha reminds Kay that she made a deal with Julian to stay with Fox; if she breaks it, Miguel will go back to jail.  Simone calls to ask if Jessica is there.  They’ve searched everywhere but she has gone missing.

At home, Whitney promises Miles that everything will be okay, but he misses his daddy.  TC offers to read him a story and tells him that they’ll have a good time.  He picks him up to get some milk and cookies, promising to take care of his daughter and his grandson.

Deep in the woods, Spike tells Jessica that she’ll finally have a real home, a nice cozy place where she can rest. 

What’s better than a grave?  If it wasn’t for nosy Paloma and Simone, he wouldn’t have to do this.  He can’t kill her with his bare hands (she’s his wife after all) so she’ll just have to suffocate in the coffin.  Getting sentimental, he puts a flashlight in the coffin for when she wakes up and then says goodbye before hammering the lid shut. 

After putting her in the ground, he buries her, despite the fact that he always ‘dug her.’  But this is what happens when you don’t listen to the Spike man.  Afterwards, he gets drunk on her grave and apologizes.  By the time she wakes up though, he’ll be gone and no one will be able to hear her yell.

As she is imagining making love with Ethan, Theresa snaps out of it and seems disappointed that she’s actually in bed with Jared. 

After he falls asleep, she feels bad, but keeps fantasizing about her soul mate Ethan anyway. 

The phone rings and he wakes up.  It’s TC on the phone.  He tells her that Whitney is having a hard time and needs to see her best friend.  She promises to come over and tells Jared that she can’t understand how Chad could have done this to her.  After she climbs out of bed, the phone rings again:  It’s Ethan.  What could he want?  Jared wonders.

After Jared has gotten out of bed and gone downstairs, Ethan arrives.  ‘We need to talk, man to man, about my wife,’ he says. 

Why is Ethan calling his wife in the middle of the night?  Ethan tells him that he can’t expect him to disappear from her life, but that’s exactly what Jared expects.  Life is good without Ethan.  If it is, then why is he so worried?  Ethan asks. 

Jared’s not worried, he’s annoyed.  This time, Ethan won’t get his way.  ‘Don’t ever tell me what I can and can’t do,’ Ethan says as he walks away.

Theresa goes to visit Whitney, who can barely keep herself from crying.  It’s breaking her heart to see Miles miss his father so much.  She doesn’t know what to tell him; she’s not sure that she can stand having Chad come there.  Her friend tells her that, in time, she will overcome the pain, but right now she has to think of the baby she is carrying.  That thought doesn’t make her feel better.  Theresa tells her that she should let Chad help with the children, but she doesn’t want him around.  When they were little girls, this wasn’t what they dreamed of.  She wonders if he is still seeing Vincent and why he never stopped.  Theresa reminds her that Chad really does love her and the baby . . . . maybe it was just sex after all.  Anyways, Theresa loves her like a sister and she’ll always be there for her.  They start talking about Ethan to distract Whitney from her troubles.  Theresa talks of how she narrowly managed to stop Julian from telling Ethan the truth by giving him control of Crane.

At the hospital, Dr. Smith keeps telling the blackmailer that he is bound by law to keep their secrets, but the blackmailer can’t overcome their ‘trust issues’ and just wants to kill him.  Fancy and Sheridan come knocking at the door.  When it opens, they’re shocked to that the room is empty.  It’s the wrong room.  They begin to search again and soon find the doctor dead on the floor. 

‘This maniac is smart Aunt Sheridan,’ Fancy surmises.  How can they save Luis now?  The blackmailer watches them and laughs, confident that Luis will soon die.  They call Sam who tells them that he now has the blackmailer cornered.  Eagerly, they run off.

On the Next Passions:

Ethan can’t shake the feeling that he is being followed.

Kay searches for a spell to find a lost person.

Jessica wakes up in the coffin.
by on Jun. 20, 2007 at 4:04 PM
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