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Share your baby name story!!

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Do you have a story behind your little ones name?  Maybe a fun story about how you and daddy picked the name?  Share your baby name stories here!

by on Oct. 7, 2009 at 9:36 AM
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by on Feb. 8, 2012 at 10:48 PM
DS - My husbands name is Grayson, and he wanted to name the baby something that sounded like his name but a little different. He was stuck on Graydon (is that actually a name????) and we would call him Grady. I didn't like it at all, so I suggested Brayden instead and we could call him Brady. He didn't mind it and we were going to go with that until my sister said something about Brody Jenner and we both looked at each other and both fell in love with the name Brody :)

DD - nothing interesting, we both liked the name Makenna. :)

Coming soon - We were both pretty stuck on Ayden Ross, but I started having second thoughts. DS kept on calling the baby 'Gavvy' for some unknown reason so it turns out we both love the name Gavin Blake :)
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by on Apr. 26, 2012 at 8:54 PM
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We are naming this first one (a girl. Yay!) Ria chantelle. I had a long list of girl names and got it down to 4. Her dad liked Ria best, we are still struggling with the spelling so it isnt mispronounced. Chantelle is my mom's middle name, i also took french all through high school, and chantelle means song in french. Ria means river, so together they are river song :)
by on Aug. 3, 2012 at 8:21 PM

 My pregnancy was unplanned, go figure. Jimi Hendrix is the reason I started playing guitar, which was has become one of the most important things in my life. I always used to refer to my instruments as my 'babies'. The day I found out I was pregnant, me and the dad just sat down and put on some Hendrix and just took in the news. We decided then that that was what we're going to name the little one, Hendrix. Music was always what i loved most so it made sense to carry that love on to the baby.

by on Aug. 3, 2012 at 8:22 PM

 my friend has a daughter named Brody Mae, it's neat to hear about other brody's now

by on Aug. 3, 2012 at 8:39 PM

when dh and i found out we were expecting i just knew deep down we were having a boy. i had a HUGE list of names that dh hated lol and i didn't like any of his, finally i told him, as long as it starts with a 'k' i don't care! (my dad's middle name is Kaye and thats what he goes by, i'm the oldest of three girls, we were honoring my dad), anyways dh comes to me one night and says "i've got the perfect name for the bump! ~Kanden~" at first i thought it was too much like brandon or landon, both of which are cousins of mine, but it stuck and i'm so glad it did, his middle name, i was pushing really hard for James, but then dh's grandpa (technically step, but the only one he knew) got very sick, so we went with Jack. Kanden Jack is four years old, and i think he fits his name lol

by on Aug. 7, 2012 at 3:53 AM
Hadrian I got out of a history book in 9th grade and we both liked it. Thomas was my grandfathers name and he was fighting cancer at the time. At first we were gonna call him thomas Hadrian but almost near the end we both decided Thomas (Tommy) was too common for us and flipped it.

This baby will be Hadley. I read it in a book and it just fit with Hadrian. As of now (cant make up our minds) her middle names are Ariel (hubby's middle name) and Josephine (close to my sisters name who died 3 years ago.)
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by on Aug. 26, 2012 at 4:10 PM

I was in love with the name Madeline when I got pregnant. I was dead set on naming my daughter that, but when it came to crunch time I wanted something a little more unique and suited for the spunky little girl I knew I was going to have. So I came up with Maddie Laine. The name fits her to a T and her nickname LuLu does too!

by on Oct. 29, 2012 at 3:14 PM

Hi!  I'm are my name stories :)

Remington Dean (we call him Rem almost exclusively, he's 11 now).  I loved the name Grant, but DH was never convinced.  We actually had considered the name Remington for our first dog...when he brought it up for our son, I laughed in his face.  But, over time it grew on me, but not as much as Grant.  However, in my head, Grant was a round faced little blond baby.  When Rem was born with a narrow face and brown hair, I immediately said "oh, here's my Remmer!"  It fits him perfectly, now his buddies call him "RemDog" and yell "who let the dogs out?!?"  everytime he gets a sack or scores a touchdown, it cracks me up!  Literally every boy in my DH's family has the middle name Dean...drives me crazy, I hate it for some reason.  I wish his name was Remington Chad, Remington Fritz, or Remington James (my DH, his beloved grandfather, or my grandfather).  Had he been a girl he would have been Mia Jo.

