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Being a gay Christian isn’t easy, but being a gay Seventh-day Adventist is an especially difficult path because Adventism, to most, is more than a belief system; it’s also a close-knit community of belonging. The unique setting of Adventism, a worldwide denomination with 16 million members with distinct cultural markers, heightens this conflict. In many ways tangible and intangible, being Adventist is much more than subscribing to a set of beliefs. It is a way of life, a community not easily left.

Most Adventists follow strict dietary guidelines, attend church schools, go to church hospitals, and often have few friends outside of the church. By definition they attend church on Saturdays not Sunday, a practice which separates them even from other Christians. For someone immersed in the church, the culture and DNA of Adventism is almost like an ethnicity. They can no easier stop being Adventist than they can stop being gay.

For all its apparent peculiarities, Adventism does not deviate from the Christian mainstream in its condemnation of homosexuality. This leaves gay Adventists with a gut-wrenching decision. They have to choose between remaining a member in good standing in the church they love and the possibility of an intimate, loving relationship. Or is there a way to reconcile their faith and identity?

The film explores this intersection of faith, identity, and sexuality through the stories of gay and lesbian Adventists who are struggling with their desire to belong to the church they know and love and their need to be fully accepted for who they are.


by on May. 5, 2012 at 9:44 AM
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by Bronze Member on May. 6, 2012 at 8:25 AM
I'm a former Seventh-Day Adventist. I was "kicked out" after my divorce in 2003. I cried when I got the letter. Oddly, my asshole ex-husband wasn't. (kicked out). Ask me any time about what my experience was like. I went to the schools and all that.

The religion is very narrow-minded.
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Don't know much about Seventh Day Adventists, but it sounds like this person is looking for some type of loophole.  This is just one more example of those with in the gay community seeking approval for a lifestyle that goes against the teaching of their faith. 

 It is NOT a lifestyle. Its not a "choice". DO you think being born white with blue eyes is a lifestyle? Well, being Gay or Lesbian is something you are born with just like being white with blue eyes..

A gay person does not TRY to go against the "teachings" of a church. And we don't even know if they ARE "teachings" or just a recent prejudice devised by people who are afraid of anything 'different.

 Having blue eyes doesn't require thought or action, being homosexual does.  As for it going against the teaching of SDA I have no idea.  SDA seem to be focused on making up their own rules as they go. 

 Does that mean that you believe gays think and act gay and that they have control over how they think and act? Will thinking as if they are  "not gay" make them "not gay"? DO you see what I am asking? MY message is that they ARE born gay just as some of us are born with blue eyes. You can't change gays,you know.And they are not "sinning".

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