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Please Keep Your Unvaccinated Child Away **UPDATE**

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Update 2: 4 babies have died in my county alone from Whooping cough this year. A school close by was just shut down because of an outbreak. Health officials are urging everyone to get their booster, especially those who come into contact with babies under the age of 1. And no, I am not ranting or raving. I respect both sides of this issue as I am on both sides of this issue (I cannot take all vaccinations due to my lupus).

Update 1: No, I will not be a hermit. She gets her first vaccinations at 6-8 weeks. After that I will breathe better. How does not wanting to see my child die young from something that is PREVENTABLE make me a lunatic? No, it makes me a concerned mother, which we ALL are. ALSO the reason there is outbreaks is because people forget to get their BOOSTER shot. You need a BOOSTER EVERY 8-10 YEARS for the Whooping Cough vaccination to remain effective.

You are entitled to your opinion, I mine. I don't believe I was being rude or disrespectful, as I stated everything is your choice. So if you have proof or an interesting article that supports your case, let me know. I don't believe in giving children too many antibiotics. Or over-medicating. Vaccinations, several who have saved my life (I was born in Haiti) I will not skip!



I believe, that ultimately, it is your decision not to vaccinate your child. I understand that there are a few circumstances that actually call for it. But those who do not fall into the category of the select few are putting others at risk.

Fact, the link to autism and vaccinations has been DEBUNKED. Over and over and over and over again.

Fact, the benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to vaccinating your child.

Fact, it is your choice whether not to vaccinate

BUT if you are unwilling to vaccinate your child, keep them out of the schools and day-cares. They are a danger to all with compromised immune systems (like me, I have Lupus), babies, the elderly, and young children. Case in point, whooping cough is at EPIDEMIC levels in my state right now. Whooping cough while annoying to adults is very serious in young children and DEADLY to infants. Newborns cannot get their first set of shots until they are 6-8 weeks old. And the effectivness of the whooping cough vaccination is not "solid" enough until they are about 1 year when they have had enough of the series.

Because of that no one in my family, or any of my friends for that matter are allowed around my baby girl (due in 8 weeks!) without having been vaccinated FIRST.

They just shut down an entire middle school due to an outbreak out here. Adults think they have an annoying cough until the "whooping sound" sets in. By then they are past their most contagious period (the first 21 days) and have spread it to loved ones. I hear new heartbreaking stories every day. Diseases that we have not seen for 30-40 years are coming back in the form of outbreaks because people believe Jenny McCarthy over their doctors!

I am sure I will get bashed! But whatever, it is what I believe. And if you don't cry after reading Kailah's story, I don't know what to say...

"Success is not Final, Failure is not Fatal; it is the Courage to Continue that Counts." -- Winston Churchill

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by on May. 9, 2012 at 3:33 PM
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by Member on May. 9, 2012 at 4:51 PM
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My brother in law who works for the CDC here in Atlanta is one of my sources.

Medical journals that I read while in college, and I am still reading.

The list goes on. I never stop researching, and NO it is not on Doctor Google.

Have you seen the FACTS about the introduction of vaccines and the decline of the illnesses?

All the diseases that have vaccines were on the decline YEARS and I do mean YEARS before the introduction of the vaccines.

ANYTHING can be deadly. I had measles, chicken pox, and mumps as a child. I am still here. I now have a natural LIFE-LONG immunity to these diseases. I do not have to have a booster every few years to line the pockets of the doctors and Big Pharma.

Quoting Kaseyrose21:

 my mother in law has polio and it is debilitating for her. She can barely walk now. And measles can be deadly for babies. Whooping cough can be deadly. Tetanus can be deadly. Meningitis can be deadly. Chicken pox can be deadly. I nearly died from chicken pox as a baby! Where do you get you info?

