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Justice for Hopper! long...please read and join if you can!!

Posted by on Jan. 25, 2011 at 10:25 PM
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please join us Feb. 7th from 5:30-7pm for a candlelight vigil for the support of landon "hopper" edwards.

This event will support and respect the deceased individuals and their loved ones who been served an injustice, suffereing enormous pain, at the hand of the State of Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office. The Vigil will champion the reform initiated by the Chanda Turner Reform Bill.

The back story on Hopper is long...but it needs to be heard.

Hoppers Story
Landon Allen "Hopper" Edwards
06/19/82 - 08/30/08

Although Hoppers mother had repeatedly encouraged him to get away from his girlfriend, his exact words were, "Mom she's a good girl, she just needs time and love!" A sister who cared deeply about her brothers welfare, and a brother who loved and cared deeply about his sister, but yet also blinded by his feelings for his girlfriend he was blind to what was going on in and around his own world. What did time and love get him. There were many arguements prior to Hoppers death, many previous death threats, and the police had been called to there home over a previous arguement, Hopper called the police concerned over the welfare of his girlfriends little girl. This arguement ended with them separating for the evening, only to happen again with a devastating ending for his family and friends.
On August 29th, 2008, this was a special day as far as Hopper was concerned, it was his girlfriends 29th birthday. He and his sister went shopping that afternoon for his girlfriends birthday. He bought her a dozen red roses, some clothes and a gold bracelet, he was so excited. That evening he, his girlfriend and his sister all went out for dinner and to a club to celebrate. While celebrating the event an arguement ensued between him and his girlfriend. Hoppers sister took them home to 1210 N. James in Guymon, Oklahoma at approx. 2:30 AM, his sister and his girlfriend had words and in exchange and sadly to say he and his sister got cross over the girlfriend. No one in Hoppers family approved of this girl and sadly his and his sisters last words to each other were in anger. His girlfriend had manage to do as Abusive Intimate Partners do, DIM, Degregate, Isolate, Manipulate. At approx. 3:00 to 3:15 AM Hoppers mother was awaken by her nephew to tell her that Hopper had called and he and his girlfriend were arguing, his mother immediately called her son, him and his girlfriend were arguing while his mother was on the phone with him, his mother was getting dressed and kept talking to Hopper on the phone to hopefully keep things from escalating, while on the phone with her son she could hear the girlfriend calling him names, using extreme profanity and heard the girlfriend say repeatedly, "I'll get you, I'll get you, your dead, your dead!" At one point while he was on the phone with his mother, Hopper yelled, and told his mother the ***** just cut me. This alarmed his mother even more, she got in her car and drove to her sons house and kept him on the phone till she pulled into his driveway. She tried to enter through the front entrance but it was locked and she could here them arguing towards the back of the home so she entered through the back door for it was open. The back door went into a bedroom that was right next to the laundry room. Upon entering Hoppers mom saw her son and girlfriend in the kitchen arguing, upon her entering the girlfriend quit arguing exited the room and went to bed in the bedroom located next to the laundry room. Hoppers mother convinced him to leave and go to her home to clean and bandage his wound and to get him out of the situation. They arrived at Hoppers mothers home, they entered the residence, cleaned his wound and bandaged it, visited for a time about the events of the evening. Hoppers parents had agreed to keep the girlfriends little 2 year old girl overnight while they went out for the celebration. Hopper decided he wanted to go home and take the llittle girl with him, his family encouraged him to stay at their residence that night but he was determined to go home. Hoppers parents agreed to take him and the little girl home approxiamately at 4:00 AM. Hopper and his mother entered the home through the rear entrance, upon entering, the house was dark, no lights on throughout the home, it looked as if the girlfriend was still in the bed at the rear entrance, someone was in the bed, but it was too dark to know for sure who, Hopper and his mother just assumed it was his girlfriend. They went through the home turning on lights so to get to the little girls room to put her to bed. Hopper put the little girl to bed, covered her up, told her daddy would be back in a minute, he and his mother went to the kitchen, Hopper cleaned and made a fresh bottle for the little girl, they took the fresh bottle back to the little girl, Hopper leaned over, gave her a kiss on the forehead and told her night, night baby, love you, daddy will be back in a little bit. Hopper and his mother exited the litttle girls bedroom, they went out the rear entrance, Hopper set down on the porch lit a cigarette, Hoppers mother told him to just let things go for the night get some rest and see how things were in the morning, she leaned over kissed her son on the forehead, told him she love him and would see him in the morning and left the residence. That was the last time she saw her son alive. When Hoppers mother left the residence, he was fine, the only mark on him was where his girlfriend cut him on his left arm before his mother picked him up, there was no blood splatter, no blood throughout the entire residence, the front door was closed and locked. Hoppers mother arrived back home at her house at approxmately 4:30 AM., she retired to her bed.
Mrs. Seymour, Hoppers mother awoke at 8:00 AM August 30th, 2008 and went to work at 10:00 AM. At approxiamately 11:00 AM her husband, brotherinlaw and sisterinlaw went to her place of employment and informed her that her son was deceased.

