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Should Military Enrollment Come with a Warning?

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Should the posters/recruitment centers for the military have warnings on them like cigarettes do?  Should the posters read, "Warning! Joining the military may cause partial/permanent mental and physical disability with possibility of death and other adverse health problems"   my dh and others who are vets were talking about this....

by on May. 12, 2012 at 8:03 AM
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by Member on May. 14, 2012 at 12:14 PM
Last paragraph- testosterone. They are also young and naive, and they think they can conquer the world. Bravado is an affliction. Wisdom and age catch up to most of them, though. Reality becomes more reasonable.

Quoting lga1965:

 I would add to that warning:  "And you will probably have to kill a human being or two". Which is why I would never join any of the branches of the Military.

My DH was about to be drafted about 6 months after we got married in 1965, so he applied to and went into OTS (Officers' Training School) in the USAF instead of being drafted .I was so worried but it WAS his choice. We had 21 years in the Air Force and three kids and we got through it and it made us all stronger and more adaptable.

Anyway, I think many guys who enlist think they are too tough to be injured or emotionally damaged or effected by a war.And they wouldn't mind killing a few of the enemy. That I don't understand.

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by on May. 14, 2012 at 4:39 PM

I am sorry that you felt treated like, "an animal," while serving our Country. Thank you for your service. This was not my experience after Boot Camp, nor have I ever heard of this type of treatment, with the exception of men/women going into special forces training. They are put through grueling, and what most people would consider, "inhumane," conditions. They can quit at any time, however and go back to the job they were already dong if they can't handle it, however. 

I do agree that having a spouse in the Military is not the same as being in the Military, as I have been on both ends. There are separate issues that come along with each package. What I was objecting to was the very rude way that GirlWithANikon was being addressed by blessedbundle. 

Also, the "building back up," should be done in Boot Camp," as well. That is what propels you to pass the exams at the end and to graduate. After that, it is a matter of earning your way up the ranks. They begin breaking you down as soon as you arrive at Boot Camp. For Example, I was stupid enough to wear clothes I had gotten as a Christmas present from my brother (it was 1985 and I love bright colors), a neon green sweatshirt with my last name spelled out in large black letters across the back and brightly striped pants! Talk about standing out!! lol They were all on me instantly.

My MOS was in communications/Russian/Highly Classified. I began as an E-1  and came out as an E-6 four years later. If civilians knew a tenth of what the military keeps them safe from, they would be much more supportive!

My ex-husband was in the Navy and served on the USS Enterprise as a Nuclear Reactor Operator and was in the Gulf War, receiving two medals.  


Quoting jehosoba84:


Quoting jknoel158:

First, your quote pertaining to GirlWithANikon didn't show up. so I went back and read some of her posts. She was not in the military, but her husband was. Secondly, I was in the Army and while rough, it was doable. I certainly survived. Thirdly, everyone's experience is different. This depends on what Branch you enlisted in, what your job was, where you were stationed both for Boot Camp and for your job, while you were enlisted was it wartime or not, etc..In Boot Camp, especially, the Drills are looking for each person's weaknesses and they WILL draw them out in many different ways. They WILL extinguish them. If the Military didn't operate as a Unit, then if called upon to defend our Country, the fearful one will be a detriment to the Unit. The one who can't follow commands exactly as given, when given will be a detriment to the Unit. The one who had a difficult time, "doing PT in "deer shit," as one poster complained about, will not be able to quickly adjust to being thrown into a New Country where human and animal smells are an assault to American senses and will be a detriment to the Unit. These things can cost LIVES to be lost and at the very least, injuries.

Your response to GirlWithANikon was offensive to me. Specifically telling her to " shut up and keep your damn mouth shut."  I respectfully ask that you not reply like this in the future and if you are that angry, maybe take some time before replying.

Thank you,


I assume you have served our Country and I thank you for your service.

Quoting blessedbundle:

Quoting GirlWithANikon:

People like you get on the last nerve that I have. Have YOU actually been in the military have you ever had to go through the everyday things that they go through; not being in combat, but just a routine day? If you haven't then shut up and keep your damn mouth shut. You're so quick to say well they should have known and it's not that bad but until you experience it first hand you have no idea. So do me and everyone else a favor and keep your opinion (which means nothing because you've never endured it) to yourself. Thank you

 I feel a small need to defend myself here. I was the one complaining about the deer shit. But everyone is taking my comments the wrong way. (I should have known they would) I grew up on a cattle farm. There were many other animals there as well. Animal feces is nothing new to me and I'm not squeamish about getting it on me, steeping in it, or smelling it.     My problem was their deliberate demeaning of us. yea yea, I know the military has to 'break you' so that you conform better and listen to orders immediately for the safety of everyone. But guess what...this was not basic training. This was after that, the part where they're supposed to be building you back up.    And I do agree with what blessedbundle said. Having a husband in the military doesnt mean shit.  I only listed 2 examples of them treating us like ANIMALS, not property like I assumed they would treat us as.  But there are dozens more examples, and even if I listed every single one of them, it won't do any good.  You have to experience them for yourself to know what it does to a person on a daily basis, day in and day fucking out.

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