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Update from Kaleb's Mom - 6/20/2007

Posted by on Jun. 20, 2007 at 8:47 PM
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I am Tired

I am tired and warn out today so this will be a short blog. I am sorry. I am starting to get emotionally drained... Don't get me wrong it was a great day for Kaleb. But first thing this AM a little girl came back to the unit to see the nurses. She had been admitted two weeks after Kaleb was and was on a vent for 2 weeks. Well now she is all better and the nurses went crazy! They were so excited to see her doing so well. This is def. a great thing... don't get me wrong. But this made me SO sad. I started to cry... I want to be that family! Why can't we be that family? I know with time we will be... but it is still VERY sad for me. This kind of set the tone for me for the day. I am just so drained... I miss my baby. I miss waking up in the morning and hearing Kaleb talk to himself... Our home is so lonely... I can't even cook dinner because that requires that I be home for an extended amount of time. It almost like time just stopped in our home... everything is in its place just waiting for Kaleb to come home. We opened one of the cabinates and noticed that it was filled with baby food and half a can of formula... My heart is just so lonely... It is not fair that somebody is just able to do this to a child and be able to live freely before she is tried. It makes me sick... My son has had no normalcy since this happened, why should she? But the Trial will be here in due time...

Kaleb is still doing very well. His infection is pretty much gone! AMEN. He is moving a whole bunch and making noises. He usually only makes noises when he is frustrated but still.... it is something! Josh had off of work today so we were up here as a family. The speech therepist noticed that Kaleb seems to be trying to focus with his Right eye!!!! She is not sure of what he is seeing... but it looks like he is seeing something. He threw up a little bit this AM but has been ok since. This is a slow process. We, I have to be Patient. Time heals all and surely the time he has had has been in his favor. The doctor says that he my go home in about a month, as long as nothing else goes wrong. They are shooting to put in the G tube (Tube that goes through his sking and directly to his stomach) by next week... THis may or may not be a permenate thing. I know Kaleb is going to be ok.... It just takes time.

I keep getting emails asking if certain sites a valid for fundraising. The only sites that I am aware of are the ones on the Help Kaleb site. These are the ones that I support. Sheila and a few other girls are the ones managing all of this.

Please also understand that I did not turn to Myspace to ask for money... I simply started doing this to update my friinds from Tampa that actually knew me. Then one of my friends, Hailey took my blogs and posted a bulletin about Kaleb. Since then it has turned into this. I was blessed enough to meet Sheila who wanted to start a fundraiser page for Kaleb and the rest is history. I am not asking any of you to send anything or buy anything... I feel that would be wrong. But for those compelled to do so... Thank you! It is appreciated GREATLY.

One more thing I need to add is that the Hospital is unable to except packages or Cards. They are going to send back whatever is sent here. They say it is a liability issue. I am the one who checks the PO BOX and I do so daily. The ladies at the post office even know who I am and why I am coming up to the desk. So please do not uncomfortable about sending anything there. I am the only one who has the key.

Thank you all! I know I am kind of down in the dumps today.... But still I am human and I have my good days and Bad days.... But I still have faith... Through all of my bad days.

So much for a short blog =p
by on Jun. 20, 2007 at 8:47 PM
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