Crime Scene:
A. Front door was off it's hinges and window panes were broken out of it.
B. There was blood, blood splatter throughout the entire home, on doors,
walls, furniture, appliances, toys, clothing. Some of this was evidently
unknown to investigating agencies and officials due to a botched and
improper scene investigation.
C. The victim was found less than 10 feet away from where his girlfriend
was supposedly sleeping.
D. Victim was found in the laundryroom seated and leaning on his left hip
left arm touching floor, with a vaccum cleaner cord still attached to the
vaccum, mid way up the vaccum cord the cord was wrapped around the
victims neck, the cord had a loop tied in the end and was hung over the
corner of an open cabinet door like you would hang a hooded coat.
E. The victim had cuts and abrasions to his face, head, hands, bruising,
welps. He had obviously been in a serious altercation.
F. Hoppers death was ruled a suicide, even with the physical evidence.
G. The crime scene photographs and evidence neither pictorially or
factually support suicide, but that rather of a homicide setup as
suicide. From the blood splatter, blood drops, victim physical bodily
damage, blood pattern. Nor does the victims condition suggest death
due to asphixiation, but rather that of someone already deceased,
knocked out or choked down to unconsciousness.

Death Notification:
A. A friend contacted the victims uncle the morning the victim was found,informed him something was going on at the victims home and it
didn't look good. The victims uncle in turn contacted the victims father, they drove to the victims home and after some convincing,the officials told
the victims father so that he might be able to inform the victims mother before she heard it from a customer or someone while at work. This same friend that contacted the victims uncle stated to the victims uncle while they were waiting across the street from the scene, that his son saw what looked like an older couple in a buick leaving the victims home before authorities arrived.
911 Caller:
The family was told by OSBI the victims girlfriend made the 911 call, this is not possible, the phone was broken during whatever altercation took place. One report said it was called in by a passing motorist. So which one was it. When in reality a women approached the victims mother at work a few weeks after the death and inquired to the victims mother as to who made the 911 call, the victims mother gave her the same information the authorities had given the family, the women informed the victims mother a relative of hers had made the 911 call, he heard the victims girlfriend out in the victims yard screaming, he went to the scene, called 911, this gentleman reported to his relative the girlfriend had blood all over the front of her shirt and was bothered by her statements, they were not those of someone who was upset about losing a loved one, but those of anger and repeated many times she didn't do it. This young man did not believe this was a suicide and was ademate that it wasn't he tried talking to the authorities on the scene but no one would talk to him and there is no statement.

by on Jan. 25, 2011 at 10:25 PM
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by New Member on Apr. 7, 2011 at 1:01 PM
That's terrible, I'm so sorry,
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