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past thoughts of the day and replies!

Posted by on Jan. 2, 2009 at 9:19 AM
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To help keep the forum cleaned up, I decided to post some of the older ones here.  I will keep three days running up on the posts, and each day I will move the oldest one here.  Thanks!  Laura



Dec. 27th post

Today I started this group, mainly because I wanted to share with others my struggles with weight, and to help others and work together as a group to loose weight.

I want to keep this group upbeat, fun and worth coming back to every day.  I don't like to hear the same old same old "keep trying" that I got in other groups.  I was searching for help, support, and ideas.  So this is where I am at.  A group that may work for some, others may not like it. 

My thought today is that I am so ashamed of how heavey I became.  I always said that I would never let myself look like this.  I saw the pictures taken Christmas day, and I was so ashamed that I would not show anyone any of those that had me in them, well, until I started this group.  I feel that pictures are a plus, and to fully understand our problem, we need to see it. 

So from now on, my goal is to say, okay, here is what I look like, I want to look more like this, and have a pic of me when I used to be able to tie a bandana around my waist for a belt, on the refrigerator.  Shocking.  People here do not know me.  They don't know my hair is actually black.  They don't know I used to be skinny, and until I showed people my son's wedding pics, didnt know I had a son.  Pathetic. 

I have no support at home, and know very few people.  Sometimes I feel downright lonely, and that I feel is a big part of why I am so heavy.  I have no place to go, unless it is with my girls and grandbaby to have lunch.

So for everyone that is new here, feel free to post your thoughts of the day here with mine, and feel free to chat here with others.  So welcome to this group, and feel free to express yourself! 



by Squirrel1001 on Dec. 27, 2008 at 9:44 AM

Hi!  I enjoyed reading your message as I think there are so many people out there that could say "amen" to that.  So many just don't understand the feelings we carry inside because of our own dissatisfaction with our bodies.  We're bombarded with New Year Resolutions -- chance to start over and over and over.  So, instead of thinking starting over as to why I binge, etc., it's time to take advantage of others support who want to modify their eating habits and way of looking at ourselves, so thanks for starting the group. 

by on Jan. 2, 2009 at 9:19 AM
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by Group Owner on Jan. 2, 2009 at 9:37 AM

Dec. 28th post.....


Exercising doesnt have to be the usual routine.  Why Go sweat yourself to death putting your body through the paces, when you can do something fun that can do that.  I remember after watching the movie Pure Country for the millionth time yesterday, that I used to take line dancing classes twice a week.  I was so terrible, but the guy that I went with bought me a tape to practice with on the days off.(but it was so worth it.... my husband at the time hated him, thought that this guy was after me, but the joke was on him as Jerry was so terribly gay that he was just having fun hanging out with the girls.)  Line dancing mad me sweaty, tired, out of breath, and my legs ached.  If you are looking for something than just he usual run of the mill thing to get your body moving, this would be a great suggestion.  And a great thing is, if someone catches you unaware, you can just say you are learning line dancing, or what ever type you are doing, and you dont have to be embarrassed about be caught exercising.

by Group Owner on Jan. 2, 2009 at 9:39 AM

Dec. 29th post.............


Everyone wants to loose weight quickly.  Sometimes it is hard to get started, and once you see the pounds start to come off, you get more enthused and more excited, and more energetic.  You must be doing something right.

Getting the weight to come off is hard.  You sometimes have to find away to jumpstart it, and most turn to almost starving ourselves to do it.  A few months ago, I wasn't feeling well and a relative told me that I should try a colon cleansing, and I would feel better.  After looking on the internet and in the stores, I realized first, I didn't want to half starve myself, and how was I supposed to eat only soft foods for a week or two weeks, and second, my god they were expensive!  I saw a bottle of Slim Quick Colon Cleansing and read the lable and decided that maybe this was the way.  It was only fifteen dollars, and said it had no harsh reactions.  So I decided to try it.  The first day not much happened, the second day I kinda had a little cramping and later that evening I had to go!  And from then on, it was like clock work.  Twice a day, I had to go.  The cramping I had was very minimal, I have had worse getting my period.  By the time I had reached the end of the pills, I was going regularly, which was good, and I was also feeling better.  What was nice is that I had lost like four or five pounds.

This seems like a good way to jumpstart your dieting.  And slim quick has a full line of diet aids to help you.  Now if I just had the money to start them...LOL....

Good luck ladies and talk to you tomorrow! 

by Group Owner on Jan. 2, 2009 at 9:41 AM


Dec. 30th post and replies.............

Hey everyone, it is actually the 29th, almost 8 at night my time, because I have to work tomorrow and that means getting up at 345 am. I feel privileged to be able to work, as normally I don’t get the opportunity working for a staffing service. My best thoughts and time for me to write is early in the morning. Things are usually much fresher and much easier flowing.