Quoting Ireallydontcare:

Which disease is so deadly? Measles? Nope. Mumps? Nope Chicken Pox? Nope. Even polio IF IF IF contracted most people will only have flu-like symptoms, iF it is contracted at all. In about 95 percent of polio cases, infection from the polio virus causes no symptoms or serious effects. In about 5 percent of cases, the polio virus manifests in a mild form (abortive polio) with flu-like symptoms, in a non-paralytic form (aseptic meningitis) or in a severe form called paralytic polio. People who have minor or non-paralytic forms recover completely. Paralytic polio is the most serious type of polio. Paralytic polio causes paralysis. Of that 5 percent only 1% of people "catch" the paralytic polio. So even though our chances are SOOOOOOOOO minute in catching polio at all, it is even MORE unlikely HIGHLY unlikely that you will get the paralytic variety.

So which disease is so deadly that it wouldn't be better to gain a natural LIFE-LONG immunity? Rather than having to re-inject ourselves with all these toxic metals and other foreign DNA?

You do what you want, and I will continue to do what I want. The government has no right to tell me to force me to inject fetal DNA, COW DNA or any metal into my child. PERIOD.


Crunchy Ideas

by Member on May. 9, 2012 at 4:56 PM
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This is just a snap shot of some of them. I can not find the medical journal that I have that has a full list, so yes this had to be taken off the Internet.

by Member on May. 9, 2012 at 5:01 PM
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This was from 2008. They have added more since then. So, like I said, if you are comfortable with all these metals and other "things" being injected into your babies, then go right a head. I will take care of mine, you all take care of yours.

by Member on May. 9, 2012 at 5:04 PM
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I just wanted to add that I do not believe that you were being rude either nor confrontational, op.

by Milami on May. 9, 2012 at 5:04 PM


Quoting Veni.Vidi.Vici.:

I guess I don't fit into the stereotype you've ranted about. I delay vax my children. I also stay at home with them. I've avoided daycares, play centers, activity centers and many public places that my children could easily pick up or pass anything that could be detrimental to the health and safety of our family as well as other people.

I'm very aware that there are people who are immuno-compromised, and people who choose to not vaccinate at all.

I understand that there are people who struggle with debilitating diseases and illnesses such as lupus, and I sympathize. However, I can't make a strangers personal health my number one priority over my own family members. When we're sick, we stay home. We take preventative measures to keep ourselves well and we are always sure to let people we've been around know when a cold or serious illness arises. Beyond that it's live and let live.

 All of this with the exception that we do not vax at all.

by on May. 9, 2012 at 5:04 PM
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Well I selectively vax. My kids have had some. They will not get others. That being said, daycare is not an issue as we don't use it so no problem keeping them out of daycare. But I'll be damned if I'm not going to send my child to school because you're paranoid. If you are that ill that you, being statistically more dangerous to my child than my child is to you, have to dictate the health decisions I make for my family ...I'm going to suggest a bubble to wrap yourself in.

by Christy on May. 9, 2012 at 5:05 PM

Do what makes you feel safe. People need to feel such.

by on May. 9, 2012 at 5:06 PM

It's selfish people expecting others to keep their kids safe because their precious little snowflake shouldn't be immunized.

by Bronze Member on May. 9, 2012 at 5:07 PM

 Yes, I am comfortable with most of the vaccinations. Some I cannot get myself and don't. I don't agree with the chemicals argument. If that is your stance stop eating any food that is not grown in your back yard. Never eat fast food again. Don't wear make up, there are tons of chemicals and bi-products in those. Don't use dish soap. Stop washing your closes. I could go on, but I have to get back to work. I will stop by later and respond to any other questions/comments then.

Quoting Ireallydontcare:

This was from 2008. They have added more since then. So, like I said, if you are comfortable with all these metals and other "things" being injected into your babies, then go right a head. I will take care of mine, you all take care of yours.


by Milami on May. 9, 2012 at 5:07 PM


Quoting katy_kay08:

Meh, you are entitled to your opinion, but ultimately it's not one that matters to me or my decision making process. 

If there was an outbreak of a covered illness in our school I would gladly keep my children home to lessen the risk of spreading the illness.  It's the responsibility I have assumed for making the choice to not vaccinate.   


 I agree. There was a measles outbreak in my area earlier in the school year and I was informed by the school that if there were any cases at our school my daughter would have to stay home. I would gladly keep my child home in the event of an outbreak.

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