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Suggestions for Taking Time To...

Posted by on Jan. 21, 2009 at 5:08 PM
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Here are some suggestions for what you can do to get 'Time4Mom':

1. Creative Outlets
Creative outlets are a great way to take 'Mom' time.  There are many creative ideas like: quilting, beading, painting, scrapbooking...I think about an hour of this time is fair once the children are settled in or sometime during the day. 

2. Woman-to-Woman
A woman-to-woman chat allows for time to vent, cry, laugh and relate to other moms.  It is nice to have a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to who understands what you are going through.  that's why CM is such a great site allowing the opportunity to meet other moms.

3. the Spa
Getting a massage, pedicure, manicure or even 'the works' is always a nice treat and very well-deserved!   

4. With a Little Help from Dad

Isn't it nice to have Dad to rely on sometimes.  This allows for Time to Shop or buy groceries or clean the house or even relax for a change. 

5. What a Workout!

Physical is important!  You can go biking, to the Gym, riding, walking or even walking in the shopping mall! inexpensive, I can take the kids (they have free day care for 90 minutes) and I can

6.  Stolen Moments
Going to a bookstore with a cafe, like Starbucks/Chapters and having a hot cup of tea or coffee, grab a book or magazine and just relaxing is a great idea.

7. Outside Interests
There are many outside interests that are a great idea and help to be involved with your community.  You can also go to a local library or check out the 'goings on' in your area. 

8. Comfort Food
Eating healthy is important to keep up energy and it is especially important to eat breakfast in the morning.  Remember to eat slowly and enjoy every bite.

9.  Vegging Out
Why not just do NOTHING?  Sit in front of the TV and watch soaps, read a book in bed until it's time to get the children! 

10. Hot Water
Go to the bathroom and lock the door.  Light some candles, put  on some relaxing music and have a hot bath in the tub!

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Owner of 'Time4Mom'

by on Jan. 21, 2009 at 5:08 PM
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