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President's Obama's speech in Cairo. what do you think?

Posted by (Group Owner) on Jun. 9, 2009 at 4:59 PM
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Assalamu alaikum sisters,

none of you mentioned the speech , so I thought I would post it here. this website gives you the video and the text.

I know this is NOT a political board, nor do we discuss politics on here. but what do you think this speech will mean to us Muslims living here?  I am not talking about the Palestinian cause. that ship , sad to say, has sailed long time ago with America's constant support of Israel. I am asking about what does this mean to us as Muslims living here, or abroad. do you like it? do you think it will help or hurt us. do you think it will help or hurt our president. esp. that anti Islam sentiments are at their highest..

Barak Obama's speech in Cairo.

Love and salaam (peace)

 (proud2bmom3 Muslim Moms-- Owner. 

by on Jun. 9, 2009 at 4:59 PM
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by on Jun. 9, 2009 at 5:46 PM

Salam Alikom,

I am NOT an Obama supporter. But, I do think his speech was a good one and was LONG OVERDUE. However I don't think it makes any difference overall. One speech won't change  years of misguided policies and agendas. When he DOES something concrete to help the Muslim-American community and the global Muslim community is when views will change---I don't think that will happen. Politically he can't and won't really DO anything. Lets face it the Jewish lobby has its hooks into the political system so deep it would be political suicide for him to make real concrete change. This speech was a drop in the bucket. IF IF IF he would have given this type of speech in the USA, THEN I would have a different opinion.

by on Jun. 9, 2009 at 7:55 PM
I am not at all an Obama supporter. Quite frankly, I think he is a despicable human being. He supports abortion rights all the way through the third trimester, which to me is deplorable. He wishes to reduce private health care in this country to the level of a Veterans' Administration, or government hospital, which, from having worked in one, is medicine at its worst. Regardless of how he wishes or doesn't wish to elevate the status of Muslims in the future, the fact that he is so against the right of every human being to be given a chance at life makes his speech in Cairo meaningless.

I also find it ironic he claims to want to elevate the status of Muslims in the world, yet he ignores the nation with one of the largest Muslim populations...India with its 14% minority. My understanding of Arabs is that they only form about 20% of the world's Muslim population, Asians form the majority, from Indonesia and the Indian subcontinent, yet he has virtually ignored India, when they had warm relations with former President Bush.

I have no respect for the man, did not vote for him or vote for him by abstinence from voting. His courting Muslims means nothing to me.
by on Jun. 10, 2009 at 5:38 PM

 Wa laykum as-salam, I actually support our President (yes and I did vote for him). But putting politics aside, and focusing only on this particular speech, I applaud it. I think it is only a good thing and it's good to hear Obama speaking positively concerning Islam (and also other faiths that he spoke on as well). Read the text of his speech or watch the video if you missed it -- his message is one about peace & understanding. I think it's important considering the many misunderstandings of Islam in America, and those Americans who are "ignorant", hopefully it will make a difference for them to see their President speaking against such misunderstandings in a way I really didn't see Bush doing. At the same time, it lets the international world know that we as a country are not living in misinformed hate.

To me, Obama is an intelligent and open minded leader, and I for one feel good seeing a smart man in the white house (at last, lol). I understand some won't agree w/ me but yeah... I feel it was a positive speech not only for Muslims but for all involved.

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