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Cheat and Eat and Lose Weight too?

Posted by on Jun. 21, 2009 at 10:53 PM
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 *** I LOVE this program!!!  It's absolutely amazing and has given hope to so many people who are tired of the yo-yo weight-loss cycle.  It's for real, FDA approved and two of the products are made with all-natural/organic ingredients.  Please check this out if you or someone you love wants or needs to lose weight.  It's not meant to be a license to eat irresponsibly and to not exercise but you really do not need to change your habits to see results if you use the products as directed.  Please feel free to contact me with questions: 

Heidi Garis, M.S.W., NCTMB:


If you, or someone you know struggle with weight loss, you need to read this.

People approach me all of the time with health and wellness products. I am careful about adding new products to those that I promote, unless I have researched them carefully, tried them myself, and experience positive effects. Well, I am happy to say, I have a brand new product to bring to market, and it's for weight loss!

 This is a brand new weight loss system that includes a metabolism booster, a meal replacement healthy protein shake, and a colon cleanse. But the stand out component in this system is their product that you literally sprinkle on your food, called "Cheat". It's from a Japanese root fibrous plant, so it's a natural fiber and used in many Japanese foods. However, the company
CNI developed a patent pending technology to crystallize it into "sprinkles" that you shake onto your food, like parmesan cheese. The advantage? It works in your digestive system to literally encapsulate 25-30% of the food you eat, thus reducing caloric intake without changing the way you eat! You Cheat and eat! You get all of the nutrition (micronutrients) but not all of the calories (macronutrients).

My initial reaction was to say, "But isn't it better to lead people to eating right rather than putting sprinkles on bad food choices?" My nurse-friend, Tina who introduced me to Core4 reminded me that when people are weight challenged, and they need to lose at least 25-50 pounds, often getting them to eat healthy is a challenge in and of itself. Diets don't work because they lead to feelings of deprivation, and then people resume their old ways, feeling miserable in the process. People need to jump start the weight loss process, and then, as the pounds are shed, and energy returns and esteem is enhanced, people get motivated to engage in a healthier lifestyle. That made sense to me.

This company has not even launched and won't until July, but there are already thousands of people loving this product. It's such an easy system, and you don't have to change a thing! Just follow the directions and watch the weight and or inches disappear.

The rise in obesity in
is startling. And the food companies with all of their addictive chemical additives do not make it easy for people who want to lose weight. There are so many people including young children limited because of weight. Extra weight, especially "belly fat" is a precursor to heart disease as well as diabetes. Every extra pound adds stress to the joints. Life feels so much better when you are at your right weight, and energy is increased.

I am promoting
's Core4 system because I believe that this system can give otherwise discouraged people hope! Enough said. If you are interested, and want to learn more, click on the link at the bottom. The company has a 90 day refund policy, so really, you have nothing to lose but your core fat.


What if......

... there was a product that you could sprinkle on your food (pizza, cake, anything.....) and it would eliminate 25-30% of the calories ingested, and the average weight loss was 8-16 pounds in 30 days, all without changing your diet and exercise routine? Would you want to know more?

"Cheat" by Core4

  • Tasteless and odorless
  • Absolutely NO side effects
  • Ingredient is FDA approved as a safe food additive
  • Patent Pending Technology
  • Double Blind Studies
  • Average weight loss is 8-16 lbs in 30 days
  • Full 90 day guarantee
  • Targets abdominal fat
  • Nothing to lose but your CORE WEIGHT
  • New division of a multi-billion $ company


Learn More About CNI and Core4:





by on Jun. 21, 2009 at 10:53 PM
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