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Protecting Your Children From DCFS/CPS Corruption

Posted by on Jul. 22, 2011 at 11:35 AM
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  You know, it's a shame it has come down to this, and I know alot of you mother's out there who never witnessed DCFS/CPS you may not understand, how the corruption generally in states with a high population is, now spreading to smaller areas. If you don't know what DCFS stands for, it stand for Department Of Children and Family Services also know as CPS. It was an agency once to protect truly abused and severely neglected children, where anyone can call in anonymously, and they take the call, back when people used to do the right thing, this was a very honorable service, but that is no longer the case anymore.

Often times, people call in because of their own personal issue with you, say if you have an enemy for some odd reason, or if you newly moved into a small town neighborhood outskirting from a larger city, often times, it's their way of getting you out of their small town in fear of you bringing down their town, some knowing the seriousness of such accusations and what they may lead to, and others just being plain ignorant just wanting to disrupt your life.

Another case is medical staff, they're trained to mandate reports to DCFS/CPS whenever they see fit, say if a parent brings a child into the E.R. with a broken arm or a baby with a high temperature, they can call in and mandate a report, it's usually rarely the doctor, it's mainly the medical staff sometimes a nurse, thinking she's saving a child, who has no kids ignorant to the real world, that most parents bringing their kids into the E.R. are rarely the ones to commit abuse to their child, nor any form of neglect. Typically she thinks she's doing right by always calling in mandating reports, or maybe she's a little corrupt, and wants to look like nurse super hero, not really caring about the outcome.

Once a call is made whether it's mandated or not, You are guilty and never proven innocent, even with all the medical records in the world to prove it, and all the food in the fridge, and a squeaky clean home, they are vulltures! They say it is in the best interest for the child, when it's nothing but an aliby, it's become all about money, these are the most heartless people on the face of the earth, next to pedophiles. They may if you're lucky, come in like an angel, interview you, and then twist your words up and say things you never said along with fabrication of evidence and make things into what they feel like believing to get the bonus pay, and then remove your kids either immediatly or in the long run.

Sorry if I'm not enough in detail, but you can email me if you have any questions, I know alot of you are pro DCFS/CPS thinking in terms of I'm a good parent, so I have nothing to worry about, this is only for kids born to drug addicted parents, and alcoholics or with some mental problems. Thinking this way, is the biggest mistake of your life, and could cost you your family one day.

Here is my step by step guide to protecting your children from DCFS/Cps corruption

1. Keep record of everything, doctors visits, doctors orders,immunizations (the obvious)

2. When buying food, save your receipts have a box

3. Keep your home spotless, do not over work your kids to keeping the house clean, keep a schedule so that it stays clean.

4. Be sure your kids are always smelling clean, with clothes that fit and are weather appropriate

                         Now For the More Less Obvious Things

1. Never trust your neighboor

2.Teach your kids never to accept handouts from anyone no matter who they are

3. Always show up at school events

4. Never be late picking your child up, from a friends house, school or any other places, it is very easy to get sidetracked with work and things to do at home, such as having dinner ready.

5. No matter how bad your child acts, do not spank them, if you have a child who has behavioral issues such as an out of control teen, who doesn't respect you, you just have to deal with it, if you have younger children, there is nothing you can do, they just have to grow out of it. The best way to handle it is by ignoring, and taking away privilages.

6. Avoid the emergency rooms if possible, to all of you hypocondriac parents, I know there's nothing like worrying about the health and wellbeing of your child, but as I said before, unfortunately you have to stay calm no matter how serious it may seem.

7. Be sure to make all of the doctors appointments, show up extra early, in the end it's first come first serve basis.

8. I know this may sound silly, because we all know how much we love our kids, but every now and then show public displays of affection, towards them.

9. Make it known when you're taking them to an activity, say ''Come on let's go to soccor practice'' or ballet lessons, whatever it is, and do not make it look like your constantly trying to get rid of your kids putting them off on activities all day.

10. Do not leave your kids home alone. (it's hard, but try to get a better schedule) this is how tragedies occur.

11. Teach your kids not to speak with adults asking adult questions like finances and personal questions about the family, teach them to say ''I don't know'' if asked adult questions and to say ''Ask my parents'' or simply ''that's none of your business'' that usually will fix them.

12. Make sure your kids aren't constantly going to the school nurse it looks like a cry for attention.

13. If you're struggling with bills and expenses, stay out of institutions, such as welfare, food stamps, catholic charities, so-called help with rent, these all put you at risk for losing your kids, especially if you get a corrupt case worker who prolongs your application, and can notify dcfs just to cover his or her own dirt, and Catholic Charities should never be trusted because they're partenered with DCFS. Just work those extra hours do over time, try not to live above your means, and if all else fails seek support from a trusted immediate relative, if you have that luxury.

14. Don't let an argument between you and your spouse go too far, never call the police in matters like these even if it is domestic violence, because you can get a super hero cop who will call dcfs. Try and work things out, never let your kids see you argue. If your spouse is abusing you just walk away leave your kids with the grandparents and stay in a hotel/motel, to have some alone time to re-evaluate being with this person.

      What to do when someone has called DCFS on You

 1. Never ever panic

2. If they knock at your door, you are not obligated to open the door or as much let them in, unless there is a warrant. (this is how they get you, they make you believe you have to open the door for them) If it was so serious they would've had a warrant put out.

