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Honor killing has no religious roots in Islam

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 DETROIT–Arab-Americans and their supporters held a conference in Detroit on Sunday against bigotry in response to an anti-Islam conference in Dearborn, Michigan.

"We stand for America," said Osama Siblani, publisher of the Dearborn-based Arab-American News, at a panel discussion held at a Detroit hotel. "And they (anti-Muslim activists) stand against America and against the American way of life."

Siblani's views were echoed by others who gathered for a conference organized by the Arab American Institute and supported by several other Arab-American groups to counter a conference held in Dearborn on Sunday by anti-Muslim activists called the "Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on Honor Killings."

Last year, Mokdad, 20, a Muslim was shot dead by her stepfather in Warren, Mich. Some anti-Islam activists said it was a honor killing because initial reports were that she was perceived as too independent, but Macomb County Assistant Prosecutor Bill Cataldo said Friday it was not an honor killing. The family of Mokdad opposed the anti-Islam conference and didn't want Mokdad's name on it, Cataldo said.

On Sunday, Imam Hassan Qazwini of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn -- the biggest mosque in Michigan -- said : "Honor killing has no religious roots in Islam."

Sunday's anti-Muslim conference features two of the most well-known anti-Islam activists in the United States, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

Geller, who blogs against Islam, said: "Our goal is to raise awareness about the phenomenon of Islamic honor killing in order to help bring a stop to it. These girls have rights, too, they're human beings, and yet they're completely forgotten in our politically correct culture."

Qazwini said he believes Geller is motivated by money. He said she wants to make "Islam look like a monster to raise funds."

Sunday's anti-Muslim conference in Dearborn is the latest effort by anti-Islam activists to target Dearborn, which has the highest percentage of Arab-Americans in the U.S., according to Census figures. Earlier this month, Quran-burning pastor Terry Jones held a demonstration outside Qazwini's mosque.

In addition, some Christian missionaries have increasingly targeted Muslims at the annual Arab festival in Dearborn; last year, some yelled at festival goers as they walked by.

James Zogby, who heads the Arab American Institute, said of Sunday's anti-Muslim conference: "These people are bigots … they are sick."

The Arab-American conference featured talks by U.S. House Reps. John Conyers and Hansen Clarke, both Democrats from Detroit. Daniel Kirchbaum, executive director of Michigan's Department of Civil Rights, also spoke at the event, saying that many in Michigan want to make sure "Muslims are treated fairly and equally."

by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 8:41 AM
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by on May. 1, 2012 at 11:53 AM
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Quoting 12hellokitty:


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Quoting Aisha123:

  The fact is that anyone in America should be able to have free thought and follow whatever religion they want even if it is not the religion they were brought up in.  There shouldn't be a call of Islamophobia just because in this case it happens to be a person trying to leave Islam.

 While I agree that anyone should be able to practice the religion they want, this girl was NOT killed over her head scarf she was killed because her step father had a crazy obsession with her and sexually abused her. The call that this is Islamophobia stems from the fact that very vocal Islamophobes like Gellar are intentionally associating this heinous murder with Islam instead of an obsessed sexual predator. When a person has an obsession and is a sexual predator many people around their obsession are afraid of the person committing the crime. She was not trying to leave Islam, she was trying to get away from a man who was obsessed with her and physically, mentally and sexually abusing her. For these people to claim that this wonderful girl who had her whole life ahead of her was trying to keep from being killed for "leaving Islam" yet she ran to her Muslim family in Michigan, makes absolutely no sense.

There should be a call that this IS Islamophobia because a crazy woman and her crew who hate Muslims are falsely associating this girl and her family with something only non-Muslims seem to talk about over here. I hope Geller gets her pants sued off of her.

It's funny that a person would claim in a post that this is not islamophobia and people in America have every right to "follow whatever religion they want" would be so supportive of Pamela Geller and her group "Stop the Islamization of America" slandering this poor girl and using her murder for publicity, Geller and her group intend to prevent people from practicing their chosen religion of Islam... the irony is hilarious.

So when are those within Islam going to start calling out people like Sam Harris and other well known Atheists as being vocal Islamophobes?

Is Sam Harris profiting off of Jessica Mokdad's death?

I have never seen an Islamophobe NOT get called on their BS. I don;t care what religion someone one is or is not, it is between them and God. I have no idea what Pam Geller's religion is so I am not sure why I would know who the Atheist Sam Harris is. Does he have a group trying to prevent Muslims from comign to America/being acknowledged as Americans/want to prevent anyone from freedom of religion?

But I am not sure why you are expecting ME to speak for all Muslims in regards to your off topic response.

Edited to add, a quick google pulled this up:

So yeah, your point is moot,

And there were more references to Harris. Muslims call him out. I live in Michigan, not far from Dearborn, that is why particular Islamophobes are better known to me, Debbie Schlussel, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer... even Terry Jones the Quran burner is shrugged off by many because his following is not to the extent that Schlussel, Geller and Spencer's is.

by on May. 1, 2012 at 1:38 PM
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 If you all didn't see it, Pam Geller and Robert Spencer actually refused to allow the Muslim women who registered to attend the event into it the other day. Plain as day it can be seen that this is in fact taking place in Dearborn and not some set up, as the Dearborn police are clearly seen in it. LOL, she claims to want to save them but won't let them in... and then the ones she's "saving" are removed from the conference by the police.

Shocker, lol.

The only people oppressing Muslim women at that event are the people who claim to want to save America from Islam.

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