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Two of my testiments

Posted by on Jan. 2, 2009 at 2:48 AM
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I usually cook and host Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Dinner for my family --- my mother, brother, sister, niece, nephew & daughter. As Christmas neared, I realized, I really didn't have enough money to buy the dinner in addition to gifts, and my regular monthly household expenses. We'd just eaten a turkey & ham dinner @ Thanksgiving, and really wasn't feeling doing it all over again anyway. My daughter said she wanted roast and beans & rice for Christmas like I cooked last year. So --- I thought, o.k., that'll be managable. I bought a 7-bone roast, and another package of sliced chuck to make sure I had enough. I remember being in line at Safeway at the checkout stand and I told my daughter I'd forgotten to get a few potatoes. I decided we'll just do without 'cause I wasn't going back to get them, then get back in line. We were having beans & rice anyway.

A few days earlier, an older lady from the church called me, but didn't leave a message. I saw her name on my caller i.d. I called my mom. She said she wondered what she wanted so she called her back. My mother called me back and told me someone had put my name on the list to receive a food basket. I thought someone was playing a joke or mocking me. I don't have much, but people seem to think I have money. I'd just gone to church Sunday, driving my '07 Benz, wearing my fox fur coat (it was COLD). I have a GOOD job, and I'm a real estate Broker. I also don't have any money. It's just me & my daughter. Her dad doesn't help out. He's too busy buying himself stuff and being a kid himself (he'll be 52 in February). So, what money I do I have, I have to stretch. I'd refinanced my home a few years back, and made a substantial donation to the church. I'd never given that much before, and haven't been able to since, even though every time something comes up, they call me and remind me that I blessed them before. Anyway, I told my mom that those baskets were for the people who needed them. My mom called the church secretary to find out who'd submitted my name. The secretary said she did it. She said she submitted both mine and my sisters. She said all of those other church members were getting baskets and my sister and I had kids, and were trying to raise them, so yeah, she put our names down to receive a basket too. I had to work on the day they were distributing them, but my sister wasn't so she went to pick up hers and mine. She ended up staying and volunteering to help distribute them.

The baskets were actually a tall laundry basket (I needed a new one of those too), that was filled to the brim with a turkey, 2 hams, rice, tuna, beans, dressing mix, rolls, coffee, juice, vegetables, cranberry sauce, sparkling cider, and some other stuff I'm forgetting.

My sister gave me a couple of onions out of her basket 'cause she said she had a lot of onions at home already. I put the perishables away, and left the basket with the non-perishables in the kitchen.

I told my daughter, God Is Good. I told her I was worrying about how I was going to provide our family Christmas dinner and bam! We got everything and more than we needed.

Christmas Eve, I was preparing the roast to cook. This was the first time I was going to cook it in the crock pot. I had all of the vegetables that I was going to put in it except the potatoes, because I forgot to get some. I decided to finish unpacking the laundry basket of food. I picked up the bag with the onions in it (I already had some onions too, but my basket had a bag of onions in it also), well it had a hole in it 'cause one fell out and hit me on the foot. I yelled, and bent down to pick it up, and it was a potato! The bag had onions on top and POTATOES on the bottom. I couldn't believe it. I told my daughter, that 's why I didn't go back and get some potatoes and get back in that line, --- because we already had some potatoes at home. God Is Good!

December 31, 2007 --- I opened a notice from my homeowner's insurance. I knew I hadn't paid my next premium and it was due some time this month, but hey, this was the last day of the month! So, I open it and it says if I don't pay the premium, my homeowner's insurance would be cancelled as of 12:01 a.m. 1/2/09. So --- this is my second week of vacation from work and I was trying to figure out if this was pay day week. We get paid Friday, but they give us our checks on Thursday (so we'll have them for Friday --- you're not supposed to cash it until Friday --- yeah, right), but since NY's is on Thursday, they gave the checks out today. I have direct deposit, so hopefully, it'll be credited tonight.

I had the full amount for my homeowner's insurance, but I helped my mother out with a major bill she had a few months back. I found out I was able to pay my homeowner's insurance in installments, which was a big help. My mother withdrew the money from an account that she had, but we had to submit paperwork and wait about a month for the money to be disbursed. She gave me the information, but I fooled around and didn't do it for a couple of months. About a week ago, my mom gave me an envelope with one of her banks' logo/return address on it. I figured it was something she wanted me to look over and I laid it down on the bookcase.

Today, I gathered up all my bills, so I could put them on the calendar so I can keep track of them, and see what I needed to pay right now. I also gathered up all miscellaneous letters, so I could read them. That's when I opened and saw that my homeowner's insurance needed to be paid TODAY. A passing thought of I wondered when the check would be coming for my mom's money that she was going to reimburse me. I opened the envelope that was addressed to my mom, and it was the check. I looked at it a second time, because I thought it may be one of those fake checks that they sometimes send you in order for you to take out a loan or something, then I saw the monetary amount was for the amount I'd requested. The check had been here at least a week. I called my mom, and told her she didn't tell me that's what was in the envelope, she'd just handed it to me, and I had just laid it down. She said she thought she'd told me it was the check. I paid the installment of my homeowners insurance. I've got a few other out of the ordinary bills, so I may divide it up and give everyone a little bit. The original money was for my 46" t.v. But since I've waited, the price has gone down.

God Is Good!

by on Jan. 2, 2009 at 2:48 AM
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