3. They could be anyone, they don't dress in uniform, if you answered the door for them, and they try and force their way in your home, call the police immediatley. They are not above the law, but this is how people lose their kids to legalized kidnapping in a matter of just a few seconds, because it's typically one person and some are so corrupt they will remove your kid all based on a hearsay report, They can say anything

4. Do not let them walk around your home nor agree to a ''safety plan'' because once you do this, for as long as they let you keep your kids they will be in your life forever. Every 5 weeks with a new safety plan. There have been cases where the safety plan included the mother going to go live with the neighboor and putting the children in an 11 hour per day daycare while the father works 12 hours per day and only seeing the kids at night. They can tell you anything they feel like to put you on puppet strings in your own home.

5 If interviewed outside the home, for example in the E.R because your kid fractured something or brought your baby in with a fever, and a corrupt staff member or just ignorant inexperienced medical staff member calls dcfs with accusations, when they come to the hospital, let it be, don't speak with them keep your silence and focus on your child, everything you say can and will be twisted up, fabricated into things you never said, and used against you.

6. This really should be the first thing, but never ever sign anything, from them, also look before you sign, it could cost you your child.

   To work for DCFS/CPS it only takes 3 weeks of training, anything that requires such a short amount of training, should be redflagged, for lack of experience, and many times out of touch with possible scenarios, due to lack of training, and often time newbies, don't know what to do so they just do the easiest thing write a safety plan, or remove your kids, even if it's proven they're not abused or neglected. The Case Workers get rewarded, because the ones above, the workers who do the ground work such as the supervisors, never keep tabs on their intake workers. So much they believe they're doing a good job.

Once you lose your kids, forget ever getting them back, unless you are truly an alchoholic, or drug abuser or with a pedophile in the home, these people are so anti family that even in adoptions that they handle, They don't even let siblings get adopted out by the same adoptive parent a lot of times. You would think that is the least they can do after removing kids from good homes. The truth about foster homes, it's not the foster homes that are bad, it's DCFS overloading them with kids they stole and should not even be there, and when a child dies in the hands of foster care due to the overload, they want to blame the foster care to cover their own dirt.

to find out more information, or fight against this losing battle sweaping the U.S. Nation visit  and to find out more.

by on Jul. 22, 2011 at 11:35 AM
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Replies (1-10):
by Christy on Jul. 22, 2011 at 11:41 AM

My parents used to keep all these records like that and I think it is an excellent practice. They kept every receipt they ever spent on me and the one's they spent on themselves. 

by on Jul. 22, 2011 at 11:50 AM

It's amazing how some people don't, my husband and I are file packrats, we even saved the scrap thingy from around the medical cards when they first came in the mail!

by Roma on Jul. 22, 2011 at 11:57 AM
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I didn't do all of this.  If CPS investigated me when my kids were younger (my baby is 15 and I have two in their 20's, I'm not worrying about this) they could check the pediatrician for records.  A house visit would reveal food in the fridge and cabinets, well nourished and healthy children.

I think there are far more instances of CPS being overwhelmed by caseload that abused kids get missed rather than kids in a good home are removed.

by on Jul. 22, 2011 at 12:24 PM

Wow you're lucky your kids are adults/nearly, some of us have a long way to go. If only this was a perfect world where people who work for them were honest, like they might of been at one point. God bless you and your family.

by Gina on Jul. 22, 2011 at 12:31 PM
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Wow....that's full-on alarmist claptrap.

Is DCFC/CPS perfect? Nope.

Are they "out to get us"? Nope. They don't have the time or the resources for that.

Sounds like someone needs to take her meds to help with the paranoia.

by on Jul. 22, 2011 at 12:34 PM

To all of you who said you don't agree and these people are heroes, you are very very blessed to have a non corrupt DCFS system in your state. but if any of you who agree, I take it most of you, are from the midwest, and california, where the true corruption is, and it's slowly spreading to parts of the east coast, like florida, and New York.

by Member on Jul. 22, 2011 at 12:42 PM

what a massive load of bull dookie from a vary biased "government agencies are ALWAYS wrong and out to get us" group. *smh*

by on Jul. 22, 2011 at 12:44 PM

you should be keeping your receipts.

You don't have to let anyone in to your home. My brothers and sisters were taken from my family when I left the home, because I was the glue. My stepdad (who had been unceremoniously tossed on his ass) was trying desperately to get them out of foster care (and the horrors that happened in foster care were numerous) and kept failing home inspections. He couldn't figure out why, and in PA they aren't required to tell you. Well, my mom moved, and in Jersey, they do have to tell you.

He got failed once for having soda cans in the dish drainer. (it's documented) he was told he failed a polygraph and didn't.  The abuses of the system were numerous and egregious, and it does indeed happen.

However, the best thing you can do is refuse CPS entry while simultaneously calling your attorney.

by New Member on Jul. 23, 2013 at 5:03 PM

This is a fabulous article and unfortunately is SO TRUE! My son is a high functioning (really high) kid with Asperger's Syndrome. Through his various behaviorists, I too have incurred the plague that is DCFS. I was lucky, I dont think they are quite so corrupt where I live. But it would seem that the behavioral services I was getting from the state were the ones creating the reports. This is pretty unheard of as most behavirosits (however inefective 99% of them are) will not create such an adversary role between them and the parent. They will discuss issues before making a report. These people did not. I was able to extracate my son from their talons by using my right to end their services as they were voluntary. It seems pretty clear to me now that their goal was to make their services court ordered since our state is pretty much in the red and state workers want to validate their jobs. 

I left an audio paper trail on all the voice mails of all the workers and their superiors claining that I must discontinue services as they have done more harm than good. I said I could not subject my son to such emotional turmoil as they have been creating. 

That shut them up and the DCFS lady was rational and reasonable. I am LUCKY for that. We are at their mercy. Sad, I had a violent child and was only seeking help. 

by New Member on Jul. 23, 2013 at 5:05 PM

Sounds like you've never had to deal with it. 

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