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Daniel Adkins: The untold, Covered up & Kept Quiet

Posted by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 3:27 PM
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Daniel Adkins: The untold, Covered up & Kept Quiet


This is the only Photo of the victim
This is the only Photo of the victim

Daniel Adkins

Daniel Adkins, a 29-year-old unarmed and mentally lucid male was walking his dog along Baseline Road in Laveen (Phoenix), Arizona at night when a couple pulled out of the drive-thru of a Taco Bell restaurant.

An exchange occurred between the driver, who sat with his pregnant passenger, and Danel Adkins after the driver almost ran him down, ending with a shot to Adkins body that ended his life around 7:30 PM AZT (10:30 EST) on April 4, 2012. The shooter, whose name has not been released, called police and remained at the scene. No arrest has been made, which is why his name was not revealed.

Adkins is a White Hispanic male. The shooter is a Black 22-year-old male. Does this compare in a topsy turvy way to the Zimmerman Martin situation?

It does in that a unarmed person was shot in both cases and the Stand Your Ground law has been used to keep the shooters free on both accounts. It is similar in that two minorities engaged in activity that ended up with one death, the unarmed one.

It does in that both victims of bother cases were walking along minding their own business until a gun was pulled, and both shooters claim self defense.

The Difference

Zimmerman followed Martin. The shooter of Adkins just decided not to pull off while in his car.

Zimmerman claims Martin swung at him and bashed his head--with bruising. The shooter of Akdins claims he was attacked by flying fist and a stick--no bruising.

Zimmerman waited too late to stop following Martin before a confrontation. It was stupid of Zimmerman, and he did stop following Martin I stress. It was too late because Martin had already decided to confront Zimmerman--and why do I know Zimmerman's name when he wasn't charged until April 11?

Adkins shooter could have pulled off from the scene rather than stay there and argue with a man of questionable mental comprehension. He did not have to wait until his action instigated Adkins into punching at him.

An importantdifference between the incidences is a witness. A witness claims that Adkins took a few swings at the driver's window before the shots.

Still, why didn't he just pull off? Why isn't his hame being lambasted like Zimmerman's name was and is? If the White Nation decided to put a capture request on the shooter would it be okay?

Will the president speak publicly about Adkins and identify with him personally. And if so, who would Adkins be to him?

Where is the police video of the driver's injuries and the police reports of his involment--don't forget the 911 call he made. His girlfriend was in the car with him--a car that could easily have driven away from Adkins.

Also, since this story is so similar to Trayvon and George's, why isn't it being referenced in nation's news and spewed back at the thousands wearing hoodies? Are thousands of Hispanics going to do a dog walking demonstration near Taco Bells for Adkins?

Where are Daniel's protests?

In My Own Backyard!!!

I cannot say that I am not hurt by this. It happened in my neighborhood, a middle class neighborhood. I go to that Taco Bell. I shop at the stores in that area. My children and wife live here! I would never have thought that one of my neighbors would kill a person over an argument! I never thought that.

Does it matter that the person is Black? It does not. Does it matter that Adkins is Hispanic, or should I say White Hispanic--or he was. No, it does not.

Does it matter that Travon was Black? That is the real issue. It is okay if it happens to other people, just not a Black.

Double standard is the rule here. Have we changed from the days where if you have one drop of White blood in you it does not matter?

Zimmerman is White now because his name is from his father? The fact that he looks like the average Hector Sanchez (John Smith) does not come into play.

My heart is heavy America. I feel the tears hot in the back of my soccets trying to appear as I type. I am so hurt by all of this tension in the Black communities and the double standards for justice in America.

I feel I have to defend the White people against Black fueled racism! It is not our turn to be racists! When will we learn?

Let the Madness Stop

No Divide

I cannot justify in my mind the difference between Zimmerman and the shooter of Daniel Adkins. I see no difference in the death of Trayvon Martin and Danel Adkins! I do not see why Trayvon is more important to broadcast than Daniel.

Political machinations work here to divide us. Black leaders are running with this Trayvon Martin death as if Zimmerman is a hate-monger. He is not. He is a minority who used excessive force. He could not run fast enough from Trayvon after his attack.

Adkins' shooter still had the ability to flee, being in a car. He choose to "stand his ground" and kill a man. Was it necessary for Adkins to die because he took a swing at the man with no evidence the blow made a connection? No, it was a choice. If anything Daniel was standing his ground after being attacked with a vehicle.

The Maricopa County Police Department has completed its job and it is up to the DA to bring together appropriate charges.

The family has refuted accusations that this incident was racially motivated and express concern that neighbors are speaking of the incident in such terms. The family wants justice. Now that Zimmerman is in jail for his crime, the shooter of David Adkins will soon follow because his crimes are not justifiable.

CNN has a much more detailed report/story regarding this story that was posted today.

by on Apr. 30, 2012 at 3:27 PM
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