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Holy Crap! "The government will pay, right?"

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 So last night I found myself in the company of a 22 y/o young woman.

She has NO JOB, NO education, NO aspirations...BUT, she told me that what she **really**wants is a baby.

I asked her how she will take care of this baby she wants "so much" and she actually said, straight faced to me: "well, the government will pay, won't they?"

I kid you not.



by on Jul. 22, 2012 at 8:54 PM
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by Ruby Member on Aug. 8, 2012 at 4:45 PM

So you really believe your story is so compelling I should wade through all the crap to find your references to yourself?  Let me make a presumption; it's just going to be more of your rationalizing why and how you are different from anyone who is on welfare and celebrating yourself for "working your way through college" in spite of the system.  My question is, if not for the system's subsidies, could you have done it?  You did not do it by yourself.  The "system" helped.  How do you work your way through college while on welfare?  If you don't feel like going back and finding your previous replies and as I don't feel like reading them, just answer the question:  did you get cash, medical, and foodstamps?  Did you get WIC?  Was your rent subsidized or did you live in subsidized housing?  Did you receive a pell grant?  Did you earn any scholarship money?  What did you do to work your way through college?  

You know what?  Don't bother to answer the questions here, for me or anyone else.  Answer the questions to yourself, in private.  Then ask yourself if you should distance yourself from other women on welfare or if you should speak on their behalf.  Saying don't blame her, we taught her to believe that (distancing yourself as if you'd never been on welfare) is not speaking on behalf of women on welfare.  And if you got out of the system, you might give some thought to spending some of your free time holding workshops to share with women on welfare how you did it.  Be a helper.

Quoting Jalestra:

Ah, one of those. You know everything about everyone. 

Again, if you want to know WHY I was on it you can read back. Instead you'll stand around and make assumptions, then hypocritically accuse others of making them. I"m just saying, maybe before you go around accusing others you might want to be sure you aren't making the exact same mistake. Laugh as you like, I have NOTHING to prove to some anonymous person on the internet who seems more intent on being mocking and condescending than having a real discussion. You only make yourself look foolish, "sweetness". 

But enjoy entertaining yourself if you like. 

Quoting JonJon:

Yeah, I'm Bill Gates' mistress.  Any of us can say anything we want online.  I don't buy every bs story that comes down the pike, sweetness.

I love how you're presenting yourself as the exception to the rule.  YOU were on welfare; did you get on it because you believed you and your child would be taken care of?  Why shouldn't everyone consider YOU an "irresponsible idiot who didn't know how to take care of herself or her family" because it was done for YOU?

I always enjoy the, "I did it but I'm better than the others who did it, too" people.  Thanks for the laugh.

Quoting Jalestra:

Talk about assumptions. Been there, done that. Paid my dues, lived the life. I have more of a right to my opinion than many here do since I LIVED it, SAW it, struggled with it myself. I know what I saw...Perhaps if you weren't so busy making assumptions that you MIGHT just find out that *I* was on welfare AND worked my way through college IN SPITE of the system, not because of it. 

I know what I saw every friggin day and maybe you can find the posts and read for yourself since I don't care to repeat it. 

Quoting JonJon:

Quoting Jalestra:

Well it will. We've made that clear. We'll pay for every irresponsible idiot. 

It's not entirely her fault, we've taught her that. We've taught her that she doesn't have to take care of herself or her family because we will do it for her. 

Actually, what you do is make presumptions, assumptions and erroneous conclusions about people on welfare and you have no compunctions about expressing them as fact.  People who have never been on welfare believe those who are on welfare are living the high life off the public's tax dollars.  You act as if most of your taxes go to welfare recipients while lauding the military which, in war time, is where most of your money goes.  In peacetime, it goes to government overspending and government contractors who overcharge the feds for their services and products.  It's quite easy to charge the government $10 for a nail used in constructing or remodeling one of their buildings.

People who have never been on welfare don't understand how much welfare recipients struggle and scrape to live month-to-month.  If the people who complained about welfare had a tragedy that required them to go on welfare or other public assistance, you'd hurt like you wouldn't believe unless you got lucky enough to meet someone who has had to deal with that kind of bureaucracy and below the poverty line who could be your guide through the system and who can tell you where to get assistance with utilities, baby food, diapers, tell you which organizations help with gently-used clothes and toys and bags of dry and canned food and free cooked meals when your food allotment runs out two weeks after you get them.  All those social service agencies make the recipients jump through hoops, too.

I heard a woman say that people on welfare don't pay rent.  She believed the government pays the rents of welfare recipients.  She really believed people on welfare don't have to pay for anything.  Even if that were true, welfare recipients pay a great price for the assistance by way of the blow to dignity and pride.  It's bad enough when the people who don't know better get moralistic and superior and judgmental but it's much worse when the people who should know better, whose jobs it is to help (the state, food banks, clinics) do it, too and treat everyone who comes to them for help as if they are all intending to be welfare frauds, get more than their share from the food bank, and are lazy, selfish whores or worse.

So, the next time you're with friends or are an attendee at some other social/business function where people share opinions, look around to see if there are any impressionable teenagers or young women around before you go complaining that people on welfare have it so good and have no money worries because you take such good care of them.  Believe me, you wouldn't want your kid on welfare, and not because of pedestrian reasons like, "If you can work, you should work" but because it's not an easy, cushy life.

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