How many of us are loosing our dietary needs while dieting? I bet that almost everyone of us do. So in this thought of the day, I have come across some easy suggestions to help with some of that vitamin loss we are sure to end up with.

Dieting brings about a loss in vitamin d, vitamin e, the b vitamins, and things like protein and potassium. Most of these are easy to remedy with just being sure to add certain foods or even vitamins to our routine. Potassium can easily be gained back by eating a banana or two a week. Vitamin d and e can easily be gotten by either taking vitamins, like a multi vitamin, or drinking more milk and taking a vitamin e supplement.

Protein can easily be gotten by adding beans or peanut butter to your diet. Be sure to add peanut butter to a slice of toast, on a rice cake, or if you are one of those that can handle it, just take a big spoonful and eat it. Other sources of protein like fish can be handled by having a tuna salad, minus the bread, on a bed of lettuce, or by having fish once a week.

You can buy a great vitamin b complex in the vitamin section, and that is a great boost to loosing weight. If you go to a “fat doctor”, you will be given a series of vitamin b shots to enable you to loose more weight quickly.

If you feel you are iron deficient, you can easily obtain it in a multi vitamin. What ever you do, you know that you need these few things to loose weight, and one thing many don’t realize, is that without vitamin c, some of the vitamins do not get absorbed by the body, such as iron and other vitamins. So it is important to drink some orange juice, and this is a good way to get the orange juice in your system, by using it to take the vitamins.

Here is a story for thought. My grandmother, bless her soul, used to live on her shoe box of vitamins and supplements. For many years, she would get up in the morning, get a glass of water, her cup of tea, and a slice of toast. Along with this she took a wide variety of vitamins and supplements such as e, d, c, a, b, and many others, and long with this she took cod fish tablets, potassium tablets, garlic tablets, and the list was non ending. And each and every day, this is what she did. And low and behold, she never ate more than that slice of toast, her coffee and tea, her potato at night, or if she was feeling in the mood, something different like macaroni, rice or once in a while she would eat a piece of bacon or sausage or some eggs. She lived to be a ripe old 92 years old, and I feel that she would still be alive and kicking today if she had not come down with lung cancer. I am not telling everyone that we need to not eat and survive on things like vitamins and supplements, I am just pointing out how important they are to us loosing weight. If we are not deficient in something, we should not crave something.

And by the way, it is okay to have that small slice of cake, that one piece of chocolate, or that one oreo cookie. I do this at night, just before bedtime, and I sleep better.

Talk to you ladies again soon and have a wonderful day!

Feel free to leave some of your thoughts on this and share! Bye!


by Squirrel1001 on Dec. 30, 2008 at 8:44 PM

Fantastic advice -- but what happens when the leftover Christmas candy is staring you in the face.  Seems like an obsession and I'm not even supposed to eat chocolate.  Here's the only tip I can offer for this problem -- send it along to your husband's work -- out of sight -- out of mine.  And, yes, getting back to the healthy eating will be easier to get back on track.  Thanks!

by Group Owner on Jan. 3, 2009 at 9:42 AM

From Dec. 31st...........

My thought for the day for today is what do you do when you have snacks in the house for everyone else?

I have huge issues with this.  My bf always eats chocolate, with peanutbutter in most cases.  The crisper drawer is full of recee cups, nestle crunch, 100,000 bars, hershey bars, and much more.  All in these neat little 8 packs.  And whats worse is the oreo cookies in the cookie jar, the chips laying all over, the trail mix with nuts, m and m's, and raisins and small kisses in it.  It is unending.  What do you do when it is staring you in the face all the time?

Everytime I would walk by anything, my mouth would actually start to water.  Unbelievable.  I wanted it and it was calling me... so sweetly.... "come, I am right here, you know you want to have some.. i am so sweet, so salty, and you know you just want to taste some of me... I am right here.. come..." 

After walking past the desk, covered with his snacks for about the tenth time that day, I opened the one drawer, and threw it all in there.  The cookies, the chips, anything out in the open went into the drawer.  Of cours, he asked me if I ate all of his snacks later that night, and I wanted to reach out and touch him....

Keeping the snacks out of sight from  you helps with your cravings.  I know that at night, I will maybe have one cookie, or a handfull of pop corn, or a couple of chips, but still, seeing it makes you want it... now...

Squirrel1001 has a great idea on what to do with the christmas candy that is left.  Does anyone else have any ideas or want to tell us what they did with their candy and snacks to keep from reaching for it?

by Group Owner on Jan. 4, 2009 at 9:39 AM

From Jan. 1st............ and replies!!!

Happy New Year !!! woo hoooo!!!!  I cant woo hoo to loud, my daughter gave me her cold, so she should start feeling better.

