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Ahmadi's ( Ahmadiya- Qadhyianiyah- Lahoriyaah ) = Kuffaar

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assalamu alaikum sisters,

 bismillah arrahmaan arraheem. , walhamdulilaah rabbil'aalameen, wassalatu wassalaam Ala saiyidil mursaleen ( in the name of Allah, praise be to Allah, peace and blessings be on prophet Muhammad)

we have discussed the issue of Ahmadi's and Qadhiyani's before within another post, a sister asked about an Ahamdi woman she knew. and  I just thought that something as important as this should have its own post and its own heading to make it easier to find insha' Allah. ( sorry it took me so long to do this, shouldve done it sooner)


where to begin. let me start with saying that you need to limit your contact with this woman. as much as possible. as her beliefs are considered KUFR.. and I will explain briefly why that is.. but I have to tell you that it is very dangerous for you as a new Muslimah to be around someone who follows Ahmadiyah - Qadiyaniah- or Lahoriya ( which are all basically the same thing)

to my limited knowledge. I know this movement started some time in the 1900's in India.
Now ever one knows that there is a "mujaddid " that comes almost every hundred years. the most famous one that every one knows is Omar bin Abdul-Azeez. and the Mujaddid is NOT a prophet, but a righteous man that renews people's faith in Islam in accordance to Quran and Sunnah of course.

This man: Ghulam Ahmad. started calling people to Islam as a Daiyah. then as he gathered a good number of trusted followers. he claimed to be a Mujaddid .. then he started saying he is the awaited Mahdi. then he said he is the last Prophet.even the "best Prophet'  .. and that he has his own Quran( he called it a l-kitab almubeen)  revealed to him by Jibreel...
  his friends are called companions ( astaghfirullah) and he made Qadiyan ( his home town I believe) the place for haj instead of Macca. and claimed it is better than Mecca and Madinah.
some of his followers believe him to be the Son of God. ( astaghfirullah)

Qadiyaniyas believe that Allah is English. ( astaghfirullah)
They believe that Allah sleeps and eats and fasts and prays ( astaghfirullah)
They distrorted the Quran and have their own English versions of the distorted Quran.

They are highly educated. and thus give the air that what they say is truth. they have a wide spread in India, Pakistan. and Africa.
la hawla wa la Quwwatta illa billah.

They claim that any other Muslim that is not Qadiyaani ( Ahmadi- Lahori) is kaafir.
when it is obvious by all that is written above that they are the ONEs that are Kaafir.

0. giving Allah human like characteristics. and changing the Quran
1. saying Prophet Muhammad is not the last Prophet
2. stopping people from making haj to Mecca
3. denouncing jihad ( the true sense of Jihad)
4.claiming that he is the BEST Prophet.. astaghfirullah

I will try insha ' Allah to find you a link to a fatwa about them. I believe I read that some time ago. I hope I still have it in my favorites. it is a very detailed article about their start , and their ideologies.

it is very interesting that the scholars tell you that you can marry a woman of the people of the book ( ie, christian or Jewish) but you cannot marry an Ahmadibecause they are considered Kaafir.

la hawla wala Quwwatta illa billah.

I am grateful to Allah that you found that out earlier.. before serious damage had been done. please sister. do not take any Islamic education from her. and please verify any knowledge you had learned from her with your husband .or with us here. and insha' Allah Allah will guide your friend to the right path. Ameen

if I speak in error then it is from me, may Allah forgive us our mistakes, and guide us. may we be among those who learn, and be guided. Ameen.

I will find the fatwa today insha' Allah and post the link for you as it is a long one.

if I speak in error then it is from me, may Allah forgive me and guide us all to his right path 

jazaaki Allahu khairan again for a very very very important topic.

Love and salaam (peace)

 (proud2bmom3 Muslim Moms-- Owner. 

by on Jul. 24, 2008 at 5:55 PM
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muhajjirah Group Admin
by on May. 3, 2012 at 6:25 AM

Quoting Alyasa:

Are absolutely not true.  I know many Ahmadi's and none believe any of these blasphemous things.  They have certainly not created their own Quran...astagfirullah!  This is impossible anyway.  They certainly don't give Allah subhan wa Ta'Allah any human characteristics., nor do they feel that anyone who is not an Ahmadi is a Kafir.  The only Kafirs are Disbelievers...those who do not accept Allah as The One and only God and who do not pray.  Where have you gotten this erroneous information?  The slogan for Ahmadiyyat is Love for All & Hatred for None.  Who can find error with this?

