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Are You A 'Kite' or 'Balloon' Christian?

Posted by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 1:44 PM
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A lady was struggling with trusting God.  Her children were now grown and gone so far from the home and she could no longer watch over them as she once did.  One of her sons was in the Armed Forces and she worried daily about his safety.

Her husband had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. She dwelled constantly on what the future held if he were to die and leave her alone to handle all of the bills and responsibilities.  Will there be enough? Will the children take care of me?

She was often weighed down so much that the thoughts stole her sleep and at times, her appetite.

She was a Christian and loved God with all of her heart.  She knew worry was a sin but no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't seem to let go.  All of her life she had been a "take charge" person, but now she realized that the weight of the situations that she could no longer fix were destroying her health and stealing her joy.

One day she was at the seashore, watching children play along the beach. A kite was flying off in the distance, dancing in the wind with a happy youngster at the end of the string.

"That's it!" she said.

So she went out and bought a kite, returning to the seashore the next day. She prayed, naming all of her concerns out loud and by faith, placing them on the kite.  She then ran into the wind and released the kite.

She watched joyfully as it sailed higher as she let go of more and more string!

"Here, Lord", she whispered, "take from me what I cannot bear anymore!"

After a while, she reeled in the kite string and went about her daily routines. 

By nightfall, however, her anxious thoughts began to return and she tried to fight them off as best she could.

Days later she was back at the beach with her kite, ready to try again.  She felt so unworthy and full of guilt for not being able to "let go".  She hesitated, thinking of how silly she must look to God for actually going out and buying a kite.

"Others can simply trust," she thought to herself. "Why can't I?"

Just then a child ran by with a large, helium-filled balloon. A gust of wind snatched the balloon so hard that the string slipped through the little girl's fingers. Up, Up it soared…so high that eventually it could no longer be seen!

God was listening to her after all! She suddenly saw that what she needed was not a kite, but a balloon!  A kite was always under the control of the 'sender'.  It could be reeled in and maneuvered at will.  What she had to do, once and for all, was truly "LET GO"!

She brought back a beautiful balloon in her favorite color. She prayed again and placed all of her frustrations, doubts, and worries symbolically onto that balloon.

Walking to the edge of the water, she held it high and then released her tight grip on the string.

It flew out of her hands and climbed higher and higher!  She cried as she watched it soar to the heavens, knowing that even if she wanted to, she couldn't reach the string to get it back!

It didn't take long for the balloon to sail out of sight.  She stood alone on the beach and waited.  She didn’t feel any different, but somehow--deep inside--her faith held her steady.

Later on, she slept through the whole night.  Over the next few days, she felt her joy returning. A song returned to her heart and her lips; God's Word began to burst forth with life inside of her!

What about you?

Do you pray at the end of a kite or a balloon?

Mary Diane Goin

by on Jun. 14, 2007 at 1:44 PM
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by on Jun. 16, 2007 at 5:31 PM


My Lord this is a true inspiration and it makes one examine themselves. I guess for so long I can say I was a kite… I was always the one who everyone turned too I always had control over every situation. O was always so strong… Now in this stage of my life I need to be a balloon--- in fact I have to be. Thank you for sharing this with the world… I don’t know if you wrote it or if you saw it some place, but I thank you for allowing it to grace my eyes and touch my heart. I am going to have to go buy a balloon and take a walk on the beach! Thank you, thank you and thank you for letting God use you in this small but very powerful way!


Be blessed, Sunshyne

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