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"Rock the Bling in 2013" Become a Paparazzi $5 Accessories Consultant!

Posted by on Feb. 1, 2013 at 4:29 PM
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Click here & JOIN NOW... put in #4491 to get started!

Are you as excited about Paparazzi Accessories as I am? If not, you soon will be!!!

Quality jewelry and hair accessories for less...only $5! All consultants make 45%, home shows average $200-$300, if not more. If you own a salon or boutique you can sell these items in your store! These items seriously sell themselves! Who can't afford $5 fashions? You purchase the items for $2.75 and turn around and sell them for $5 or more! No presentations, no pressure sales, no yearly fees...just get the product and sell! It's as easy as that! Compensation plan is geared to reward the consultant, not the company. Paparazzi is in the business of changing lives! Ground floor opportunity...don't miss out!

Paparazzi Accessories is an inventory based (no catalogs) so you make MORE SALES because your customers get instant gratification! Our products LITERALLY SELL THEMSELVES!!! I never have to work for a sale, people are just excited that they can get so many accessories for only $5 EACH! You will have to work a little, but this will be the easiest "work" you will ever do!

When you sign up under consultant #4491...I will be your SPONSOR and help you build your business. I have many tools, websites, Facebook pages/groups, conference calls, etc. that will help you get started!

So you've picked which starter kit you would like...
NOW Go here:

OR go here: JOIN NOW, put in ID #4491 and register yourself to be a CONSULTANT!!!!! You won't regret it!


No matter if you sign up with just the consultant fee or with a starter kit...or no matter if you sell hundreds of product or only a few, YOU STILL GET 45%. There is no sliding scale like other companies, everyone is equal and has the same opportunity to be successful!

Starter kits:
$300 starter kit = 100 accessories, plus materials to start your business (great for small home parties!)
$700 starter kit = 200 accessories, plus more materials to get you started (this is the most popular and best kit to give you a large variety and have you making money right away!)
*Larger kits here: click on "become a consultant" and put in my ID# 4491 to get started!

Here is My Story:

I have been doing direct sales for over 8 years and I have found that it's difficult to get sales in certain businesses because they only attract a certain type of customer. I was selling discount travel packages, then green cleaining products. In February 2012 when I found Paparazzi Accessories I was so excited! I knew that Paparazzi was a perfect fit for me and that it would be a perfect fit for anyone because who doesn't love fashionable and affordable jewelry? With my other we only recieved 10%-25% commissions and with Paparazzi you recieve 45% so the earning potential is so much easier!

Within 2 home parties I made back the money I invested in my starter kit, plus more! I love going to a party and people ask me, "how much is this?" and I say, "5 dollars." Then she says, "no, this one." I just smile and say, "yes, that one too. Everything is only $5!" I love seeing the amazement in their eyes and then they hurry and turn around to grab whatever they can before their friends do!

I also love that you bring the items to them, they get instant gratification and there is no ordering! That is one of my favorite parts of the business. You don't order items and they don't direct ship (this makes the product to stay at a $5 price). So there are no catalogs, but then you don't have to take orders, wait for people to pick them up, or deliver them all over town. I wasted so much time with the other company making deliveries every week. I realized that my time was worth more than that. And my time is definitely worth it for Paparazzi! I make an average of $135 for every party, and many times, much, much more! ($135 is my take home of 45%)
Paparazzi Accessories has changed my life and has helped my family earn the extra income we needed to get out of debt.


Consultant Reviews

Here is what consultants are saying about Paparazzi:

"Couldn't help myself...I don't normally do this, but Paparazzi made it possible:) All my money always goes to my family, as it should, but a girl has got to endulge at least once and this is the first time I did for myself...1 month of Paparazzi $1000.00 commissions andddddd -->I just bought myself my First Ever COACH HANDBAG!!! It will look so cute with a Paparazzi Hair Clip Strategically placed;)"

~Chanelle Reynolds

Why Sell Paparazzi Accessories?


~ Get fashionable accessories at a 45% discount
~ Work from home or as an extra side job (consultants and quitting their jobs for Paparazzi, the incentives are AMAZING!)
- Perfect for stay-at-home moms, moms with
full/part-time jobs, work at a salon, own salon,
own small boutique, college students, etc.
~ Get great jewelry & hair accessories for much less than they sell the exact same items in the mall & pass on that savings to your friends and family, while still getting paid!
~ Earn from 5% - 10% from those who sign up under you, and then commissions from people who sign up under them...the sky's the limit!
~ Have fun Girls Night Out!
- I love it when women come to a party and say, "how much is this?" and I say "$5."
They say, "no this one" (and hold up the item). I just smile and say, "yes, that is $5,
everything here is only $5!" The shock on their faces is PRICELESS!

Where do I sell Paparazzi Accessories?

~ The best is through home parties
~ Contact Friends, family and neighbors...when they leave your home they will be happy and so will you!
~ Work trade shows & events
~ Small boutiques are great, they can get good traffic with a small booth fee
~ Local, County and State Fairs are a good way to get your name out there and sell a lot of jewelry!
~ Fundraisers
~ Etc
No more of these over priced jewelry parties!
No worries that your friends will do a "pity purchase" just so they can help support you during your party. Not with Paparazzi Jewelry!
Everything is only 5 dollars. Find ways that works for you, your time, and your energy. Whichever direction you take we know will be a success.

To be honest, half the time I am selling out of my garage and out of the back of my car...I feel like I'm pushing jewelry or doing some "hush, hush" kind of deal. Don't be afraid to be a "TRUNK RETAILER!" :)

Ready to Join!

Are you as excited about Paparazzi Accessories as I am? If not, you soon will be!!!

So you've picked which starter kit you would like or you've decided to just do the enrollment fee of $40 (Remember that I will give you $25 worth in FREE product when you sign up with me! So your fee is less than half off! *make sure to email me requesting your free items OR get $30 cash back or more when you choose one of the starter kits!)
Go here: JOIN NOW, put in ID #4491 and register yourself to be a CONSULTANT!!!!! You won't regret it!
Rosemarie Anderson
Paparazzi Ind. Consultant- Director
by on Feb. 1, 2013 at 4:29 PM
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