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Interesting read on the story of the Pit who "raped" the little boy, makes you wonder!

Posted by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 3:37 PM
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Pit Bull "Molested And Attacked" Toddler?

The voice on Buffalo, New York's WBEN news radio broadcast promised “bizarre and disturbing” news about “an attack on a small boy by a pit bull.” That wasn’t the unusual part. Scare stories about pit bull attacks appear in news coverage almost as regularly as weather forecasts.

What made this one so strange, though, was the mother’s claim that the dog allegedly anally raped her two-year-old son.

The toddler is in guarded condition in Buffalo's Women's & Children's Hospital after undergoing reconstructive surgery. The dog is locked up in the Niagara County SPCA, and the mother’s demanding that it be euthanized as soon as possible.

Only one local paper vowed to dig deeper. The expert evaluation of the dog's behavior was going to be released on Saturday, June 14 in the The Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, but "StinkyJournalism" already discovered the results during a conversation with Niagara County SPCA's executive director, Albert Chille.

"They can't believe that it actually occurred," says Chille.

“This Story Does Not Add Up.”

A WIVB news report claimed that the President of the Niagara Frontier Veterinary Society corroborated the story. According to the article, an unnamed expert stated that the parents may have missed warning signs, and that a two-year-old dog reaching “sexual maturity” should not be left alone with a small child.

Her words, however, were taken completely out of context. Stephanie Wolf, the misrepresented leader of NFVS, explained that a two-year-old dog can display aggression when reaching sexual maturity. “Aggression,” she told us in an exclusive interview, "[means] biting, not raping.” She never intended to suggest that parents need to fear potential rape by their family pet.

“Just coming from the standpoint of having worked with dogs that are breeding, [getting young dogs to mate] is not an easy thing,” said a frustrated Wolf. “For a dog to have done this in a fraction of a moment, sounds to me a little strange. This story does not add up.”

WIVB also made it appear that Albert Chille, the executive director of the Niagara County SPCA, verified the credibility of the story, when in fact he contradicted it. In a news story titled “Bizarre and Disturbing Dog Attack,” they quoted Chille as saying, “My understanding is the child had no bites on him at all … I guess the message is be respectful of a dog, until you absolutely know the animal” (ellipsis original).

One wonders what part of the interview was stricken where the ellipsis now stand. In my interview with Chille for further comment, he noted that the lack of bite marks on the boy was another reason to disbelieve the mother’s story. While Chille mentioned that it was not his role to speculate to the press, he had plenty to say to us about his skepticism.

For example, Chille said in 27 years at the SPCA he has never heard of a dog raping a child, and neither had any of his colleagues.

“Not to get crude about it,” he says to me as a disclaimer, explaining that a male dog attaches his claws to the sides of the female dog while mating. “It just seems to me that there would be something on the child.”

He was also disturbed by how adamant the mother was about wanting the dog (“Bear”) put down before the investigation was over and assured me that would not happen so long as he’s guarding the pooch. On Thursday, he says he received 30 emails, “most of them saying they want to adopt [the dog], none of whom blamed the dog and felt sorry for the boy. … I am toying with the idea of going to a rescue group with it.”

Most telling, perhaps, was Chille revelation that the mother of the injured boy is no longer reachable at her residence. “Now, [the mother] has relocated. One of the agents went to her house, and the door was shut. The neighbors said she will not be coming back.” Her flight is not proof of culpability or involvement as an accessory, but Chille said it raised his eyebrows.

An Alternative Hypothesis and a Question That Needs Asking

The dog seems to be in safe hands now. What about the boy?

The Women’s & Children’s Hospital has been told by the mother not to release information about the medical condition of the child. However, we asked the public information spokesman John Moscato if the hospital was shielding him, and whether they'd reported suspected abuse to child protective services.

“Child protective services and all of the appropriate authorities have been notified in this case,” he stated. It’s difficult to believe that they would be taking such measures if they were certain that the jailed dog was the culprit.

Surprisingly, no press reports that we've been able to find have investigated alternative scenarios with human perpetrators. Were “bizarre and disturbing” headlines more appealing?

Assuming the mother’s story is wrong, and is becoming less credible by the moment, there is a more obvious hypothesis: this was a human crime.

It's unclear whether the story was reported the way it was out of a misplaced sense of propriety, or lurid sensationalism. Evidence, however, indicates that the press has lent credibility to the preposterous alibi of a child rapist, leaving a two-year-old in continued danger of molestation while sending an innocent pit bull to be put to sleep.

Fortunately, the director of the Niagara County SPCA and the Women & Children's Hospital are not just going with the assumption that the dog did it.


by on Jul. 31, 2007 at 3:37 PM
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by Group Admin on Aug. 1, 2007 at 2:36 PM
OMG! What the hell is wrong with that lady?
by New Member on Aug. 1, 2007 at 3:47 PM

And not to be specific and gross, but they can test the...remains...of the attack to see if it's canine or human or something else.


by New Member on Aug. 1, 2007 at 5:22 PM

I Was hoping someone would call bullshit on that woman. there were WAy too many holes in that story, even with the little I read. I've been around dogs and vets all my life Pitt's inculed and NEver have I seen any deviant sexual behaviour save dry humping on a leg or two, but the penis was allways sheathed , and females did it too. It was more of a territorial dominace hump. and they sheath thier member in a dominace hump so as the other animal doesn't bite it off.Gods I feel horrid for the boy. I truelly hope they find the true culprit.

If you wouldn't judge me by my RACE, Don't judge my dog for it's BREED.
      SMgroup mod. onlies

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