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So now what? Questions please?

Posted by on Jan. 2, 2009 at 8:21 PM
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1) So I know this is a Muslim group, and I'm not here to ask about the politics.  So my question is: From my understanding, Palestine will never return until the world ends or something like that?  So what is it that we are supposed to believe from a Muslim perspective?  I mean obviously our heart bleeds for Gaza, but isn't the reality that there is no end to this?  I hope my question is clear. 

2) Also, besides making Du'a for people that are suffering in Gaza, what are we supposed to do or how do we help from a Muslim perspective, like for ex.  Going to protests, boycotting etc.

3)My final question has to do with just being a Muslim as well as what's going on in Palestine:

So when we make Du'a about our lives and our children, family and so forth, Are we supposed to be making Du'a about for ex. : Oh Allah may we all die Martyrs?  For example.   Or are we supposed to make Du'a to have longer fulfilled lives with loved ones?  I hope u understand what I am saying? 

Just to try to explain what's on my mind, what's going on in Gaza has really hit me hard, and before this incident I always made Du'a to let me and my children to always be healthy and to have long happy lives where my children are old enough to not need anyone else, or for them not to be young orphans. 

Since, the war on Gaza started, I've been afraid that the world is coming to an end but also don't want to be selfish for feeling this way at the same time.  I just have this terrible feeling  that  we are all coming to an end soon, because things are just getting out of control all over the world, so I started to think that maybe I should make Du'a where if I die young due to wars and so forth that I would die a Martyr as well as my kids and family with me so that noone is left behind?  I know this is crazy but I just wonder, when it comes to our life, what kind of Du'a should we be making?  And I understand that people with really strong Iman don't fear death and can not escape from it, so does that mean someone with really strong Iman wishes they would just die a good Muslim and go straight to Heaven?


I really hope everyone understands my awkward questions?

by on Jan. 2, 2009 at 8:21 PM
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