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A friend sent a video to me that she thought I'd be interested in, and to say the least I am!

This I heard about it before and am appalled. There's no justification and should never be acceptable in our society. Call it  fair and equal down the line,I don't shy away nor support these actions! I want to clarify somethings. You people(in general, and some who know who they are) I posted after it was sent to me to prove a few things. Everybody has their own perspective and what happened in this video will be interpreted a million ways. The Title is to draw attention to the repliers. I know that every race has racists, and crime happens all the time. People have boo hoo'd since some much was made of the death of an unarmed teen. Unfortunately, people saw his color and tried to make his death justified. People made the statement more then once that black people don't care if a victim is white. This post and Title is to shed light. Crime is all around, and we, I do care and if it's a hate crime that's worse. But as I figured in this video many saw color, not a helpless,innocent victim just color! IMO, this is a pack attack,these cowards find themselves in situations like the one in the video,and like a pack they attacked, not because he's white,because he was alone and out of his element. People like the pack in this video have this MO, whether your white, black, purple or orange if they think it, they will do it. Again I don't condone any action that these clowns did. But I've seen it enough to know they will victimize anyone at the right time or right place, anyone. If your outraged, good I am outraged and ashamed of the human race, and I care! Period

In my Opininon No Disrespect

by on Apr. 14, 2012 at 12:43 AM
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by Platinum Member on Apr. 18, 2012 at 2:57 PM

That's why I said IMO, from my experience and my belief. I never said it was right and obviously with something so simple as hate the answers would be in a whole, more complex. I can only speak for me, and to me racism is despicable! But I know what it feels like, and the majority of the really heinous ones are sickening to me! It is Hard because your head knows it's not a singular race issue,but your Heart remembers when and why you were considered a non-human! And that in many forms  it still exist now.

Quoting ReginaStar:

Quoting charleyd68:

I have to weigh in here, it is hard for Black people to believe in  black on white racism because of the traditional and inherent racism that black people have been subjected to since well.........................always. In the past hundred years, not going back any further there has been blatant, deadly, and viscous racism. Again, no cards or pity, just fact, and it is hard to see the evil done to the race as being done by the race. Not condemnation, just is, not even right because we know black racism exists, as all races do, all race and or ethnicity have racists. But it has been overwhelmingly a burden heaped on this race. IMO now, and another thing black racism grew out of white racism. I am giving a personal opinion and not speaking for anyone but me. But I feel that Black people, like for example The Black Panther Party formed because the hate we suffered and as they received hate, the hate grew and it became tit for tat. Just like the Neo-Nazis showing up in Sanford to protect whites so to did the BPP in the sixties and while some where militant, they formed to fight the Klan,the NAACP is for the achievement of colored people. These groups became necessary because of the times and the NAACP is still here. The idiot NBPP with it's 9 members are a joke. But Brother Malcolm preached to fight eye for and eye too. And it's sad because it was necessary then and still around now, a sad testament with the pride to be sure!

Quoting ReginaStar:

Quoting Iconoclast:

Quoting ReginaStar:

I really have a hard time understanding you, honestly. But I will continue to try. This post is less about finding some white equal but more about the fact that attacking and killing is seen as some commonplace thing unless one can factor race into it in some way. Who cares about the color of Trayvon a man and woman lost a son, someone lost their brother, people lost a family member and we as a whole feel less than safe, especially when going to the store can end in death.
The fact that people are more likely to be more invested because the skin color fits the bill of what they want to notice (racism in its finest if you ask me) instead of seeing that the death of anyone whether your same color or another is wrong/disheartening and thats crap.
It's like your need to prove you are down with the listing of family members and their colors this is what sickens me because heaven forbid something happens you aren't going to remember your black, mixed, white family member; you won't remeber them as the black side of your family you visit quarterly, you remember that person and how much they meant to you.
I could tell you stories that equal yours about a this or that race family member but they are more than a color to me they are more than a CM defense.

I gave an opinion that I think what occurred in this video was racism.

I have previously also given a few opinions that what occurred in the Travon case was racism.

I totally agree with that. There is people on BOTH sides that are unable to see the racism unless they see the victim one color typically their own color and the perp as another. And yes it is very disheartening that the color of the victims matter to some people.

YOU said I feel a certain sort of way for black people so I asked you to tell me how you think I feel for the black and half black people in my life. YOU don't know anything of how I feel about the people in my life or otherwise to say such a thing. I live in a very color conscious world I could never not see some one's color as a HUGE part of who they are. Color tends to represent no just the physical aspect but the heritage and culture of a person.

So my question to you is why did you assume anything about me or get defensive just b/c I stated an opinion that I think this man was attacked b/c of his color? I'm sorry but that makes absolutely no sense to me. Seeing black on white racism does not equal that the person doesn't see white on black racism nor does it mean the person harbors racist/prejudice feelings.

I agree with most every thing you said. But I don't think treating racism with racism is justifiable. Although I do know that alot of hatred towards whites comes from a place of resentment on unfair treatment in the US going all the way back but I don't think it's excusable and I don't think that covers it 100%. The fact of the matter is if you have an equal # of people of all races among people of all races that have never been exposed to other races, racism in each group will occur without oppression ever being apart of that. Take for example the racism that occurs between blacks, asian, and hispanics (for this purpose a ethnic community). They have not oppressed each other but there is those that still hate or feel superior to the next. Also while oppression creates hate it certainly doesn't create superiority and there is most certainly people of every single race and ethnic group in this world who truly thinks their race/ethnic group is superior to all others.

In my Opininon No Disrespect

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