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Recruiting is the Lifeblood of a Money Making Distributorship

Posted by on Dec. 17, 2008 at 6:08 PM
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For successful distributors earning serious money in ABG, this one thing is true of each and every one of them: They never, ever, ever stop recruiting.

Recruiting is the lifeblood of ABG

For the distributor who desires to succeed in a major way, recruiting must become as constant - as automatic – as breathing. To stay focused on "keeping the main thing the main thing," here are some truths to keep in mind.


Let’s take a closer look at what it takes to:

R – E – C – R – U – I – T


is for "regular" – You'll never be a top distributor if you turn your attention to recruiting only once or twice a month. You must wake up every morning thinking about who you can talk to today about earning money with ABG. It has to be a regular thing.


is for "everyone" – Don’t rule anyone out as a prospect. Even if you think an individual will not be interested. Talk to everyone... everyone relates to SAVING money!


is for "conviction" – You must have a deep belief in the value of the ABG products and earning opportunity in order to inspire confidence in others. Bolster your conviction by collecting success stories from your experience and the stories you here of other successful ABG reps.


is for "radical" Radical is exactly the type of action you need to take ... extreme action characterized by basic changes with equal great results! Get up early and make out an "action list." No one will ever be drawn to a ho-hum, lazy attitude.

R is also for "radiate" – Practice radiating enthusiasm!


is for "umbilical cord" – That's how closely you need to be connected to ABG. Take advantage of every single opportunity available to stay "hooked up" with the "mother" company. Never miss an ABG call or meeting in your area. If the meeting is open to guests, always make sure you bring (not send) new people to the meeting. If you host a meeting in your home, arrange for someone from the leadership team to call into your meeting at a pre-designated time. Or, invite a successful distributor up-line from you to make a presentation.


is for "initiative" – We can give you all the encouragement and sales tips in the world, but it is you who has to take the initiative to get into action.


is for "tackle" – Tackle the challenges in front of you. Get a running start, put your head down and go for it! Don't procrastinate, don't dwell on your fears, don’t contemplate the obstacles until they loom large as mountains. Every single person who has ever started in this business has faced challenges. The difference between those who soar to reach their dreams and those who crash into the ground is the degree to which they've made up their minds to tackle (and obliterate) the challenges.
by on Dec. 17, 2008 at 6:08 PM
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