photo courtesy of 10News
A case of mistaken identity put a Spring Valley family in jeopardy.
Deputies surrounded a house on Nereis Drive on reports that an armed gunman, suspected of robbing a medical marijuana delivery provider, was inside. Turned out it was just a family cooking dinner.
Christine Houston told 10News...deputies ordered everyone out of the house and ignored her plea to go back in and turn off the stove. Moments later a fire broke out, trapping three people upstairs, including a seven year old girl. Deputies grabbed a sledge hammer and a skateboard and broke off the metal bars on the windows, then broke the windows to get inside. All eleven people escaped relatively unharmed. one person suffered a minor case of smoke inhalation.
That can't be said for the kitchen which is a charred mess. A Sheriff's  spokeswoman is denying reports that the department has offered to pay for the damages.