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My Jewish Friend

Posted by on May. 31, 2013 at 1:01 PM
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I'd like to tell you a little story... the moral I took from this this story for myself is to not have any premade judgements or feelings about anyone based on their religion, culture, ethinicity.

Here it goes...

During my last semester of my second year in medical school we had to pass our first clinical test where we had to do some basic physical exam stuff on fake patients and such and of course we were supposed to practice for it.  As a little background I was by myself with my oldest child who was 2 years old at the time during the first 2 years of med school.  My husband had to stay in CA and work, unfortunately. Yunus, my son, therefore went to the campus daycare during the day while I attended classes and I studied by myself at my appartment since I had him to take of too.  I was not very social.  So this was going to be a struggle for me to find a group of my classmates I could practice with....

I went to the masjid beside the campus and asked all the sisters in our class.  They had a group set up aready but they told me they were meeting at 9pm twice per week.  I begged them to please meet earlier in the day because I could not find a babysitter that late and my son went to sleep at that time.  They knew my situation well as I was the only muslim female alone with a child.  Still they refused to change the time and told me that was the time that was working out best for all the other sisters who of course had no children. 

I also was unable to find any other non muslim girls in my class who were willing to do teh study group during reasonable hours.  I had decided I would have to just study from the books and hope I could just pass it anyhow.  Then one day by the daycare I met one of the girls in my class who I knew from the 4.0 dinner we had attended our first semester.  I remember she would always mention how amizing she thought I was to be able to go through medical school and take care of a small child.  I shared with her my struggles with the group activity.  She told me she had a group set up with 5 girls and she would personally switch ALL their schedule to fit ANYTIME I could find a babysitter!!!  

For weeks we practiced at MY schedule.  When I could nto get a babysitter she would reschedule the entire group even if some of the other girls would not like it.  She would tell them "she has a child, we can be flexible, she cannot". 

On test day we were all taken into a large group with no sudy materials available to await our turn to do the exam....  I saw her and sat beside her.... she was reading the Torah!  I told her jokingly "you are jewish!!??"  she laughed and said "yes".  I wear hijab so she knew from day one I was muslim! 

Of course I passed, she is now a medicine resident in NYC and I'm a pediatric resident in OH....

This experience touched me to such a deep level my dear ladies.  I love our muslim community but I received so much kidness from the last person I would have expected it that year and I take that experience with me.  I don't know what her political views are, we never talked about religion or politics but I know she had no duty to go out of her way to help me and she did, knowing the entire time I was muslim, while my own community would not.  I am not bitter at them though, but I learnt a valuable lesson from that experience...   that really we should never make any assumptions on people.


by on May. 31, 2013 at 1:01 PM
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by on Jun. 1, 2013 at 10:41 AM

I also have a Jewish friend.  She is really nice. She doesn't judge religions.

by on Jun. 2, 2013 at 10:04 AM
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People surprise you sometimes right? I met a friend on FB from my country a i knew she was Jewish. We started to talk mainly about our kids and living in a foreign country atc . One time we started to talk about religion and up untill then i never mentioned that I am muslim and we never met in person so... I said that Ia m muslima sn d she just said ;"Yeah I know ....that was the main thing that made me to talk to you. I love muslim people and coming here i needed help and they were the one who helped."  I felt relieved and also a little ashamed that i was so childish.

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