The co-owners of a Florida taqueria might have some impressive burritos on their menu, but some people thought that a few of the names that they chose for them were in very poor taste.

Carlos Ramirez and Robert Kapuschanski of Lola's Burrito Joint in Jacksonville say they were attempting humor when they named a beef burrito the "W****** Willie," after one of their employees. In fact, they claim that the dishwasher suggested the name himself.

But First Coast News reports that a social media backlash regarding the item forced the owners to change the name of the burrito to the "Wet Willie."

"Somebody said something, we immediately answered, we immediately changed, and it's the right thing to do as a human being," Kapuschanski said.

However, some of the menu items retain names that some may consider racist toward Latinos. According to, "Dirty Sanchez Crab" and "No Papers Shrimp" burritos are still on the menu.

According to data from the 2010 census, about 7.7 percent of the Jacksonville population identifies as Hispanic or Latino, compared to 55.1 percent who said they were non-Hispanic white or Caucasian.

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