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Anatomy of Pleasure

Posted by on Feb. 10, 2011 at 6:23 PM
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Anatomy of Pleasure
This handy dandy article is created for you to read, ponder and learn what makes many kitties purr or cocks cock-a-doodle “do”. In no way does this article mean to suggest that these are the ONLY hot spots located below the belt; please use this merely a guide map. We encourage you to explore your own (and potential partner’s) lovely bits with laughter, curiosity and a desire to experience pleasure.

As many people have questions regarding anatomy development, we have also categorized items in ways that they are comparable to male and female born individuals. Instead of seeing all the “girl” or “boy” parts labeled together, there will be a mish mash of “touch sensitive” biological parts listed together.

We do this with intention to highlight the similarities regarding the bodies and to acknowledge that not all individuals who are born female/male, identify as being what they were labeled at birth.

Finally, the list is designed to get you to do more of your own research! Specific steps of stimulation are not listed here: think of it as a map. Happy Exploring!

A Little Protection Please…

The Clitoral Hood
The outer edges of the inner lips meet just above the clitoral head to form the hood. It moves back and forth and provides protection to the magic button. The clitoral hood is comparable to the foreskin on a penis.

The Foreskin
The foreskin keeps the head of the penis moist and contains sensory receptors (which are similar to nerve endings found at the end of the fingertips). These sensory receptors provide pleasure (yay!) and alert the body that orgasm is approaching, which can be important.

The Foreskin is comparable to the hood over the clitoris.

The Big Wigs

The Clitoris Head-
The clitoris, approximately 6 inches long, and holds up to 8000 nerve endings. It fills with blood during arousal and produces an erection, causing it to nearly double in size. It is comparable to the penis.

The Shaft of the Clitoris-
You can feel the shaft under the mons pubis. Rubbing on the shaft is a way to provide clitoral stimulation without directly touching the head.

The Head of the Penis
Shiny, smooth and beautifully colored in shades of brown, reds or purples, this hot spot is extremely sensitive to stimulation. It is comparable to the clitoris.

Lips and Sacs

Outer Lips (Labia Majora)-
The outer lips connect with the thighs and are usually naturally covered in hair. Usually fuller and often (but not always) more pronounced than inner lips, a bundle of erectile tissue is located beneath the surface that engorges with blood during arousal. The labia majora are comparable to the scrotum.

The Scrotum (The Ball Sack)
The scrotum is rich with nerve endings and many a sac owner will pout due to the lack of playtime that they get to experience with partners. So touch away (nicely of course). The scrotum pulls up close to the body when ejaculation is approaching (or the sac owner is cold or becoming scarred). The scrotum is comparable to the labia majora.

All The Spots Please!

Urethral Sponge (a.k.a G-Spot)
The G-Spot is located on the top portion of the vagina (meaning towards the stomach) about one to two inches inside the vagina. It becomes engorged with fluid, developing ridges that can be felt during sexual excitement.

The Prostate (Male Bodied Individuals G-Spot)
Located in the rectum about 2 inches in towards the stomach, similar to the G-Spot, but on male bodies. Funnily enough, it is shaped like a heart and about the size of a walnut. Massaging the prostate can cause a full body orgasm, allow ejaculate AND experience an orgasm without even being erect!

Everyone Has A Back Door…

The Perineum (aka; The Taint)
The perineum is a small area of skin above the anus and below the vaginal opening or scrotal sac. This is a very sensitive area of the genitals, a large amount of nerve endings and blood vessels are located here. These blood vessels engorge during arousal and can be very sensitive.

The Anus
The anus is so rich in nerve endings; it actually has just as many as on our lips! With any type of anal play, lube is a must, as the anus does not make its own. Using a vibrator, the pad of a gloved fingertip or the delightful tongue (surrounded by a dental dam) can feel quite delicious.

For Extra Fun!

The whole shebang. Everything you see between those lovely thighs on female born individuals is called the vulva. It’s a highly erogenous zone, so with consent, touch away.

Inner Lips (Labia Minora)
The inner lips enfold and surround the head of the clitoris, the urethral opening, and the opening to the vagina. They are extremely sensitive due to be filled with thousands of clitoral nerve endings. During arousal, the inner lips change color, from light pink to darker hues. Like breasts, clitoris and penises, they fill with blood during arousal and get bigger.

The Vagina
The beginning portion of the vagina is the most sensitive part for many people. While fondling the beginning portions this area can be delightful, most vaginal owners find that “deep-dicking” produces more pain than pleasure, so be sure you ask before you plow away.

Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone
A highly sensitive spot in the vagina. Located ALL the way back in the vagina and is fused to the top of vaginal wall (towards the tummy). This type of play produces a similar sensation as G-Spot stimulation but without the feeling like it’s time to go pee.

The Male Frenulum
The frenulum is where the shaft of the penis and the foreskin meet. A delicate type of tissue, it’s advised not to stroke this area with dry hands; use lube or a tongue. Some frenulum owners will feel as this is the most sensitive portion of the penis while other’s find the head to be th
by on Feb. 10, 2011 at 6:23 PM
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by René on Nov. 29, 2013 at 10:03 PM

I read something not too long ago that indicated we have a bundle of nerves connected to sexual pleasure that extend up into our abdomens.

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