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Logan's story

Posted by on Dec. 15, 2008 at 1:00 PM
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I guess I should probably share my history here so that people understand from where I am coming. Last October (2007,) I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I were very excited. We'd been trying for 6 months and hadn't had any luck. All of my friends were able to get pregnant the second they started trying, so I was worried that I was going to have serious problems. On November 9, 2007, I started spotting brown and had some cramping. The mild morning sickness I had disappeared. By November 13, the spotting was so bad that I decided to call my OB. I went in and they did an ultrasound. The doctor could see the sac, but said it looked like that of a 5-week pregnancy, not 7.5 like I was. They drew blood to check my hormone levels and scheduled me to come back on Thursday for another draw. The next evening, I started to bleed heavily. When my husband got home, I had him take me to the ER. I had lost the baby. I had a D&C the next day.

I was told to wait 2 cycles before trying to conceive again. My first one was totally textbook. My second one was 7 weeks. I became sad, so I signed up for yoga and ice skating classes. My husband decided to take me on a short trip to NYC for the weekend in February 2008. Two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant again. By the end of the week, I was spotting and had some cramping. Neither was as bad as the previous time, but I called my new OB's office and scheduled an appointment. They did an exam and had blood drawn. My hormone levels were good from the first draw, but we were waiting for the results from the second to do an ultrasound. LabCorp managed to lose the results. I was still spotting and freaking out, so I had my husband take me to the ER again. This time, the results were much better. At 5w6d gestation, we had a strong heartbeat and great hormone levels. I was put on bed rest for 3 days at which point, the spotting stopped.

Unfortunately, that's when the morning sickness started. I weighed 155lbs at my first OB appointment the previous week. Remember this number. My morning sickness lasted all day and I was never able to eat anything. The OB put me on Zofran. This worked miracles, but I had to take it every day otherwise I'd get sick again. It's also VERY expensive.

My allergies started to act up in April and the OB told me I could take Zyrtec. If I didn't take it, I would literally choke on my own phlegm. If I did take it, my symptoms were slightly relieved. In May, I had developed a terrible cough and an ear infection. I was put on antibiotics and Robitussin with codeine. My cough and ear infection cleared up, but I was still an allergic, vomiting mess.

June came and we discovered we were having a boy!

In July, my morning sickness finally cleared up, but my back started to hurt on my birthday and didn't let up until after I had the baby. I started seeing a physical therapist twice a week. My blood pressure started to creep up again.

In August, I failed the 3-hour glucose tolerance test and was put on a diabetic diet where I had to keep my fasting blood sugar below 90 and my post-meal blood sugar below 120. Basically, I could eat meat and lettuce. Carrots would spike me. A piece of bread would spike me. I was debating asking for insulin because I started to lose weight.

We had our childbirth essentials class on September 14th. I was the least far along in my pregnancy at only 32 weeks. I was the only one who had experienced any problems other than mild morning sickness.

September 15 yielded the first scheduled twice-weekly perinatologist appointment. They wanted to immediately due a 24-hour urine and discovered I was having contractions when I was put on a monitor. I was admitted to the hospital and given IV fluids. These stopped the contractions. I was let out of the hospital on September 17, but was on bed rest. My mom arrived on September 19 for my baby shower that Sunday and decided to stay through the following Friday.

On September 22, I had my NST and BPP. Logan failed the NST and only passed the BPP because I was force-fed some crackers and milk. The next day, I actually saw the head of my OB's practice. She discovered that the standard panel of blood tests had never been completed and so she ordered them and another liver enzyme test. For the first time in my entire pregnancy, I had protein in my urine. On Thursday, I had the blood work done. Friday morning, I got a phone call from my OB. My liver enzymes were out-of-whack and it was determined that I had HELLP syndrome. She wanted me to get to the hospital that day for an induction as soon as possible. My mom had been packing for her flight home. She immediately cancelled it.

I got to the hospital and they put me on a magnesium IV. I was told that I could either have a c-section that night or could go through up to 36 hours of labor, stuck on the bed and STILL have a c-section. My epidural gave me a bad reaction. My blood pressure went from 150/90 to 50/30 and I passed out. I don't remember anything other than the anesthesiologist telling my OB that they had to go now.

Logan was born on September 26, 2008 at 8:45pm. He was 17.5 inches long and weighed 4lbs 4.6oz. He had an APGAR score of 8 after 1 minute and 9 after 5 minutes, but was whisked off to the NICU and put on a c-pap. My husband did get to hold him, but I didn't. Apparently, I was shown my baby, but I do not remember this. His gestational age was 33 weeks and 5 days.

I was taken back to the room in L&D where I was to be on the magnesium IV for another 24 hours. I spent them in and out of consciousness and lucidity. Apparently, one nurse fought to take me to the NICU to see Logan and I went, but I don't remember it. I was only allowed clear liquids during this time.

After I was taken off the mag, and sent to the post-partum unit. I had them leave my catheter in because I was in so much pain that I knew I wouldn't be able to get up and go to the bathroom. The next morning, the catheter was removed and I took a shower. I was finally allowed to eat, but the phones were messed up and I wasn't able to order a meal. I was brought something I couldn't eat, being on a diabetic/low-sodium diet. The nurse got it fixed, but I hadn't eaten in 2 days. I was starving. I had visitors all day, but was trying to pump. We went to see Logan a couple of times in the NICU.

The second day, my husband ran into a couple from our childbirth class. They were supposed to have their child the week before. I ended up being the first one in our class.

On day 3, Logan still hadn't passed his meconium. They wanted to transfer him to Johns Hopkins for a surgical examination. My OB wouldn't discharge me, so I left on my own accord. We got up to Hopkins and the surgeon examined him. He found a plug and removed it (non-surgically). Since then, Logan has been pooping like a champ.

As much as we loved the nurses at Hopkins, Logan didn't need to be there. We were happy to give up our bed for a 26-weeker. He was transferred back to our original hospital after 5 days. He'd started eating and pulled his own IV and gavage out. Back at our original hospital, we ran into another couple from our childbirth class.

While in the NICU, it was discovered that he had a small heart murmur, a small brain hemorrhage and an undesended testicle. Tuesday, October 7th, we were told that if Logan continued to gain weight and eat, that he would be able to go home on Thursday. Amazingly, he did! Logan came home on October 9th, weighing 4lbs 6oz and measuring 18 inches.

In spite of all of my problems, we have a healthy baby boy who at 10 weeks old weighed 9lbs 10oz. He still has a couple of small problems, but is growing and happy. I thank God every day for my blessing.

Alyssa 30
Married DH 05/14/05
Adopted beagle Charlie 06/05
Logan born 09/26/08, born 6 weeks early and spent 13 days in the NICU
by on Dec. 15, 2008 at 1:00 PM
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by on Dec. 16, 2008 at 9:31 PM

im glad ur litte one is doing good now. And my sons birthday is sept. 26 :)

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