My thought for today is how to snack on something and know what you are getting in calories.  If you can afford to, there are so many snacks out there that are broke down to 100 calorie packs.  These are great.  You know what you are getting, and you don't have to worry if you are eating more than you should.  And it is always nice to be able to have a snack along with your family.  Check out the snack section where they sell little debbie snacks in walmart, you will find lots of weight watchers snacks there also, and some of the 100 calorie snack packs.  But always read the packages.  Some things will say they are low calorie, but if you look and compair, you will see that they have more calories than something that does not say this.

Good luck today ladies, I have a sore throat and a stuffy head and I ache all over, so it is yogurt and lots of vitamin c drops for me!  and I am going back to lay down, Talk to you later!


Reply to this post.......




by nikilyn on Jan. 1, 2009 at 7:31 PM

Here's a website I use to find out calories:

I wrote down a whole chart with serving sizes for things that don't come with labels, like nuts, fruits and veggies, and put it on my fridge that way when I walk up to it it stares me right in the face.  I also put in the amount of fiber and protein to "rationalize" the choice if I'm a little over my calorie goal that day.  My husband is very "supportive" in helping me with my choices so I won't snack on the wrong things in the evening, when I'm most likely to snack. ("Supportive" is in quotations because while he is very helpful, I sometimes resent him for squashing my hopes of a blissful snack.)  During the day I'm pretty good, but I hate going to bed with my stomach growling.  It literaly brings me to tears.  So I'll have a horribly bland apple or something. (I actually really love apples, but I resent them, too, for being the only thing available that I can eat .)

Anyway, the calorie counter helps.   good

Happy New Year Everybody!!!



You wrote on Jan. 2, 2009 at 8:17 AM

The night time gets me too, and i usually end up with a snack or something, but i have problems with low blood sugar, and i blame a lot of my weight gain over the years eating starchy foods and high sugar foods to keep it up.  I never had a doctor that would do something about it for me, without having to eat all the crap i was.  My blood sugar is slowly leveling out, and unfortunately, that could lead to it going the other way.  Thanks for the calorie counter site!  There used to be many of them out there that were free, but now they are all charging for the use of their sites, to make money on all the dieters.  I get mad at allan all the time, as he teases me, then when i do have that one oreo or that one handful of pop corn, he rolls his eyes.... but after measuring myself this morning, i am not feeling bad about it!


by Group Owner on Jan. 19, 2009 at 7:44 AM

From Jan. 2nd

Measuring yourself is important.  Many times even though we don't see a weight change, for what ever reason, such as getting your period, you will see a reduction of how many inches something is.

I measure different spots, and it is determined by where you want to loose weight.  I include my face, as it has gotten quite fat..... here are the places that i measure.  My face, around my head and across my nose, my neck, shoulders, chest, largest part of my tummy by my ribs, my waist, around my butt, each thigh and each calf, each arm at upper part and at lower part.  I was almost surprised when in some places, i have actually gained a quarter of an inch.  Those places were my calves, but in actuallity, it is alright, as i am riding the exercise bike every day, and that increases the size of your calves with muscle mass.  Not a bad thing.

Over all, this week I have lost a total of 3 and 1/2 inches.  I still don't know my weight, and I am waiting for payday to do this. 

So don't panic if you measure something and it has actually grown, look for a reason, unless of course you have grown over all, then maybe you need to change your routine or habit a little, as what you are doing isnt working for you.

Any thoughts anyone?


by Squirrel1001 on Jan. 6, 2009 at 1:13 PM

I tend tp go toward how the clothes is fitting rather than the actual measurements.  Being 48 years old, the weight seems to mysteriously shift to other locations and not always where I want it to go.  So, as long as my clothes fit and are comfortable, I tell myself I'm okay.  Just stick with the program on watching the junk that I put in my mouth when the stress is high.  That's the killer for me.  Stress-binge eating--disgust for own actions and feeling of lost control over oneself. 

by Group Owner on Jan. 19, 2009 at 7:49 AM

From Jan 3rd

Walking off the weight is a great way to stay in shape.  Thirty minutes a day for at least four days will help you on your way to that goal.  Here are some tips to help you burn more calories while walking.

Tip yourself forward while walking, this will help you spead up your pace and you will actually be burning more calories.  To find out how far you need to lean forward to quicken your pace, stand with your feet planted, standing straight, now start to lean forward from your ankles.  When you have to take a step or fall on your face, this is the place you need to be walking from.

Pump your arms while you are walking.  This helps you keep balance and time, and helps exercise your arms and shoulders.  Swinging your arms can actually damage cartalidge and tendons, so avoid this.  Having wrist weights sound great, but they also cause you to pull on the tendons and can cause you to end up with carpal tunnel, if continued for too long.  If you are going to use weights, try to use the ones you hold in your hands, and keep your arms held firm from the elbow at a 90 degree angle, clench your fist to hold your hands and wrists in place, and pump your arms.  To properly pump your arms, you will want to start with them bent, and swing them front across you, then back, but not behind your back, just beyond your sides. 