Asalaamalaikum Sister Alyasa,

I see your new to the group. First off, If I havent welcomed you yet..welcome!

Please understand that this group is based on teachings from the Holy Quran and Sunnah of Rasullilah salAllahu alayhee wasallam. Nothing more, nothing less. We don't claim to be Salafis, Sufis, Shias, or Ahmadis..We are Muslim Moms who seek knowledge and share knowledge based on the two authentic sources of Islam as taught by the well known repected scholars of our Ummah who educate on true Islamic History starting with Rasullilah salAllah alayhee wasallam, the Salaf, the Tabieen.. (the first generation of Muslims). This means any false innovations are not promoted or accepted in this they are not promoted or accepted in the correct teachings of Islam. Having said that, I suggest before you stand to the defense of Ahmadiya and stand by your word that the correct information is erronous, that you at least check out the sources which have been provided to you to examine them yourself inshaAllah. 

The "Ahmadis" you know may not believe or practice all the things stated here, but this does not mean that the fundamental teachings of the Ahmadis are not such. Just like we Muslims do not define Islam, Ahmadis do not define their proclaimed religion. Islam is a prescribed way of life which is completed by the Final Revelation of the Holy Quran and exemplified by our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. He taught us that there would be sects of Islam, yet we should stick to the the Quran& Sunnah. The Sunnah we can find in authentic hadith..and the truth of both the Quran& Sunnah we find in our hearts through the guidance of Allah, Most High. 

In terms of the definition of who a Kaafir is, it is deep. Shaitan arRajeem (Satan, the Cursed Outcast) believes that Allah is One, and accepts this. But arrogance, disobedience and all the horrible things that creation can cause and emulate is done by Iblees, and Allah Knew this very well- that even if Iblees was given the option right this second..or anytime before the Last Day, of repenting or turing to Allah..he wouldn't and therefore Allah has Cursed him and anyone who follows him. There are also levels of Kuffar. Mushrikeen- Those who associate partners. Munafiqeen- The hypocrites. In fact there are at least 10 types of Kufr defined in Tafsir Ibn Katheer (who is a highly respected Muslim Scholar of the past, may Allah have mercy on him).

"Love for All, Hatred for None" is not entirely part of the Islamic concept either. We are to reject what Allah and His Messenger rejects and love what they love. How can we love oppressors and those who cause injustice? How can we love those who hate our most beloved Rasullilah salAllahu alayhee wasallam? How can we love those who throw arrogance at the weak? How can we love those who destruct others because they feel they can get away with it? Islam is a religion of mercy, compassion..but it is not accepting everything in this life as if we love without reason..or even reject without reason. Islam teaches us that when we see something wrong we are to reject with our hearts, speech and actions if possible. How can we love injustice? We can't..and so if we can't the slogan "Love for ALL" doesnt fit right. We are also to ask Allah in guiding others when we see they have done wrong or gone astray as we ask Allah to do the same for us at least 17times aday in our prayers when we recite the first chapter of the Holy Quran, alFatiha.

With that, I ask Allah to guide you, those you know who are Ahmadis..and to guide us all. Ameen. 

muhajjirah Group Admin
by on May. 3, 2012 at 6:27 AM

Quoting H_Tunisia_Remix:

It is as simple as this, if something falls outside of shariah (rejection of Quran, hadith, sunna would be examples of that) then simply it is outside of Islam.


jazakAllah kheir sister heather.

muhajjirah Group Admin
by on May. 3, 2012 at 6:27 AM

Quoting Ruby7:

AssalamAleykum sister, jakAllah Khair for sharing this information.  After reading this all, I wanted to share my personal experience with a very well settled Ahmadiya family here in Orange county.  