Paige Patricia (my 9 year old DD) - The top names on our list were Paige, Kennedy, and Chloe.  I'm so gald we picked Paige, the other two names ended up being very popular in our area and don't seem to fit her.  We ended up choosing Paige because it is an acronym for her grandparents (P-Patrick, A- Aurilla, I - Irene, G - Gale, E - Eva).  Patricia is my mom's name. She would have been MacArthur Dean (Mac) had she been a boy.   

Marlo Eva Mae (my 2 year old DD) - I wanted to honor my saint of a MIL, Mary.  I think we considered every single name beginning with that sound (Meredith, Merritt, Marin).  I literally stumbled upon Marlo on a name website, and LOVED's totally my style!  My DH was mother's day shopping with my big kids and I texted him with the idea, his response "it has legs, let me chew on it."  Eva and Mae are my DH's grandmothers, both incredible women.  She would have been MacArthur Fritz (Mac) had she been a girl. 

by on Aug. 20, 2013 at 7:59 PM

Back when Myspace was popular, I came across a girl named Marlea and it stuck with me ever since :). Our daughter's name is Marlea Saleen. Dad wanted a car name in there somewhere lol. Second baby is on the way but we haven't been able to decide on a name yet. (Dad's very picky with names)

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by on Sep. 25, 2013 at 12:49 PM

I have 2 girls and 2 different stories:

First baby:  The hubby and I were a little over 8 months pregnant and we wanted the baby's sex to be a surprise.  So, we agreed that we would pick 2 names for a boy and 2 names for a girl.  We sat down and started spitting out names.  I mentioned Kade for a boy and he liked it.  He mentioned Kolt for a boy and I liked it...DONE, boy's name was picked and when/if a boy was born we would see who/what he looked like.  Girls names were much harder.  I love very unique names and my husband kind of tones me down a  He mentioned Laney and Lacie and I just wasn't digging them.  I wanted something uncommon.  I mentioned Ryken and Brielle...he said they were too "different."  So he mentioned "Milah (Mee-lah)"  I immediately fell in love with it and said THAT'S IT!!  He told me we still had to come up with another name just in case, so I mentioned Aaliyah and he agreed.  We delivered a beautiful 8lb. 10oz. baby girl named "Milah Jacqueline" (Jacqueline is after my aunt).  She fits the name I envisioned for her and I still love saying her name.  I just think it is so feminine and beautiful.


With baby #2, wanted the sex to be a surprise again and wanted completely different names (different sounding and not too matchy with the first baby...also I felt all the original ones we had picked were getting too common, lol).  So he picked Kane for a boy and I picked Tyce for a boy.  We both agreed on them (boy names seem to be much easier for us :) ).  We could not agree on a girls name and at about 8 months pregnant, I made a list of 40 girl names I liked.  He had to mark all but 5 names off the list by the first of the year (I was due January 18, so he had 2 weeks!!).  He kept the list and didn't show me what he marked off until 5 were left.  We had Jade, Kellyn, Brekyn, Landry, and Tatym left.  We narrowed it down to: #1 Tatym, #2 Kellyn, #3 Brekyn.  Tatym was actually my second pick, but I loved the name with the middle name we had.  We agreed that we would wait to see if the baby was a girl and what/who she looked like.  I envisioned a "Tatym" as being someone with reddish hair...I don't know why.  So on January 19th, we delivered a beautiful 8lb. 11oz. baby girl with golden red hair.  I looked at my husband and said, "Tatym Louise."  He just shook his head yes. (Louise is after my grandmother and his sister's middle name, who is also her god mother).


I have a feeling if/when we have another baby, it will be SUPER hard to choose a name since I put so much thought into it.  haha.


sorry so long!

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