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My extreme reaction to cold and hot is gone

Posted by on Aug. 21, 2009 at 5:04 PM
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    I have aways had an extreme sensitivity to cold and hot. i couldn't stand to wear shorts, dresses, sleeves shirts, slips, polyester, jewelry, watches, wear shoes, be bare footed, standing infront fans/ heaters and the worst was the sexy scimpy night wear my husband bought me when i was married.  I was married 20 and i couldn't stand to wear the sexy night wear he bought for me.   Jim died this last November and i am alone.

   when i wore them my body temp would drop if it was cold and my body temp would raise when it was hot and i would freak out in pain.  Polyester and jewelry broke me out in a rash.  Watches caused me to pass out.  

   I found ways to get around it by not wearing what bothered me, but i had to wear dresses so i wore no slips i repalced it with long pants and short sleeved shirts under my long dresses and for a short dresses i wore shorts and knee high socks.  Jewelry and watches i still can't wear.  i couldn't get around shoes or bare foot so i just ignored it.  At night i had to wear 2 layers of clothing with 2 layers of socks, a hood and a weighted blanket just to get to sleep.  The weight blanket went away, but the 2 layers of clothing stayed around.

   3 days ago i decided to wear a sexy night wear and i didn't feel cold, get a rash or freak out i loved to wear it.  I noticed that the past 3 weeks i had been wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts, the past 3 monthes i have been able to be infront of a heater and fan without freaking out and the past month polyester doesn't break me out in rash anymore.  My autism is going away one trait at a time.

   It was hard being married when i couldn't wear the clothes that made me look sexy.  My husband was upset that i couldn't wear them too.  It had to happenafter i was a widow living alone now i don't have anyone to wear the sexy clothes for. 


by on Aug. 21, 2009 at 5:04 PM
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