 I started working when my son was barely 10 months old, I found a "Muslim" ladies number at a local grocery store who was willing to watch my son. She was flexible with her schedule, reasonable and so it seemed to be perfect option.  A "Muslim" pakistani family, two sons, married to two religious hijabi ladies, kids, a grandmother.  A perfect family, religious household I thought would be beneficial for my son. I was happy with the fact that he was the only one they were taking care of and that it wasn't a traditional day care environment.  Few months later I found out they were Ahmadi.  It didn't bother me so much because my son was realy young but my  brother kept insisting that I find someone else for my son.  I didn't pay much attention to my his warnings because my son seemed to have adjusted so well and was extremely happy.  He even started calling Sadia, the person incharge of taking care of him, "Ammi" (mother), the aunt (Taai Ammi) and grandmother (Daadi). I quickly got close to the family too, we used to hang out everyday after work. Talk over the phone on my days off, exchange food recipies, gifts on birthdays and Eids. During Ramadan, we would make aftars for each others family. When I was going through a rough patch in my marriage, they were always there to lend me an ear and gave me GOOD, sensible advice.

We also talked about relgion and beliefs sometimes. They talked about their beliefs, talked about all the "misconceptions" people have, told me that their Quran is EXACTLY same as OURS.  Nothing is different.  How they had to grow up with discrimination in Pakistan.  I had made it very clearn to them from the beginning that religion is not an issue to me as long as they don't let it come in between us.  In short, they were EXTREMELY nice and friendly people, my son and I grew to love them.  They took care of my son when I had a major surgery done.    

When my son was older, about 4, he started talking more and started sharing more details about his day.  One day I was watching a video on youtube and he saw the picture of the "prophet" under related video section, he pointed and screamed "Mumma HUZOOR, HUZOOR".  When I asked him where he had seen him, he said "ammi" showed it to me.  He also talked about all the nice things "Ammi" told him about huzoor and how we should follow his teachings. Earlier that month, I had also found out an Ahmadiya keychain in his bag pack but didn't think too much of it. But that whole huzoor incident made me uncomfortable and that's when I knew we had a problem.  I was really hurt and felt betrayed.  

The thing is that the whole family was extremely nice and friendly.  Very helpful.  The mother in law joked about convering me but I never thought anything of her and joked it off.  I felt so connected to them at all levels, the whole family environment, something I soo missed after my parents passed away and something I always thought my son needed to have that I never questioned their faith/religion.  I thought my son would be better off going to a Pakistani household than to someone from a different religion or background.  I had always made it clear to them that I don't want relgiion to get involved in our friendship.  I respect them as long as they respect my beliefs.  I also told them that I always feed my son Halal, I go out of my way to make sure that all we eat is Zabiha halal.  I later found out that they were feeding him non-halal food, probably for years.

It took me weeks to figure out how to confront her regarding the issue, I didn't want to hurt any feelings, considering how they had been extremely  helpful. When I finally gathered up the courage, instead of giving me an explaination or even apologizing and assuring me that it won't happen again, Sadia called me up next day and told me that she won't be able to watch my son anymore.  I was heart broken but now looking back, I honestly believe that Allah swt was really looking out for me.  

My son is still young, it broke his heart and he just can't seem to understand why he can't go see his "family" anymore, but I guess it would have been a lot harder if he was older.  Also, I am kinda glad that it ended on it's own. I shared my story with my friends and later found out sooo many more stories of their manipulation.  I have seen many people knocking on our doors trying to convert us to their faith but Ahmadis are known to "bribe" you with money, wealth and financial support.    This family who took care of my son had two HUGE beautiful houses next to each other in one of the most expensive neighborhood in US. They are very organized and cult-like, so ladies please be careful.  I wish I knew what I know now about them, but don't get sucked in to their kindness and manipulative ways. 

jazakAllah kheir for sharing your story here dear sister. may Allah always protect you& your son.

muhajjirah Group Admin
by on May. 3, 2012 at 6:28 AM

Quoting Sunnimama:

Assalamo alaikum

I agree with the sisters:  it doesn't matter how good it sounds, or what good they do. what matters is what wrong things they do.

Allah swt says in surat al-kahf ( the cave) "Shall we tell you of those who lose most in respect of their deeds?- Those whose efforts have been wasted in this life, while they thought that they were acquiring good by their works?"


jazakAllah kheir sunnimama..

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