Tighten your stomach muscles while doing this.  This helps to tighten muscles and abs, and will help reduce that hanging down belly that many of us have from c-sections or child bearing. 

Dont take long steps, long steps actually slows your pace.  Taking shorter steps and stepping heal to toe is the best way to walk.

Always start out at a casual pace to get you going for a few minutes, then quicken your pace to the point where you can not talk, you may be able to say yes or no, but no sentences if you are with someone.  Do this for a few minutes, then slow for a minute or so to give your heart rate a chance to return to normal, then speed up again.  Always walk off slowly at the last few minutes to cool you down and to give your muscles a chance to relax.  If you sit down immediately after walking, your muscles could become stiff and you may have cramping. 

If you wake up in the night with charlie horses, ad a banana to your daily routine.  Charlie horses in your legs is a sign of not having enough potassium.  Eating bananas for a few days will help with this.

by Group Owner on Jan. 19, 2009 at 7:51 AM

From Jan. 4th

Burning calories is a big part of loosing weight.  If you just watch your calories, you may loose a little, but to burn off some of what you eat helps you loose weight faster. 

If you want some good charts on burning calories, check out these sites:   with this site, you will need to put in  your weight, and how long you spend doing something.  I set mine at 15 minutes, and from there, I can figure out how many calories I burn in the length of time that I did something.  This one goes by your weight, which is a good aspect.  this site gives you what you can burn at 135 pounds, 155 pounds, and at 190 pounds.  It is also listed for one hour of activity, so you will have to divide those amounts by the time you spent....for example, 20 minutes, divide by 3..25 minutes, divide by 12 then multipy by 5, etc...  I tried to copy and paste this one, but it came up all messed up when  This site gives you a chart, but I can not do anything with it, copy or click in it to use it, but you can write all the information down.  These are broke down to how many calories per minute burned.  this site, you will need to list the time in each area to see calories burned. 


There are many other sites out there, but this is just a few to get you going. 

tomorrows topic... Negative calorie foods!



by Group Owner on Jan. 19, 2009 at 7:53 AM

From Jan 5th

Negative calorie foods should be a big part of our diet routine.  They burn more calories eatting and digesting these foods than they have in them.  Here are some links to some sites on these:

the second one has a longer list.  I also found some ebooks with recipes, but they maybe a little pricy.... check these out if you want to.    the negative calorie diet ebook  $27 .....   You need to go to the bottom of the first page and click on the part that says no thanks, take me to my original page or something like that to get to the actual ebook.......  Weight Loss Ebook: Negative calorie foods   3 diet plans, 150 recipes and pics......  $18.95


by nikilyn on Jan. 5, 2009 at 7:16 AM

That's awesome!!!  I already eat a lot of those foods and still count the cals.  There's no mention of cherries on there, though.  I wonder if they take in the fact that you have to remove the pits while you chew?  I finally found organic Rio Blanco cherries from Chile at my Walmart.  I bought three bags!  Now I can snack happy.

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by tiffe88 on Jan. 9, 2009 at 3:03 PM

great post and info! thanks.

by Group Owner on Jan. 19, 2009 at 8:00 AM

From Jan. 6th

I am sorry I havent been on this week, on Monday my son and his wife had their baby, Sophia Irene weighs 2 pounds 13 ounces, and is holding her own, she went through 6 hours surgery and they still had to leave her intestines outside, but everything else is back where it belongs. They got the rest of her intestines in yesterday and closed her up, and she is doing great. She still has a tube that takes away her waste so that they don’t irritate her intestines. She is moving around and makes sounds, so things are looking good.

So now to catch up with what I have been neglecting!

For today, I want to talk about bathroom scales. What a ridiculous price they want for them! But if you want a good pair, that is what you will have to pay. I have in the past bought bathroom scales that were under $20. They never worked right, just step on them ten times, add up the total and average it out to find what your weight may be. Because they never weigh you the same every time. To avoid this means buying a good pair of scales.

There is also the problem at where you get weighed at. Different scales weigh differently. I weighed myself the day before Christmas at a pharmacy in town. I weighed in at 241 pounds, and I weighed that ever time I stepped on them. On Wednesday, when I took my daughter to the ER, I weighed myself and came up with 219. I did it three times and all three times the same. So, okay, the scales at the pharmacy were wrong. After leaving to get something for the baby to eat, I decided to weigh myself at the pharmacy again. 236 was the constant weight given. These scales are way off!!! They appear to be 17 pounds off!

So when you choose a place to go to weigh yourself, always check for accuracy. The doctors office or the hospital is the best place to go.

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