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SAVE at the PUMP! NEW way for your to gain better gas mileage and EARN money! It's a MUST SEE!!!

Posted by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 3:41 PM
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Many of us have tried anything we can do to get better gas mileage out of our vehicles.  Some of us have gone to smaller vehicles and others just can't change their vehicle due to the economy or needs.  I personally have an SUV, V8.  Would I like to be more supportive of the environment or get better gas mileage...of course I would.  However my vehicle is paid off and I don't want a car payment.  My son is in on a travel baseball team and there is NO WAY we could get his equipment and all the things we travel with in a small vehicle, so we'd end up renting a larger vehicle.  Some of these things may sound like you or maybe you have your own reason.

BOTTOM LINE we all want better gas mileage and to save at the pump.  Well for 16 years a certain fuel additive has been available for commercial use and is NOW available to US!!!  And it's CHEAP...

Many of you may have noticed that there are a lot of companies turning to network marketing to promote their product.  WHY?

  • Because it keeps the cost of the product LOW
  • Enables individuals struggling for extra money a means to gain some!
  • Cuts out the middle man

WE whether we think so or not are the biggest "talkers" and refer people to products ALL the time!  Companies know this now!  Paul Zane Pilzner predicted it...Network Marketing is becoming the means to a better lifestyle.

NOW BACK TO HOW YOU CAN SAVE:  (I don't have all the information for you right now...believe me I'm in the process of gaining more info for you!)

I have a lot of access to info, but not a whole lot I can visually show you yet...just know that this is REAL!

Here's a little of what I do have!  Some of this may not matter to us mamas, but it sure as heck will matter to our spouses or significant others or dad's or any other person (male or female) in an industry that requires fuel.  Think about who you districts, city districts, truck drivers, companies with a large fleet of vehicles, company cars, the list goes on and on.  YOU could be the first to show them how they can save!  HOT mamas in the fuel industry...I LOVE IT!

Engine Boost 2.0 is a break-through product which produces results in 4 key categories:
1. Prolongs engine life and reduces wear

Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 uses a combination of ingredients that work together to prolong the life of your engine. Detergents, demulsifiers, rust & corrosion inhibitors, lubricating agents, and polymerization retardants work together to keep things clean and running smoother. The result is that component parts of the engine and fuel system run longer, work better, and cost much less to maintain. Engine Boost 2.0 also reduces friction, which means less wear on moving parts. This translates into fewer repairs over the life of your vehicle, saving you money and time.

2. Increases fuel mileage and economy

Put simply, Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 contains a compound which creates a longer, better burn. This allows your engine to burn much more of the injected fuel, instead of sending unused fuel out the exhaust. Most vehicles waste a good amount of unused fuel as emissions. You can’t solve that problem with regular or even premium fuels alone.
So what does this mean to you? Enabling a more complete burn process means you use less fuel because you're using the available fuel more efficiently. This equates to better gas mileage, and ultimately money saved!

3. Improves vehicle performance and horse power

Your engine is just like most other things. The cleaner it is, the better it works! As the cleaning process removes any carbon build up, the engine will run smoother, and the vehicle will drive better. 
Engine Boost 2.0 also impacts the vehicle’s horse power. Because you get a longer better burn, and the engine is burning more of the injected fuel, you get more power from the same amount of fuel.

4. Reduces harmful emissions and pollutants

One very important benefits of using Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 is that is reduces the amount of harmful emissions produced by your vehicle by almost 1/3. As we have said, it improves the combustion process in the engine, which in turn reduces the harmful emissions produced. A common term used today is Carbon Footprint. A carbon footprint is a measure of the impact we have on the environment in terms of the amount of greenhouse gasses we produce. We can all breath easier because Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 will help you reduce your carbon footprint and make any vehicle you drive run cleaner.

Use Engine Boost 2.0 with GAS or DIESEL FUEL!

As I said...some of this isn't as important to us, but is to other, so we need to know it.  If you've been looking for a business and nutrition isn't your thing, or long distance or travel or candles etc. isn't doing it for you then why not hit the world with the ONE thing that EVERYONE has to use and has been looking for a way to save!  The money in this compensation plan and bonuses are DEEP pockets...  It's really something you should consider.

Please let me know if you have more I'm sure you will do I get paid!  I'd be happy to answer those questions, however this email has already gotten VERY long! ;)

Contact me for more information and we'll also be offering FREE leads once you have joined our organization!!!  It is our goal to have you making money RIGHT AWAY!!!

I appreciate your time.

Take care,

by on Jul. 28, 2009 at 3:41 PM
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